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Pastor's Wife Is Controlling
To Wanda, with all due respect, the issue is "controlling Pastor's wives", not people "rolling their eyes..." The discussion merely regards Pastor's wives who feel entitled to say and do as they please. There is a Jezebel spirit that has become more and more prevalent in the church-you have other women who choose to usurp the authority of the Pastor and/or the ministerial team. It seems as if there's a personal problem that you are dealing with and should be addressed prayerfully, fairly, humbly and realistically amonst all parties and perhaps some healing can go forth in your church and/or your particular situation. But what you've addressed is simply "apples and oranges"...just a bit off the mark. Blessings.

Paul's Thorn In The Flesh
If that were the case, does this mean that because the visions and revelations were so mighty that the Word of God was not sufficient in and of itself to keep Paul humble? Did God have to dim Pauls eyes to cool down his zeal for ministry by turning down his vision to keep him humble? Hasnt the Word with its power to correct behavior been abandoned here? The Bible teaches that the Word and the Holy Spirit alone were the controllers of Pauls ministry to direct his life and discern the thoughts and intents of his heart not dimmed eyes.

Can God Forgive Satan
no your wrong God cannot lie,

therfore if he said satan has to burn, then he can't go back on his word,, so your wrong.

FOr heaven and earth shall pass away but his word if forever.

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
whosoever thinks that just cause your rich, means that you mean more to God,

has the worng view on God,

for Jesus actaully said the Just shall live by faith!,,

Only Family Member Saved
thank you for your reply's. I have another question that I was raised with: is there really a place such as "purgitory?" I know that they talked about that alot in the catholic society,and that you could sin a little and you wind up in this "middle area" between heaven and hell.

It Is Hard To Witness To Family
sometimes your too close to the subject.continue your own walk,and they will watch from a distance, and continue to pray for them. like a child that doesn't take advice from a parent, but will listen to a family friend with the exact same advice. As long as the message get to them,they may come back to you and ask more questions...keep on praying for them:)

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