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Is It Possible To Not Sin
I personally strive to serve the Lord with all my heart, mind, soul and strength... however, I am very far from perfect, in fact, if it was not for his mercy, I couldn't even be counted as one of his. I consider all my righteousness, as filthy rags, just as the word declares, and while I try to do the best I can, I know that I will never ever be perfect. And this is Gods will for mankind, for if we thought ourselves perfect, we would then compare ourselves equal to him, and that is what Satan did to begin with.

Offended By Women Pastors
In the flesh, we can and do, many things that may not be according to the spirit. Jesus said, in him, there were no male or female, but, all are one. If we reject a woman that is led by the Holy Spirit, we in effect, reject Christ.

Origin Of Catholic Church
When man hijacked the teachings of Jesus Christ, and institutialized them, bringing about the distortion of all that he was, and is, much pain and suffering is a result of this, along with multitudes of deaths, in very cruel ways. Man.. in charge.. instead of the Spirit of the Living God. God is about to take his church back, from man.

2008 Great Depression
It's time... to see if we really believe what we proclaim... to live by faith in the Son of God. This is where the rubber meets the road, to give our faith a chance to be challenged. Multitudes hang in the balance, looking for truth, and hope, and something they can believe in,the harvest is ripe,



My Infant Son Died
Gods ways are higher than our ways. We are to trust him, in all situations. In the good times, and in the bad. Some, turn away from the faith, when this happens, my own dad, being one of them, turned to the bottle, when his son died at 2 years of age. Which is better, to serve God in trust, or to turn from him, and walk in the flesh? There is no good thing, that comes from walking in the flesh.

I Hate My Wife
Do you think anyone is happy in this situation? What do you think is going to happen with the children, if this atomsphere is allowed to continue? If God is any part of your life, you owe it to him, and yourself, and your family, to do everything within your power to find a way to turn this around. God can help you, if you seek him. Satan is having a heyday, right now, at everyones expense, the challenge is for you to be the catalyst for change. God be with you.

Big Fat Ugly Weight
I suggest that you rethink this situation, and start seeing yourself, as God sees you. He is not condemning, it is his will to build us up in the faith, not tear us down. The tapes in our heads, can be changed, and when they are, we will begin to see the desired results.

Is A Saved Sinner Possible
Absolutely... There is not one of us without sin, if there should be, he should cast the first stone. WE are a work in progress. WE come to God in faith, we continue in faith, we finish by faith. We are all sinners, saved by grace, if we have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord.

What Is The Gospel
That Jesus Christ has come to seek and save that which was lost. That he has paid the price for our salvation, and that we can receive it by faith, in his finished work. That he took our sins on himself, at Calvary, that we could go free. This is the good news, of the gospel of the Kingdom.

Showing Love To The Poor
Exactly what it says. If we have, and do not help those who don't, we are not walking in the love of God. We cannot turn away from people in need, we simply must do what lies within our power to help. That is why the world is in the shape that it is in, in my opinion, because too many did not take this scripture to heart, and turned away, when it was within their power to help. WE will all have to give account for the way we lived, and what we did with the resources that God enabled us to have.

What Is A True Christian
Jesus gave the standard,when he said,
"If you love me, you will obey my commandments." We will be judged according to his word. It is not enough, just to hear it, we must also obey it.

Wife Left Me For No Reason
Satan is always tring to work his deception, in the minds of people. Who we obey, shows who we love.

Witnesses Don't Believe Trinity
There are others in the body of Christ that also, do not believe in the Trinity. Jesus only teachings are around also. As well as the Jewish population, that only believe in God, and refuse to believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. God tells us to share the truth, it is up to the hearer, as to what they do with it. We are never to argue about it, and to remain in the right spirit, as we share.

Person Hurt Me In Church
The first admonition is to go to that person, and help them to understand that you are in fact hurt, by something that they said or did. Hopefully this will resolve the issue, if not, the bible states to take the matter to the church, in my opinion, this would be the pastor first. Also, Jesus teachs us to walk in forgiveness, so, to extend forgiveness to someone that has hurt you, is to follow the teachings of Christ.

I Strayed Away From God
You recognize your mistake, repent of this, and get back on track. Fasting can help to bring the flesh under subjection, along with reading the word, and prayer. Holy Communion is also designed to bring us closer to the Lord. Forgiving oneself, is harder than asking God to forgive us. Do not continue to beat yourself up, just do what you know is right.

Slain In The Spirit Biblical
Paul was slain in the spirit, when Jesus was revealed to him.

I Was Asked To Leave The Church
Many times mans will gets in the way, either from the leadership or the pew. The bible says that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Man controls, the Spirit inspires and frees. The flesh usurps the spirit. I would ask the pastor to explain what happened, so that you can better understand, what is going on. Then make your decision, as to what is right.

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