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Flight Not In The Winter
Your Flight be not in the winter neither on the Sabbath I believe can be understood this way. The winter is when there is no harvest. The Sabbath here meaning the Lord's day or the day of the Lord (Judgement day) Your flight is speaking of fleeing. Pray your fleeing is not in winter no one being saved (last day holy spirit taken out of the world) or on Judgement day. It is too late to become saved. Hope this helps.

Who is Benny Hinn?
i need a contact email of benny hinn, i will like to email him directly, pls send me him email to my box..thanks

Was The Star From God Or Satan
Where did the star first take the kings?

Is Salvation A Gift
"Well, I'm going to heaven because I did this or that, and you didn't"
---James_L on 10/18/11


Someone who truly understands the sinful condition of man, and the only way out from under that burden is through the shed blood of Christ, would never claim such a boast.

However, those saved must live a set aside life and refrain from sin with the understanding that if one does sin 1John 1:9 he has an advocate with the Father.1John 2:1

And if you will not 1John 2:3, to know Him is to keep His commandments.


Finish It Here October Again

Again, I posted the scriptures from Hebrews to show that it is possible to enter once again into sin after you have been saved by grace.

Do you not understand my point or is your desire to prove yours trump?


Is Salvation A Gift
I stand in amazement once again at the self interpretation of scriptures that goes on here.

Christ was not being sarcastic or parabalisticly at all, he was teaching the multitudes straight out.

When some of you are backed into a corner, instead of conceding, you start inventing, and fabricating.

Attempting to tell us what Jesus really meant.

Truly outrageous,when Christ said your righteousness must exceed that of the Pharisees that is exactly what He meant.

Its obvious that Paul taught in Gal 5:14 that the law is fulfilled by an act of righteousness in keeping with God's nature.


Why Are You Using Blogs
I once heard an old wise man say " to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable",~)

Finish It Here October Again

Why did Jesus teach that our righteousness must exceed the righteousness of the Pharisees to enter Heaven.

And James, you may want to reread the scriptures in Hebrews only this time without the doctrinal prejudice you posses


Finish It Here October Again

The purpose for posting the scriptures from Hebrews was to show that we do posses the ability to sin.

No matter if it comes by breaking commandments or lawlessness or unbelief or whatever the motivator, you can still sin.


Is Salvation A Gift
How can the physical destroy the spiritual? Where on earth do you find those passages that state that physical works destroy the spiritual works
---Mark_V. on 10/17/11

You can start here....

2Co 5:10 For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive the things done in the body, according to what he has done, whether good or bad.

Mark, why would Christ teach the people that their righteousness must exceed the righteousness of the Pharisees or they would not enter Heaven?


Anger Toward A Two Year Old

Pray, pray and pray some more.

You must understand that this is a child which does not have the capacity to reason as you do.

And understand that you are the one who must be the leader and set the mood for the relationship.

If you have resentment towards the other parent of this child you could be telescoping it onto this child.

If it is as simple as just an anger issue you can take time out for yourself to reason innerperspectively and find the best and calmest method of correction and guidance.

If you absolutely cant handle it seek out professional counseling.

Confessing Christians To Heaven
We are assured of heaven if we believe the gospel, regardless of how we act.

We stand eligible for the inheritance only if we persevere in Godliness.
---James_L on 9/30/11

This is the reason I posted this question.

I DO NOT believe their is a difference between Heaven and an inheritance to start with.

I read scriptures to say your inheritance is Heaven and your reward is based upon stewardship.

It is a very dangerous and false doctrine to teach Christians they are going to Heaven no matter how they act


Is Grace Unconditional
It is not Gods grace which is called into question concerning the myth of eternal security.

It is mans willingness to obey God which is at question.

Is 59:1-2


Finish It Here September 2011
You truly are a judgmental work-o-art.


Jesus Always God
The Word says God CAN NOT BE TEMPTED with evil.

Analyze The Bloggers
I addressed Christian not as an answer to a participating anylitacal statment but as a typical accusation, as you said he is not participating in this activity.

What makes you think I dont judge my own deeds, rest assured I do.

Analyze The Bloggers
For someone who claims to be a pastor/preacher/minister, it's rather disturbing that you are into the business of psycho-analyzing people's performance. For what?
---christan on 9/17/11


First of all this is completely voluntary and for those who desire to have others perceptions of them to help them grow.

Secondly, I am a participant in a greater overall evaluation and not passing out self righteous judgments of others unilaterally.

Thirdly, A Pastors job in the Church (not here) is to evaluate the sheep for potential problems to head them off at the pass.

Much like Jesus did with Peter when He rebuked him and warned him that satan desired to sift him as wheat.


What Is A Double Portion

Notice that many people can be filled with the Holy Ghost at the same time, and yet there is always more holy ghost to go around.
---Francis on 9/17/11

Do you believe in a second work of Christ as relates to the filling or baptism of the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit?


The Holy Ghost is like a never ending pitcher of oil, I could fill many jars and still have much left over. When each jar is filled, it has as much as it can contain. But GOD is that pitcher of oil, he has unlimited portions of the holy ghost
---Francis on 9/17/11

I like this, very encouraging.

And I wonder if Elisha got two rides in the chariot of fire, 2Kings 2:11


Analyze The Bloggers
You remind me alot of myself in alot of ways.You seem to be very sincere and unapologetic for your beliefs, which you should be.
As I said to John though, we must ALL realize we could be wrong and be willing to hear an opposing view point.
But I enjoy you more then the dentist :)
No I really do enjoy conversing with you and great job on the single dad thing, been there.


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