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Who Are The Elect Of God
Only the ones Jesus died for on the cross.

Are All Fears Sinful
The Bible talks more about the fear of God. Don't test God.Pray about everything, before doing.

Disciple Of Christ Jesus
Ye must be born-again. Not all followers are truly saved [chosen].

Order Of Salvation
{1] New birth [regeneration] [2] belief [3] Baptism.

How To Get Out Of A Cult
No! Never has known anyone from a cult. All people I know or known been going to church for 150 years and are either in hell or on the way to hell!

Raising Another Child
I say you all have a problem! Some would say find the Lord. I do not believe in being religious. Try to get some outside help. The Lord told me to say this.

Tricks Of The Devil
If I were the devil I would deny my existence in the world and downplay it in the local church, thus freeing me to go about my business unheeded, unhindered and unchecked! [1] He lays snares for men 2 Tim. 2:26, [2] He tempts, Mt. 4:1. Note: Tempt can refer to two things [1] to test, to prove with the idea of making better Genesis 22:1. [2] To entice to do evil Mat. 4:1.And He deceives [Rev. 12:9. There are many more ways Satan can trick.

Spirit Of Fear
Yes! It is nothing more than demons trying to get you to draw-back. Keep going forward is a must. As long as you don't bow to them, you okay. God's power is stronger than your weaknesses, and Satan's strength.

Will God Forgive Me
If you are truly sorry is coming from the heart. Assuming He has already saved you. Also important to note: Is He convicting you of your sins?

What Is Christian Living
You can not without the help of Jesus. People offend God all the time and no one cares, except perhaps a few people whom He has chosen. Work at pleasing God instead man.

Are There Demonic Spirits
Well, SIN, is SIN! But some sins are more grievous to God! Your friend is dead wrong. There are different types of demons.

Deserve Loving Myself
Why not focus more on loving God than one's self. Pleasing God, blessing God, than one's self. God deserves more than any of us. Ah Jesus.

Benefits of Salvation
Oh wat a great question for 2014! Wait on God! Spiritual Growth, God is big on that one.

A Sin To Forgive
Not everyone who says, Lord, Lord, will enter. God comes to the individual rather than the individual going to God. What makes Christianity so different from other religions. Calling out to God to save me, simply means, HELP.

A Sin To Forgive
The idea that God's business is to forgive and thus forgiveness is secured by any and all who ask, regardless of intent, has no biblical ground. I remember one time when I was asking God to forgive me of a specific sin, it looked to me that God was taking His ever-loving time in this thing. He didn't come running back into my arms right away, and I was beginning to get a little nervous. Sin is nothing to play around with, thinking that God is gonna forgive me....Rebuke in private. Smother not the resentment, but give it vent. You may find out, you misunderstood him, and beg for his pardon[ Luke 17:3]. Do this save sanity.

Can This Christian Remarry
If I were you I would butt out. Let God be God. Hallelujah! Come on Jesus!

Allowed To Attend Church
Ha, Ha, Ha! God can save anyone, if they are not beyond redemption. And only God knows. I asked God point blank on this one. YES!

All Or Gave His Son
He gave His all, I do know. For His chosen people. God must come to you. Do not be deceived, PLEASE! COME ON JESUS!

Good Over Came Evil
You must obey God first, even before Scripture. Before you can love people you must first love God. It's not always blessing thy enemies. If God says NO, which He may on occasion. Obey God first, the author of the Bible. And heaven will be yours!

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