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I Don't Want A Divorce
Are you afraid of what others will say if you get divorced? Are you afraid of what your church will think of YOU? If so you have not been honest with them. Do you think that God wants one of his children to be harmed, did he not say to bring all of the children unto Him? Your husband is possessed of Satan and how could you want your child raised by such a person who is evil in actions and words? YOUR job is to be his mother and protect this child above all things..that is the Lord's commission to you. The Lord has given you His answer by placing this
Divorce at your feet. Thank Him with your whole heart and soul for this merciful gift and get out!

I Want A Traditional Church
I have tried 3 different churches and my conscience told me that they were wrong in their beliefs. I finally tried a Non-denominational and I have been there over 35 years. We do sing many hymns, actually they are chorises, befor the minister delivers his sermon. He gives us a handout and we are suppose to fill in the blanks, based on his sermon. All statements he makes is backed with scripture. I really don't believe the other Non-denominal churches has a minister as fantastic as ours. Good luck with your church and I pray that you can find one that meets your needs and God's. Be sure to pray about it before you even try one and ask for his guidance.

Pray For The Japanese People
I know of a young family that are Missionaries in Japan. I have been getting Updates from there. Prayerfully that they are OK for now. They have gone into an area that needs help not only for pysical help, but spiritual. I pray that God will look down on they and bless them as they attept a recscue mission. God I pray that you will be with all of the people that have lost loved ones or are still looking for loved ones who are missing. This favor and blessing I ask in Jesus Holdy and Precious name.

My Resentful Mother
I think your mother and mine is related. I like Darlene 1 answer.

Mine was mental abuse and I took it for 18 years, when I moved to a different state, and it affected my self-esteem. I went to a Christian Counselor and he turned me around.

My grandfather spoiled her and after she grew up she expected the same thing from everyone else. She was jealous of my father and my relationship, which did not help. When my father passed away 30 years ago I was devestated and I still am. I finally stood up to my mother, in what I considered a Christian way, and, naturally she didn't like it.I found out, after she passed away that she respected me for standing up to her. She even turned her own brother and sisters away from her.

My Wife Is Verbally Abusive
Speaking from a woman's point of view you have my sympathy. I don't think a man or woman should treat their spouse abusively. I was mentally abused not only by my husband, but my mother as well.

The state I lived in recognized "Legal Separations" and that's what I got. We got along better.

It destroyed my self-esteem and it will yours. I didn't get over my lack of self-esteem until I started going to a Christian Counselor. It took awhile but I finally got my self-esteem back. I even stood up to my mother, and, even though she didn't like it at first, she came to respect me because of it. You have to do it in a Christian manner and rely on the Lord to help you.

I pray that all will go well for you.

I Love A Catholic Guy
I would like to reply to Bob's answer to the fact that the true church is the Catholic Church.

I was raised as a Catholic, but am no more, and at a very early age I questioned how a mere priest can say that my sins are forgiven and then give us a penance for forgiveness. There is only one person who can forgive our sins and that's the good Lord Himself and he doesn't make us say a whole lot of prayers as a penance. One of the 10 Commandments is that we should not have any other Gods before us, but him. How can you pray to Jesus mother Mary and Joseph, who wasn't even Jesus father. What about the other "Saints" that you pray to. There is only one person we can pray to and that is God through Jesus Christ.

Disabled People Treated Badly
I also have Fibromyalgia and Lupus, etc. and for years I never told anyone in my Church. Finally in our Ladies Bible Study Group I told them. Needless to say they had never heard of some of them. Some knew a little bit about Lupus. Since then they have been asking me about it and wanting to know.

A couple of weeks ago I had a complete and total flare. While getting over it I tripped and fell and hit my head and shoulder on a table. I ended up with a concussion. I missed not going to church for 3 weeks. Today I went to our Bible Study and they couldn't do enough to help me.

I think it's because they don't understand and if they don't understand something they put their heads in the sand.

Are Catholics Doomed To Hell
I was raised in the Catholic Church and even at a young age I just did not feel right about their doctrines.

It always bothered me when I went to confession and a mere man was telling me that my sins would be forgiven. I always felt that God is the only one that can say my sins are forgiven.

I always felt that I should be praying to God and God alone. I have a cousin, who is a devout Catholic, and, it bothers me when she says she prays to Saint Theresa or some other saint when she should be praying to the Lord and He alone.

I'm not saying that she is going to go to Hell, because only God can say who will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We will have to account for everything we have said or done.

I Suffer From Depression
I suffered from depression, and still do sometimes, but I had a Christian Counselor and he really helped me. The other Counslors I had been to didn't even come close to helping me. This counselor even prayed with me when I asked him to.

I have what they call the "Silent Chronic Illnesses" because to look at me you wouldn't think there was anything wrong with me. When all the while my insides are playing havoc with me.

It took me a long time to realize that God has a reason for everything, and, sometimes He doesn't tell us. He doesn't make these things happen to us, He allows these things to happen. So when I am feeling down or my body is cooperating with me, I just stop and think of that.

What's Up June 2009
I praise the Lord that my oldest granddaughter is finally pregnant. She and my grandson-in-law have been trying for 5 long years. All of her cousins and sister have been having babies and each time one is born it made her feel bad she couldn't have one.

I'm praying that she will be able to carry this baby to full term.She will be 29 when it is born. This will make me have 5 great-grandchildren.

Sisters A Drug Addict
To answer the blog question, you are not helping but enabling her to continue using drugs. It's the same with AA, they have to reach their bottom on their own. By not letting her stay with you is doing more harm than good.

To Brad the same thing applies to you. After several times of putting her in Rehab and nothing happens, nothing will happen. Go to Narc's Anonymous and learn what othrs are doing.

Good luck to both of you.

Church Use Of Your Tithe
Our church is Non-Denominational and as a result self supporting. Every quarter we have a Congregational Meeting and treasuers report. He has to account for every penny that comes in and goes out. There are no miscellaneous on the report. Every so often the books do need to audited.

Not Good For A Man To Be Alone
Gentlemen: I really like your answers and they came from the heart. MIC, you sound like your from "out west." The only problem is you have to be a little more gentler than you would be with a horse. I've been around horses.

Anyone who is wondering about the same question I would say try Christian Singles Groups, ChristaNet has a mingles site, but do watch out for those who claim to be single and Christians and aren't. Is there anyone in your church that is single?

I don't think 26 is to old to be getting married. My granddaughter, and she is a beautiful girl and I'm not prejudice, just got married and she's 25.

Leave Mel Gibson Alone
Why can't we as fellow believers be more tolerant of other peoples beliefs? How would you feel if someone ridiculed or put down your religion. I would not be happy if it happened to mine. We do have to be cautious of some and not be drawn down to beliefs that are not ours and are against scripture. I seen the Passion of Christ and cried through the whole thing, thinking about what our Lord went through for the forgiveness of our sins.

Big Name Evangelists
I choose not to listen to the TV Evangelist because of the fact that they are trying to sell you coffee mugs and trinkets and what have you. Did Jesus ever do anything like this when He was on earth and preaching the gospel? No, he relied on the generosity of people for sustenance and shelter.

As for reading Religious Authors, you can take five different authors, on the same subject, and you will get five different answers. I choose to follow the Bible and God and Jesus's teachings.

Would You Date A Blind Man
Yes, I would date a blind man, as long as he was a Christian. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder whether blind or seeing. If a blind person is willing to help themselves as much as they possible can I don't know what the problem would be. Not dating someone who has any kind of disability is a sin in my books.

I do have a few things that are wrong with me, but to look at me you wouldn't know it. I live independentely and am conscience of whatever limitations I have. The Lord has sustained me and given me the ability to carry on with my life.

God or Jesus never judges anybody, so why should we?

What's Up May 2009
Tom 2, your screenplay sounds interesting, I hope that you can go somewhere with it. Have you thought about submitting it to PBS? They have several interesting documentaries on Indian tribes. To be truthfully honest I think the Indians have been given a raw deal. God loves them just as much as anyone else. Good Luck.

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