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Kids Died Before Baptism
Rob, Baptism of infants and children us been normative in Christianity for over 20 centuries. It is an act of Covenants to bring all members of the family under the protection of YHWH as soon as possible. The parents of infants and children agree to bring the children up in a Christian home and agree to insure their children are train in Christian beliefs to prepare them for joining the church at an appropriate age when they reaffirm their beliefs publicly before the congregation.

Rob as a practicing heretic why would you even bother blogging about being a Christian as it is something you can never ever aspire to.

What Did Jesus Look Like
Catherine, I suspect the validity of your vision has been tainted by Western Christan Art.

A native of 1st Century CE Palestine who is a Jew who is 6 feet tall would be very unique. Think about the climatology, it is very hot in the summer mounts there would a male tradesman or a day laborer want long shoulder length hair. This is something that is not normative culture, time period and geographic characteristics of the area. Even nomadic Bedouins males don't keep their hair in this style for very logical reasons.

Kids Died Before Baptism
Basically both you and your husband were negligent. Each child should have been baptized as soon as possible after birth. Then your children would have been under God's protective care and their deaths MAY have been prevented.

As to their current location, they are just dead because the resurrection of the dead and judgement have not happened yet. If God chose your sons to be among His Elect they will go to heaven eventually.

Are Most People Heavenbound
God saves who he has chosen to save prior to creation and further speculation on this subject is pointless wast of time.

Blog on real Christians issues, this is not one. You are merely trying to second guess YHWH, and that show extreme disrespect!!!

Why Was Jesus Silent
Why would Christ say anything, is arguing with people who all ready have their minds made up going to have done him any good.

There was a preordained sequence of events that needed to happen to achieve the atonement for YHWH's Elect. Any action or statement of Christ part that could potentially alter what needed to happen would be counter productive for YHWH's plan for that day.

Christ showed true meekness. Meekness is disciplined inner strength, the ability to endure all he had to go through that day culminating in his death so YHWH's plan could be carried out completely.

Doctrines To Be Saved
YHWH chose you prior to creation because he New that during your life time you loved him as a father and Christ as your brother. That is what being in the family of God is about.

You my do many thing in response to YHWH adopting you but that is simply a mater of respect and thankfulness and a precondition for nothing.

I Don't Like My In-Laws
Robin, this topic was beneficial topic in April of 2006 but not in August of 2010.

But you are being an incredibly bad steward of time and intellect that God gave you. This topic is no longer pertinent and slap Christ in the face for your misuse of the resources God trusted you with.

There are many topics on ChristiaNet that transcend time but personal sob stories don't they have a very short duration and when the interest in then is over let them die a natural death and move on the the current needs of other people who need help, there is certainly no shortage of them in this economy.

The president blogger know when to quit beating the dead horse.

Signs Of The Rapture
The problem with RAPTURE is a loaded term strictly associated with Heresy and nothing else and should never ever be associated with any legitimate Christian concept. Chuny is right in there is a lot going on very short sequence and some things concurrently the resurrection of the dead in new reservation bodies, Last Judgment, creation of a new Earth and a New Jerusalem and guess what you don't go anywhere because that New Jerusalem is where you are going to spend eternity right here on the New Earth. And that is not necessarily where God hangs outs. No one lied to you just did not know how to understand the scripture correctly.

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