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How To Beat Depression
I too suffer from depression for many years. I often wonder why God has me look at life in such a mundane way. I want so much to see the beauty and happiness the everyone talks about but for some reason it escapes me. don't get me wrong I do have happiness in my life beautiful children and grandchildren but for the most part I spend my time alone in a sad lonely place.

In Love With A Non-Christian
Doug - I commend you for your reply, how correct and biblical is your answer!!! And to you, Robyn, I don't know what kind of answer you think that was, but it is certainly NOT the "admonish with love" answer we are commanded to do. You should look around and note that there are many unequally yoked relationships that are not "hellish" in the sense of bad relations, but rather it is more what Doug says: simply a fleshly gratification and never a soul understanding. It can work, but it's quite sad for the true Christian.

Can I Marry A Muslim
Beautifully said, Warwick. I'm proud of you that you were able to cut to the heart of the matter and say it so clearly. It's so very true.

David's Bathsheba Temptation
so what's Solomon's excuse?

Move On After Broken Heart
You should find hope in my response. I was right there with you about 6 years ago when the father of my son would not reconcile with me but chose to marry someone else. It hurt so much that I walked around with a pain in my heart so heavy that I found it hard to concentrate.

But nothing happens quickly - even the seasons take months to change completely. The only way to get over it is to go through it and that means praising God every day and asking Him to take the burden from you. I promise you....if you are willing to practice letting go and giving it to will be healed.

Unwed Pregnant Daughter
Rhonda - I love your post, for once I actually agree with someone on here. You're right - too often humanity is only offered when someone is doing right.

Jesus said "a servant is not greater than his master - therefore if the world hated me, it will hate you." Why are we then above Jesus when it comes to "sinners"? We must do as he did and offer ourselves as a sacrifice to them, pray on behelf of them, and live as one who has escaped death row on a pardon. We are ALL guilty.

My Brother Got A Girl Pregnant
The Mosaic and Levitical laws have been fulfilled by Jesus, yes, but the laws were an extension of who God is. So yes, that OT law was set because if a woman was no longer a virgin and without a husband she was essentially without care and considered a harlot. Today we have other options and live in an open society. However, God's ideals still stand.

Yet, marriage is an agreement - not a trial run or dependent on happiness. Therefore, making a decision to marry because you want to raise children together is exactly that...there is no divorce when the kids leave. It does need thinking through but it is ALWAYS best that the child have his two parents raising him. I am a single mom, I can tell you that God's way is the BEST way.

Never Have Backslidden
It's important to get answers from the bible and there we have plenty of examples. John, Jesus' disciple was a man who was already "there." In other words, he wasn't one who messed up all the time, etc. Compare him with Peter, David, Jonah, Solomon, and others who did "backslide" (meaning to revert into sin they know if wrong), and we see that while it is possible to really walk a decent path and trip, there are lots of others who walk the path, fall down face first in the mud, but in either circumstance it is God who picks them up. No one is better than another - Jesus is our only hope.

No Tongues Not Saved
This is a misleading doctrine! God says that he will give to his children when they ask for the Holy Spirit. He says if Wicked fathers know how to give good gifts to their children, then how much more does the Heavenly Father know how to.

This is a doctrine that has people babbling and wandering around thinking that God did not "choose" them if they have yet to speak in "tongues." The scriptures DO NOT substantiate this ideaology. Yes, tongues are a gift but in only TWO ways:

1. To benefit non-believers (foreign languages foreigners understand)
2. As a spiritual prayer language for you to pray in private.

Take A Mans Last Name
You know, Paul said that women should cover their hair and remain silent but he also said in the same breath that "there is no other custom than this."

Today, women in MOST of the world keep their surnames, but are under their husband's last name for legal purposes, such as Jane Smith family of Johnson. As others have said, it is correct, for many generations "son of" or "daughter of" has been used instead.

Surnames in America are simply a custom, and it is fine to abide by the custom, but it is certainly not a sin to keep your last name. Remember, everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial. God gives us choice over these little aspects of life. Rejoice in it.

Should We Mourn For Sinners
Do you really have to ask this question? A couple scriptures come to mind, but as for your answer: 77 times 7.

If this person is your friend, then Christ wants you to love others as yourself. Too many Christians think they have to walk around the world making sure everyone knows that what they are doing is wrong. This does not draw people to Christ. Love, understanding, compassion, and humility draw people to Christ. Jesus said, "The need is so great and the workers are so few."

Your job is to love others unconditionally. Your savior did this for you, now you go and do this for the world.

I Suddenly Lost My Son
I am so sorry for your loss and for the magnitude of your pain right now. I can't even begin to imagine how you must feel and hard it must be. In biblical times, the grieving period was usually a year when people would wear sackcloth and ashes so that others would know that they were struggling with the hurt.

God Turned His Back On Me
When i have been in situaations where it seemed that everything was going wrong..I would find someone that was going the soemthing similar and pray for them...There's a scritpture in the Bible that even says this...It has worked for me everytime..And God has been showing me that you reap EVERYTHING you sow...So if you want God to have compassion on you ,then have compassion on someone else and pray for them..

Abortion Doctor Was Killed
I am against any type of violence, but the Bible says that you will reap what you sow, that is a spiritual law and i pray for forgiveness for the things I have sowed and judge myself, because I may not like the harvest...These baby killers all know they are doing wrong because have you ever known of one to broadcast that they are abortionlist, I don't think they put that heading on their door or their name on the outside of their clinics where they perform these murders.. I think they are really ashamed of what they do,but for the love of money the continue. God loves them anyway and we need to pray for them that they will repent and turn to God.

How Do I Make The Pain Stop
to forgive him play it cool and for him hurting u it doesent matter u should move on and not stop dating u are a strong indapendent women and dont need a man to complet ur life

How To Get Husband Back
I would advise you to go forward with your life and put your once was marriage in Gods hands. In other words put it on the alter. He may or may not come back. I stood for 4 years in separation and believed he would come back and I heard he was engaged and is supposedly living with that women and staying in another bedroom. He may be in denial but he is still in sin. Dont waste your life in emotionally being tied to someone you are no longer married to. Live your life and if he comes back fine, if not then you are living a life in the future not in the past. You may even find someone else.

Should I Confess My Affair
no, no, no. do not tell him. I did that 30 years ago and for 30 years he held that in unknown to him and once he left to visit another so called christian woman in michigan and then he returned home he said, "now we are even.!" do not tell him. tell God and ask for His forgiveness and freedome from guilt and sin and adultry

My Husband Is Narcissistic
I am going on over 18 years of marriage with kind of roller coaster ride of emotion. I also have 3 children who lived in this nightmare. I thought it was me at first, then I blamed this on him being an alcoholic, then I tried to be an example of how I thought he should be. The verbal abuse and deception were unbelievable along with the comments he would make. What planet was he born on?? Lost and felt alone with a heavy burden on my shoulders until I started reading about narcissistic. His picture should be next to it. I am not going to be able to fix this so I have decided to wake up and end this nightmare. Pray for me.

He Is A Perfect Non-Christian
I'm sorry about your dilemma, emotional ties make decisions VERY hard. Do not listen to others who say you are not a strong christian, ONLY Jesus knows what and who you are. NONE of us are exempt from falling, from sinful natures, or from traps. Dear sister, you know the answer, God has laid it on your heart. You must decide and be willing to carry the burden either way: the burden of heartbreak or the burden of an unequally yoked bond. I'm going to pray for you right now that God will lift your head up to His glory and for Him to give you HIS strength to work through this. My heart is with you on this matter. Love, Cathy

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