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Is Wine A Sin
Honestly the bible says nothing about alcohol being a sin. It says being a drunkard is a sin. Jesus had wine. Was and is He not perfect? Are you saying He sinned? Read Luke 22:15-18.

How Should Obama Use Security

here is the situation, granting that obama should be strong in dealing with the terrorist. so when he orders to bomb a 'suspected' terrorist base will it also kill civilians? so when & if that happens, that might alienated & drive the suffering to support the terrorist or bec a terrorist

one reporter said about the 'search & destroy' during the vietnam war was soldiers or chopper gunships would spray machine gun fire on a village killing civillians or their source of livelihood like a carabao. well, that tactic has created another enemy.

Obama's Soft Spot For Terrorists

to john

if you perceive or think that the gov't or obama will one day become like hitler, then why don't you leave this country & continue your 'crusade'.
when hitler started rounding up people, einstein & other intellectuals left germany for the US.
one suggestion is the philippines where there is no law to govern the people & even if there is no one is following it anyway.

Why I Should Sell Evil Music
I must say,music affect our inner self,first created by God to worship and praise him.It affect us spiritually,when you listen to a particular music,you attract the spirits that comes from it,some musicians have to commit some evil act for lyrics to come out,i.e drinking human blood before a lyric come from them,this is controlled spiritually.And when you support this,you support the Kingdom of the devil,you find it hard to throw it away coz of the spiritual attachment,burn or break them.I will give you an assignment,in the morning when you wake up,listen to a the rock music only,next day listen to gospel music only and feel the difference.,stregth.I pray that God will bless and anoint you with his wisdom in all that you do.

My Wife Is Verbally Abusive
we are both 45 its just she doesnt ever shut her mouth she just keeps on going

Was Melchizedek Jesus
I believe that Melchezedek was the 1st son of Noah and that he was ordained to the priesthood by Enoch's son Methuzaleh. This would make sense in a patriarchal society. Enoch was the 7th prophet from Adam and was the last to be ordained by him. Enoch walked with God and ascended into Heaven. His son Methuzaleh, as the oldest man in the Bible, lived until right before the great flood. As the oldest elder in a patriarchal society it would have been he who ordained Shem. Shem lived a considerably long life as well and would have been the oldest living elder at the time of Abraham.

Heaven Immediately At Death
We will all be in the grave when we die.Some christians try to use 2-3 verses to say that we go straight to heaven at death.Jesus said death was a "sleep".If the theif on the cross went straight up when Jesus said this day u will be with me,then y after Jesus was raised He said to mary,do not touch Me as I have not yet assended.The NT saints also refered to Death as a sleep.If we sleep for 5 minutes or 500 years,it will seem like no time at all.We die go to the grave then are raised,so it will seem like no time as past as "the dead no nothing"Read all the verses in your Bible about "sleep".

Obeying The Law Of God
Yes,not all Laws where nailed to the cross.To say that the Ten Commandments are nailed to the cross is wrong.Sin is breaking the Law.If there is no law then there is now sin.We are saved by grace but the the big ten are for our best.I'll give u more later,got to go.

Are Non-Christians In Hell
i wish that people that believe in christ would quit concerning themselves so much about unbelievers. as christians, aren't we to serve him, that is, jesus christ.

Student Loans Remove Curses
Getting a student loan will not get rid of the "curse" but it will help you to cope with it and perhaps work on eventually getting rid of it for a few months if you are willing to make a few sacrafices in the money+spending=luxury department. Such inovating things like thies should help,1. Do not buy outside, too costly! Cook you own foods.2. Get used to buying a box of cerial and a container of milk it should last about three days breakfast. 3. Buy a box of tea bags, buy some butter and a loaf of bread. Buttered toast with tea is delicious!.4.Buy pasta and cook that with some vegetables for supper. One-a-day for men/women will help keep you in good health.

Pastor Rod Parsley's Salary
have you found out yet what Rod Parsley's financial assets are? Does he even have a financial statement. It is a shame that many christian evangelists are becoming wealthy because of government aided tax exemption. Jesus told us not to worry about purse or scrip, but today we have Prophets of Prosperity instead of Prophets of the Prophet from Nazareth

Are Mormons Christians
i wouldnt think so i had a friend who is mormon she had a bible in which there orginization created it says in the bible do not take from our add to the good books and she told me her under clothes they were would keep her from hell now i know diff from what my god says

Only Attend A House Church
Why not? Did he not say that where two or three are gathered in his name, he would be in the midst?

Can I Marry A Muslim
No Dear,its not good to marry the muslem.He may change his mind about the children when you get marry.And also;all things a permited but all things are not beneficial.YOU MUST NOT BE UNEQUALLY YORKED !! Imagine a goat and a bull are york together to till the soil,what will happen? they are unequally yorked

Is The Soul Immortal
the bible states that "the soul that sinneth, it will die". the only thing immortal in this universe is God. It is a fundamental characteristic of being God. immortality for humans or angels or any other beings is a gift.

Was Satan The Music Director
I don't think Satan was music director. Where did you get this information? I can't find it in Scripture either.

This Is The Computer Blog
TEST2: ὑᾶ ἀ ὶ ῆ ῆ ὐῦ ἀ ἐ ἀ,

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