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Are Roman Catholics Christian

Although I personally prefer the simple mass, you make a good point about the Three Wise Men (and don't forget the woman who gave Jesus the expensive oil during His ministry and who was reprimanded by the other Jews for such a lavish gift, and Jesus told them to leave her alone).

Just because we should live simple, uncomplicated loves doesn't mean we shouldn't worship God as you suggest. The Three Wise Men remind us of the majesty of God in the way they honoured Him. God is King.

My Wife Is Verbally Abusive
I feel for you. I am recently married and seeing a "different" side of my husband lately. He says mean nasty things to me and deserts me when I am most in need. I was very sad about some things and reached out to him for support, and he said "I can't help you" - just like that. Very sad.

Explain The Bible Code Theory
If the bible code is true, then it is true. Who are we to say what God can or cannot do? If He chose to embed future events in the Bible, then He did.

You guys are making the mistake of substituting your "feelings" for summary judgments without looking at the evidences. But truth does'nt depend on how you "feel".

Sure the Bible doesn't need codes to "prove" itself; but it doesn't follow from that that the code "must" therefore be untrue.

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