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Religion Wars Over History Of Man
Dear Sue: Expressing opinions about our core values and theological doctrine can be a very soul searching and productive activity. Have you seen how many bloggers apologize when they are challenged? That is accountability at its best. Expressing our views is how we can learn more about the most important and beloved subject in our lives. However, you are correct in intimating that we should always speak in love. Blessings!

Happy Birthday John From The Blogs
Dear John: Since I am new on the CN bloggers site, I did not know it was your birthday. However, I want to say a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU and add a prayer that all your year to come is filled with the joy and contentment of our Lord Jesus Christ. Bless you! Granma Elsie

No Happiness Without A Man
Dear Ellie: Because of circumstances, I have been divorced and "alone" but rarely lonely for over 25 years. I found that the closer to God I become, the more He fills the empty spots. For a long time I had no really close male friends, then when I was stronger in the faith, more confident and living on my own, God sent me two wonderful guy friends. However with or without them, God is first in my life. I pray the same for you. Trust Him. He'll send just the people He wants for you to know well and love.

Christians Cause Biggest Trials
Dear Linda, Trials come in many different ways, certainly not just those from our Christian brothers and sisters. However, my greatest disappointments have come when I have been cheated or scammed out of money by Christians. I think this happens because I am not expecting Christians to act this way. This in NO way causes me to doubt my faith however. I learn and they will have to squirm. I just leave these people to face God's judgement. I pity them!

Why Don't People Read The Bible
We are seekers of instant gratification; very few want to "dig" and meditate to find God's will for their lives. Unless a person has a personal relationship with Jesus and baptism of His Holy Spirit, they just aren't going to get the meaning of Scripture in their heart. Pray for understanding and God will grant it. Only Jesus can open our eyes into His world of Spirit thru His Word. Otherwise it is merely an intellectual pursuit! God forbid!!

How To Win The Youth To Christ
Yes indeed "unknown", I am burdened that we are losing our youth to evil. Our world has been sliding downhill with each passing generation. What we sow is what we reap. Yes, we MUST pray and ACT to restore our youth. There are a few bright lights here and there but all too few. I think you have asked one of the most important questions of our day! Blessings!

My Husband And I Fight
Several questions: 1) What does fighting do for you? 2) Do you get what you want when you fight? 3) Are you aware how this is programming your baby to be a fighter? 4) Who usually starts the fight? 5) Were you/your husband raised in a family that fights instead of communicates calmly? 6) Do you and your hubby enjoy fighting? 7) Do you really want to stop, does he? Get professional Christian counseling and STOP! Remember it takes two to fight, so if you stop, he won't.

Should We Go To A Counseling
This is scary. You both have started a cycle of violence. Stop it NOW in Jesus name! Go to a professional who specializes in domestic violence. You should not get a divorce. Straighten out your thinking! Unfortunately, your precious daughter is a victim of this! Please take action NOW! Ask Jesus into your heart, cry out to Him, go to a Bible believing church, apologize to each other and to God. Mend your ways. I pray that you both will learn the love of Jesus!!

Does America Need a Revival
You are right-we are so deep in sin in this country that there is no question we need revival. I say this after having lived nearly 3/4 of a century and have seen the worst of it as a social worker. The 3rd world countries send their missionaries because they see what is so obvious. The question is - do we in America see the black hole that we are wallowing in? YES, SCOTT, WE NEED REVIVAL! OH LORD LET ALL OF US BELIEVERS FAST AND PRAY ON OUR FACES FOR RENEWAL IN OUR LAND!!!

Can We Kill Our Enemies
Jimmy~~This is a burning issue for me too! God does NOT want us to kill others. I choose to live in the new covenant, or New Testament. As I read Scriptures, it says to "do good to those who persecute you" and "love your enemies". I personally feel we do not have the right to push democracy thru war particularly on a people who are not ready for it; but we have the right to present the Gospel to others in love and let them make the choice...... not stuff it down their throats.

Older Women Want Love Too
I'm one of the "oldies but goodies". Why not have a "love" interest no matter our age? When my best male friend went to the mission field, I asked God to send someone as "best" in my life. Indeed,He sent him over 4 years ago and he is the delight of my life. However, the best love we will ever have is Jesus Christ. If we are born-again, His Love fills all the empty spaces.

Tell Me More About Jesus Christ
The Bible gives the best description of the "works of Jesus Christ". Others may write about them, but only your own personal experience of His works in you will satsify. If you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, you will soon discover and delight in "His works" in abundance. Reading scriptures will build your faith.

Why Aren't Christians More Mature
The Lord Jesus challenges us to become discipled, not just a reader of the Word. We must commit our all with no reservation. God requires that we accept a relationship with Jesus becoming infilled with His Holy Spirit. We then are given the grace to become more like Him everyday. We become one flock with one shepherd when we allow the Lord to nail our sin to His cross...not to "act" like He is already here; He has never left nor forsaken us ever! Good question.

Can We Recite Prayers
How we pray is less important than if we are praying! Paul said 1Thessalonians5:17"....pray continually". There is nothing wrong with reciting prayers; in fact, we cannot improve upon "The Lords Prayer"; however, it is easy to recite the words of our Lord in an unthinking way. A person told of a time they meditated on the "Our Father" for two hours....THAT really woke me up. When you pray ask the Holy Spirit to pray through you and your prayers will be set on-fire!

Weep If You Don't Witness
Dear Drew: Where in the world did your charismatic friend come up with this interpretation of Scripture? On this blog we represent many denominations, but never have I heard anything like this from any of us. Bruce tells it like it is via Scriptural confirmation and I am sure others will give you references also. So rest easily my friend.

How Do I Love Myself
Dear Sunshine: You will appreciate yourself when you realize that God made you and loves you. "God creates NO junk" including YOU. It is common for those who are sexually and emotionally abused to feel awful about themselves. You accepted the lies the abusers forced upon you. BUT God loves you and doesn't want you to remain a victim. Ask Jesus to come into your heart, my dear, and you will find joy unspeakable including respecting yourself. I know, I've been there, done that! Blessings!

Send NVBarbara More Birthday Cards
Dear Barbara NV: I am new to the CN Blog so I didn't even know it was your birthday. I can still say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and add that I pray your year will be blessed beyond anything you can the name of Jesus! Granma, Elsie

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