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Benny Hinn Shocked Divorce
I think it should wake some up that have fallen away! Benny has not and his wife, I do not know. I know it is an attack by the enemy. Any attack on marriage if from the same, our enemy! Who took the keys of hell AND the grave? If your heart is ruled by money, He will take it to save your soul. I bet many voted race instead of morals, the same who accuse Benny! You vote for flesh and not the Word! You vote for continuous murder or wrong lifestyle and accuse others! Where will you be? It will not be heaven as God does not forgive continuous sin! Think about it. You support people and not wrong actions by them!

Can A Christian Be Depressed
Depression is called a spirit.. "Spirit of Depression." It can be hard, yet not faith removing. What counts is we keep the faith.. We can do all through Christ who what? He lifts us up above circumstance. Yes, you may have been lied about.. you may have been a subject to talk about.. or condemn. What counts.. are you innocent and have held fast to Jesus? He is the author of our faith, not us! We just need to allow ourselves to receive! I have seen sins brought up by the enemy that are many years old. Some before Jesus, some after. If we know the Word, we know what He says sin is! I have found that the enemy would accuse you of stubbing your toe, if you want to buy it as sin!

Why Should People Attend Church
Where would you tithe? God asks us to support Him with only 10%. How much do you donate to your State and Federal Governments? The Constitution says we give..for what is absolutely necessary. We need protection from others, Nations or cults! I look at the Mob and find it has removed the church from being the place to look for help! The Mob supports our intercity gangs by delivering drugs. The gangs support the Mob and this is in all major cities! The church supports what? A wife that refuses to give up on a husband that has 5 children from different wives? The wife went to church, the husband's dedication is to the Mob, indirectly! The church is responsible for the poor and not the Mob or government!

I Married A Non-Christian
I have seen great answers here and am overwhelmed.
It is basic.. you got into it.. you avoided the Word, you have the Christian options.. pray and fast! If the Lord saves him, your children can follow. Where do you want your husband and children to reside after they pass? What to do now? You must obey your husband, who is not a Christian. NO. Do not sin by his direction as you are the Lord's. You must read the Word and accept all it says.. the KJV is the Strong's Concordance approved Word. Ask the Holy Spirit for help.. He will tell you, if you are not into the flesh!

Struggling With My Weight
Lay off the French junk! I mean the sugars! Eat more veggies.. salads with touch of meat. You can also eat chili, which calms the stomach, heals ulcers, and aids digestion. I make it once a Month, summer or winter. I make a sandwich of my choice.. no sugar, and it is great. Obviously, in between I eat anything, except sugar treats! If you smoke you are 100 times more likely to have cancer if a sugar head! If you already have cancer.. sugar can make it 100 times less life on earth!

Why Are Todays Kids Mean
The last 45 years have changed all world society! Kruzchev said he would bury us! Did he mean all out nuclear war? Foolish people may suggest it. They already had 2 towns set up to duplicate American towns. They had totally analysed our colleges. I am a vet and saw this happening. If you voted for Obama.. you have been had! There were two ideas that have been mated! I cannot name a name.. he invited all religions to a meeting. One was not.. the real Christian. Socialism and.. one world religion!

Who is Charles Stanley?
A reformed Pastor. He once had a wrong idea.. once saved, alway saved! His later preaching has shown that there are conditions or who could fall away? I cannot fall away unless I have something to fall away from!

This means, I give up the faith! I will not, I pray you will not. Jesus is Lord and author of our faith!

Selling Goods Inside A Church
It all cannot be in the main worship center! It must be in the basement or other! God does not want worship defiled by other worship.. such as money or the physical! He said He will supply our needs, not other means! We tithe and seek to give where He says! We cannot be in the flesh to hear from Him as that gives a closed system away from blessing. The Scripture says LOVE of money and not just money. God uses what currency we use, depending on Country and circumstance! He honors Holy gifts asked by the Spirit. The more I know Him, the more I am amazed.

Are Scriptures The Word Of God
You are right that many claim to be Christ's children but few act like it. I know for a fact that Obama would never have been elected if they were truly Christian. Many voted race and not morals. However I find it interesting that some suggest that Hitler was a Christian. Christians are not socialists or dictators. They support Jewish people and their Nation and do not kill them because they are commanded to support them. Those that do wrong as above give the Christian faith the word, "Religion!" It is not a religion but a relationship with the Creator.

Highlighting Different Churches
Jesus said in the end there would be a great falling away. There will be great revival, yet many fall away. We go through hell on earth, sometimes but Christ is with us. I agree many churches have fallen from the faith. That is an absolute as many do not believe Jesus rose again! Romans chapter one tells us we are not to support alternate lifestyles, yet some churches do. We are to lead those out of it! If they refuse, they will depart! This happened with the church Dr. James Kennedy was member of. We all remember this. The church split in half! There were those that accepted the Holy Spirit giving Paul the words in Romans and those who would not accept them. We have to accept all the Word or call Christ a liar!

Can A Christian Marry An Agnostic
The question automatically comes up.. would your head of church marry the two of you? If he would without leading him to Christ, he violates Christ! If the leader does not ask, after he was lead and accepted the Lord, to have you wait, he is not right with the Lord. There is a war that is spiritual and much more violent than the physical war with the flesh. A Christian that marries a non-Believer starts from trouble.. day one. If you go against this advice and others here, ask for prayer as you will need much.

Do Christians Live Forever
We must note that Jesus gave us two commandments. He did not change the former. If one loves the Lord, our God, with all our heart, soul, and mind, are we not doing all to not violate the 10? Jesus came against religion as it was not relationship. He gave us a way to have relationship, but many fall away as He said! The Revelation and the Gospels tell us those who CONTINUE in sin shall not be with Him. I do not allow the devil, for example, to get me to vote for abortion advocates. It is continuous murder. How can I ask forgiveness of something ongoing? The enemy sure thought of this one!

Thoughts On Jakes And Hinn
I have known Benny Hinn and later, T.D. Jakes for years. Both would be supported by Pastor E.V. Hill to this day, if he was not with the Lord! What I see with this is that many are reading faults doctrine by using the wrong Bible. Example: Which is correct with John 3:16? Is it shall or is it should? The Strong's tells us it is should! Which is correct in the prayer of Jabez? Did he ask not to cause pain or ask that no one give him pain? The NIV is again, wrong, and the standbye, the KJV is right! He asked to never give pain as he gave his mother much in childbirth.. thus she gave him that name. God bless. Earl

Pastor Gives Tithes Back
It is an interesting way to get people to tithe since so many do not. Many are not protected and are moved to sin because they fail to acknowledge the Lord with a simple 10%. He gives us all we have and He created all that has substance or is spirit. It does not hurt to give what He asks and if we give more, it will allow the Lord to open the heavens for us. God bless. Virgil

I Don't Celebrate Christmas
Is it that maybe you love the Lord enough to celebrate everyday as the Lords? I do not want a simple Sunday to acknowledge Him. I want to be His everyday in every way! I do not see an absolute wrong with the day of Christmas and, in our Liberal Political Nation, we are blessed by God to still have a family, let alone the right to wo4rship our God! Just maybe we will not vote for brains being sucked from the most innocent of heads and raise our children to be responsible when a mistake is made? Virgil

Who is Peter Popoff?
I have not met Prophet Popoff but I have received letters from him stating a number of things that were actually taking place in my life I don't judge him because God said not to harm his prophets which still do exist in this era. but what others don't realize about prophesy is that what a prophet knows you will also know with out having to confide your situations or problems. I feel people of this world need to have a better relationship with GOD to better understand the spiritual gift of prophesy.

Catholic Church Is The True One
Our salvation comes through the person of Jesus Christ and not through the church. Jesus said."I am the way the truth and the life, and no man cometh to the Father except through me"

Is The Rise Of Islam In The Bible
Mohammed is a false God and we are told not to worship and God other than our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God is of Love not of hate as Moslems seem to be full of.

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