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Should I Marry An Older Girl
You are right Melodi, you are the best person who can answer your question. If you think the girl is all that you long for then pray for it and you wont go wrong. My son's wife is much older than him but still bit immature.Age does not measure the maturity of a person.As long as you enjoy her and she has the same feeling towards you, then go.

Pastors In Expensive Homes
We are to love our Pastors. If he is deligent and mending his sheep then they have to be supported. The laborer is worthy of his wages.As long as our Pastor is worthy and truthful, he is the recipient of God's promises. "I come that you may have life and have it more abundantly"
Jeremiah 29:11, jeremiah 33:3, Seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all shall be added unto you.

He Is An Alcholic And Gambler
Accepting Christ as your Lord and saviour does make one a christian.It is one step of receiving Christ. One will know if he is born again if one sees changes in himself."You are a new creation behold the past has gone and the new has come". A born again Christian has a conviction of sin. Divorcing is not a solution but instead work-out your salvation with fear and trembling

Gateways For Demons
Do not give the devil a footstool in your life. Usually the devil controls our mind. John 10:10, the devil come to steal, kill and destroy. He does not want you to be happy. Have a positive things in life. Like the joy of the Lord is my strength. There are many verses in the bible that keep promises of God.Pray and read the bible. Ackowledge God as the source of everything and be thankful for all the things the Lord has given you.

Why Am I So Lonely
God has given us free will. Its a matter of choice. Jesus is the source of our strength. the joy of the Lord is our strength. when we possess the fruit of the spirit which is in Galatians 5. Love,longsuffering, peace, joy, then there is no room for loneliness. Read the bible and meditate on it day and night. There you find the promises of the Lord that see how special we are. Eph.1:4; 3:613, jer.29:11, Psalm 8:4; Psalm 1:1-6 etc.

What Is The Rapture
Rapture is caught up in the air...before the great tribulation, real christians will be caught in the air and people who will be left are the ones gonna stay for the 7 years tribulation. During tribulation there will be no more preachers to preach the gospel. The anti-christ will lead the world. Jesus has to be denied otherwise you wont be able to eat.During these years Christian's will be persecuted but the non-christians will enjoy this 7 years tribulation.

Miracles Happening Today
Yes, miracle still happen.Miracles is not only healing but the power of the Lord in us.Several times I pray healing for a certain person and healing transpire. that is miracle. If we seek miracle from the Lord we can see the power of the Lord in us.

Problem Believing In God
Sin seperate us from God. You have problem believing in God. This what you should do. Accept/receive Jesus christ as your Lord and saviour the He will accept as His son. Tell Jesus to come into your life and ask forgiveness for all the sins you have commmitted. That's the start accepting that you are a sinner. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Read the word of God the bible. The bible is inspired by God and all prophesy has come to past.

How To Save My Marriage
Marriage is a respect for both party...if one cheated his/her partner does not show respect to one, respesct and love should always be present in a do one keep all those.By putting God first as a Center of marriage. Pray so hard and ask God's wisdom and intervention that your husband will be enlightened and see the light that Jesus is the way to the truth. God bless.

Who is Paula White?
I read replies here.I heard of Paula once, there was nothing wrong with her preaching, if she preaches bout tithings its still biblical. God commanded us to give 10% of our tithes and that is an obligation. More than 10% is already giving.Why do we judge her, just because she preaches tithings. Does it mean she is a prosperity preacher? Preach the gospel season or out of season. How will the people know the truth if its not being shared.Read the word of truth and you will know the truth.

One World Church Biblical
RCC remain seperated because I believe most members follow blindly, they follow what the priests tell them. I am glad that some catholic charismatic group are now reading the word of truth.Just as evangelical and other churches we are special, the RCC are special, too. If they continue to read the word of truth, the truth will set them free. It is the duty of every christian's to share the word of truth to those who have never heard of the bible.

Modern Road To God
We cannot serve the Lord according to our own convenience. Like how we dress, wear clothings that's sensual. How can you really tell that you are save? You will know them by their Fruits. the only way to Jesus is the narrow way and there is only one gate and the only way is Jesus.If you love Jesus you must not love which is not Holy.

How Can I Stop My Affair
You didnt say Susan that you are a christian. Read Rom.7:21-25-when I want to do good, evil is right there with me.We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities.Resist sin, tempatation, lust and devil will flee away from you. May the Lord grant you deliverance from sins. Just repent and ask forgiveness to the Lord. He is faithfull enough to forgive your sins.I'll pray for you

Taped Evangelism
When I was knew in the Lord I wanted very much to witness to people bout His goodness but I couldnt memorize scriptures and the best way to witness is how the Lord has change my/your life.Then as you go along read about the life of Jesus. First 4 chapters of the bible Matt, Mark, Luke and John. start from there. JOHN 3:16; why Jesus has to be born, etc..john 1:12; John 3:5;

Bound To Walked Out Husband
We are here to encourage, isnt it? The term, too much drama, i think your husband does not feel he is part of the family since the children are not his.You are bound to your husband, ask his opinion and seek God's approval. Dont tell your husband he is wrong, say "your opinion is right do you think it works? and if he said just try, then do what he says. My son married a woman with 2 children from other guys.The source of the problem come from the children.Jealousy has to do with.

Remarry If Left First Spouse
I agree with Madison, if divorce and the reason is adultery then you can still marry.

Should I Grant Him A Divorce
Tracey, I know how you feel right now...when you are left hanging does not know the real reason why your husband is divoricng you. Prayers is a big help the negative can turned to positive result. Try to recall why your husband became attracted to you. Try to change your image. Make yourself beautiful again. You didnt made mention how old you are.Try a different approach in your lifestyle.

Is Watching TV Worldly
It can be worldly and not. A wholesome movie, Discovery channel, educational movies is not worldly. If its rated X its for the adults only is worldly. Being in the television the whole day is not good. Anything in excess is not good.

True Meaning Of Christmas
You are all right, Tim, Muriel, Earl, whatever is the opinion whether Jesus was born on Dec 25. The significance why we are to celebrate Christmas is very important. The very essence why Jesus Christ was born was to cleanse us and die for our sins.

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