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Can A Christian Be Depressed
Mark: I hope I did not come across with hostility. I have worked in mental health, and have grown up with bipolar disorder and now have it myself.

Just a clarification. You stated that the phrase "clinical depression" is a name that was given to mental disorder or mental illness. Mental illnesses vary, from schizophrenia to mood disorders. Both have a chemical basis in the brain, and can be corrected, or made bearable, with medications and/or both. They are not the same things, but both are mental illnesses. Under the heading of mood disorders are bipolar disorder and depression. Bipolar disorder can include both mania and depression, to varying degrees depending on the patient.

Can God Heal Eating Problems
Exc: You said, "But in the sense of standing with the word of the Gospel. I will be Judged for every word I speak, I take that serious."

Well, if this is true, why do you not show us the Bible verses that say an alcoholic is a drunkard, as you claimed previously. I have been asking for that, as you claim to stand with the word of the Gospel, but when asked to show us where in that word, something you claim is found, you either can't or won't show the chapter and verse.

I think you are a fraud, and cause dissension and confusion.

Should Christians Drink Beer
I went to a Phillies game with a group from church. We had a blast. Our pastor was even there. Some of the group had a couple of beers during the game. I was not phased. Nor was the pastor. If he had seen ME drinking a beer, he would have been concerned, because I am in AA, and I don't drink, and he knows it. The neat thing was, I was having such a good time, dancing to the music between innings and cheering the team, you would have thought I had been drinking, as I was sometimes rowdier than those who had a few.

Legalism stinks, no matter what it is about.

Come Back To My Husband
Glenn: Christian therapists call personality disorders maladaptive coping behaviors. Some people experience enormous amounts of trauma in their childhood, and learn to cope with that trauma in unhealthy ways, because they have no healthy adults to teach them how to cope in healthy ways. These coping behaviors grow into bigger, unhealthy behaviors, sin sometimes but not always, and often destroy any chance of developing healthy relationships in adult life.

Accepting Christ as savior offers hope of healing, but that healing most often requires professional help because the patterns of behavior are so deeply ingrained, because it is rooted in the childhood trauma.

Divorce My Muslim Husband
Sag: You assume she was a believer when they married. I assume nothing. Scripture is clear that if a believer is married to an unbeliever the believer is to stay married, unless the unbeliever leaves. However, this man cheated on her and abused her, and that adultery, NOT his Muslim faith, is the grounds for the divorce.

Abortion Doctor Was Killed
I believe that a devout Christian is capable of doing just about anything, and that we are not to judge.

Instead of haggling over the dead doctor's spiritual state, as whatever it was, he is where he is for eternity now, and we won't know until we get there whether he is in glory or not, we should be praying for his family, the families of all the people involved in his clinic, especially the women who have obtained abortions for whatever reason.

Having had a family member who had an abortion prior to Roe v Wade, I know the agony and shame associated with it. It is extremely painful and causes a lot of mental anguish afterward. My family member had to be institutionalized a year later for mental health issues.

How To Please God
I agree, without faith it is impossible to please Him. To develop that faith, we must be in His Word learning from him.

What's Up In February
I would really appreciate your prayers. My brother died suddenly at the age of 56. His wife and I are comforted by the knowledge that he is with our Lord, not suffering any physical illness, as he had been suffering with bad knee surgery in recent weeks.

My Husband Is Lazy
First, PRAY for him and your heart attitude. Second, he may need a physical to determine if he has anything going on. Then, see if he is depressed. Losing three jobs may be a sign of depression, or a cause of it. Third, see if marital therapy or individual therapy is in order for him. But, most of all, pray for him.

Step Down From Leadership
This post borders on GOSSIP. I agree with Pharisee as well. Also, mind your own business on this one. It is a support group, not a teaching ministry. Are you in her support group? Is she impacting your life in some way?

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