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My Wife Snores Too Much
My wife of 23 years snores so loudly that I can't sleep at all. I don't blame her, she is not doing it on purpose.

However, I do blame her for her refusal to talk to her doctor about it. Years ago she went to a sleep clinic and they set her up with a CPAP machine. That worked for about 7 years until the machine's motor burned out. Now to get a new one, she will have to go through the sleep clinic again. She didn't like the experience, so she refuses to do it again.

Meanwhile, I get about 3 hours of sleep per night. I'm ready to move into an apartment to get her to take me seriously. If she wants me back, then go see a frickin doctor!

Praying For A Husband
I am here to comfort you only, since your heart is so tender for love and care and understanding. I had to stop looking at many of these posts because so many here are so confused and cruel.
You are loved and God wants good things for you. It's in His word. Share with someone special your heart's desire..allow it to breathe and as you let it out, the Holy Spirit will comfort you and things will look cleared and God will feel close again and He will guide you to the best life for you...which may very well include a wonderful, loving, kind and safe husband:)
With much love from our Father that He put in my heart, :)

My Wife Is Verbally Abusive
I am going through the same thing. My wife codmns me every day, she never says anything positive to me. She has a hatred for me. She left us, Me and my three boys twice in the last 2 years. She said it was her medication and is very depressed. She says she is a Christian but treats me like dirt. Friends are telling me to leave her because of her abusive speech. She has no good thing to say about me. I have loved her and supported her for 17 years.

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