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Keep The Sabbath Holy
Exactly. We are to set the day he commanded aside for rest and reflection. His commands are easy, and His burden light. Amen

Can We Become Sinless
Of course we are made sinless through the atoning sacrifice of our Savior who was made to be sin that the believer could be made the righteousness of a God through the faith of Christ.

How Did Cain Find A Wife
East of Eden in the land of Nod.

What Is Love
Love is a mindset lead by a motive, inclination and tendency to do that which, is uplifting edifying,and beneficial to and towards our fellow man.

Nationality Of Jesus
Like I said everyone here is free to express their view concerning this subject with out contradiction from me. I simply wanted to to hear them. And be allowed to express my own. Any constructive criticism is welcome. Personally, I am no dogmatic concerning any dogma.

Who Is A Widow
Kathryn 4/24 I could care less what you believe about me or my post here. Again you contribute something to me that I did not say. "YOU SAID some one who so honors her dead husband (sic) she remains unmarried." Another straw man. Keep them to your self if you are looking to "rebuke":o)))))) or even comment on something I write. Keep our exchanges honest, or don't engage.

Nationality Of Jesus
Thank you for the information, I appreciate it. Keep it coming

Who Is A Widow
Kat 4/22
I simply defined Widow is the way that I saw fit in answering this question in a way that I saw fit.

Filled With Holy Spirit
Kat, Here's one of them. Father has made Jesus to be sin. Who knew no sin, that we. His Children, might be made the righteousness of God, in Him.

Salvation In The Church
See Kat, All praises, we can agree. We can agree at all times. Even when we disagree we can agree to disagree. Capture this moment in time. Remember it if you become angry consider it. Your my sister in Christ. Let's love one another, how ever you define the word. I define it as having a Godly tendency And inclination to do that which helpful, uplifting, edifying and beneficial to and towards ones fellow man. That is what I want to do in you. Don't try an be my enemy. Not possible. I choose to do without them.

Nationality Of Jesus
Responsese Kat on 4\22. I Am a Lion, of the tribe of Judah. An Israelite. Son of Judah. Of the lineage of Jacob. Renamed ISRAEL.

Who Is A Widow
"Josef,What straw man? Kat 4/22 Attributing things to me that I have not said, then arguing against it.

Nationality Of Jesus
Strongaxe see my first couple of post on 4/21 That summmons up my belief concern this. I've always enjoyed your post, with much respect. I'm not just saying that because I don't want you to critique my post to badly. Please express yourself freely. Thank you enjoy

Nationality Of Jesus
Kat, on 4/23 I believe they do. The vision of Jesus' physical appearance in heaven Rev 1:14'I believe' does depict, physically, His appearance on earth. The beryl color I believe represents the color of the garmet He was wearing rather than skin tone. I believe the skin tone of Jesus and His brothers from the tribe of Judah to be dark now, and when He walked amoug us. Could I be wrong? Of course, Again, I am simply sharing my beliefs and view of those passages.

Great Falling Away
Kat on4/23. The same goes for you.

Nationality Of Jesus
Kat Isiah 14:1 hasn't taken place yet. It hasn't even been initiated.

Nationality Of Jesus
I can see this exchange is not going to be allowed to continue freely, my related post are not showing up here. Now I remember why I stopped posting here. To be fair and objective, alternative, and seemingly opposing views must be allowed.

Nationality Of Jesus
Kat since our views concerning this subject are so contrasting and I'm obviously not going to be allowed to present mine. I want to apologize for offending you. That wasn't my intent. What purpose would be gained by such offense? However I should have realized that it couldn't be avoided. I know the traditions surrounding the deception. And simply wanted to have an honest debate. Hopefully without the argument. Apparently that can't happen here.

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