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Illegal Worker Wants Money
Why they take the money, why they deported with nothing, that is greed, this country is Multicultural, if that is not a reason this is a country made for inmigrants, to the inmigrants, who`s responsible to put those lines of Boundaries, everyone wants to trespass, By faith they want to have abetter life and coming to the country of honey and milk.....

Is the Prosperity Gospel Biblical
every person in the bible is prosprous, Abraham was rich, with all the sheps, cows, horses and camels, he have, and Jesus say in jhon, he wants to everyone be prosperous but in the Knowledge of HIM, if you know him maybe is the measure to reflect how much you know about him, He left his place in heaven to live like poor in this land, die for you and for me, church manipulate the meanning of prosperity...

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