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Judge Roy Moore Apologies

If liberals were wrong to ram things down conservative throats before, it's equally wrong for conservatives to it to liberals now.
---StrongAxe on 12/15/17

Funny. Bet you didn't feel that way when liberals were in power. In fact, you are STILL defending the ACA which was rammed down our throats. If you really felt that it is wrong to ram legislation down the throats of American citizens against their will, then you would be in favor of a full-repeal of ACA, as American citizens do not want it.

Aborts And Miscarriage
The whole "the funding isn't used for abortions" argument is completely asinine, and anyone who uses it knows it.

Any money they receive from taxpayers frees up money for them to use on abortions, keeps the facilities open so they can perform abortions in them, buys the instruments used for abortions, etc.

That is like giving a drug addict "rent" money so that he can use the money he originally had to pay rent to now buy drugs, and then claiming you didn't buy him drugs. And you claiming "No, I didn't give him money for drugs. He used his rent money to buy drugs so I gave him rent money."

No matter how you manipulate it, the funding is making the abortions possible, and thereby funding them.

Judge Roy Moore Apologies
Now that Moore's lost after having been abandoned by his own party, Democrats now know that all they have to do is make false allegations against any Republican, he'll be thrown under the bus, and they'll win.

I hope Moore will counter sue these accusers and at least take the profit out of lying.

Judge Roy Moore Apologies
Only ONE of his accusers has said the yearbook message is a forgery, but that doesn't mean that she was not molestted by him, nor were others not.
---Cluny on 12/9/17

But it does call into question the credibility of the accusers.

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