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Older Woman Wants Husband
God took human error into account when He planned each and every soul in the world. My daughter was born out of wed-lock. She is 19 years old now, went to a Christian school from K-12 and now attends a Christian college. She's the most wonderful gift next to salvation that God has ever given to me. She is a blessing to both sides of her family and is gorgeous, talented, funny, and extremely loving. Her dad and I put her first and our differences aside. It CAN be done and when you seek God in raising your child, the whole family is blessed beyond words.

Xmas Is Same As Christmas
Do not be too hard on your friends for writting X-mas, just tell them the meaning, Google it. I do not write it that way, but studied it. Christains have forgotten the orgin of this Greek letter X meaning Massiah or the choosen one.

Do You Have Unforgiveness
The biggest betrayal I can think of is helping someone and the stole from me and lied on me
I can also think of family members who have a key to my house and while I was gone they had someone put cameras in my house and tap my phone. The police said they could not help me because they dont search for bugs in a person house. Thats not all, one family member can and took various items out of my house and nothing is being done about that ether. One thing people know is something that belongs to them. At this point I let it go but dont want them in my life. Is this unforgiveness?
I have a good bye spirit!! I can take you or leave you.

Visited By A Demon
I'm not sure what IT means,but from observing my husband's encounters, it seems to attack for many reasons,one, you are getting closer to GOD! Another, you opened a door, of sorts. I bought 2 books at a christian bookstore because we were being attacked or lead by the enemy daily,It had a hold on my husband really bad ,I felt a strong sense to do research on this un-discussed subject."PIGS IN THE PARLOR and another one by Charles H. Kraft about Oppression on Christians, they were extremely helpful, I have since over come my deep Heavy Depression and uncontrollable fear. It's a daily battle to pray and conquer the enemy. Give it to God he will destroy them ,we alone cannot do any conquering w/out him! PRAY,and know your enemies tactics!!

Is Abortion Ever Acceptable
we shouldn't have the power to take away prelife every baby deserves to live there days on earth

What Is The Bohemian Grove
I agree with you, T.S. People should be aware of occultism such as this among the elite of the nation, and the world. Alex Jones has an excellant documentary free on the internet about Bohemian Grove. Also check out his street interview with David Gergen regarding his participation in the
annual ritual. Notice how defensive he gets.

Ouija Board Curse On Me
Nikki, if you are still reading this, have you decided what you are going to do?
Trust me when I say that divination of ANY kind is dangerous. Read Acts 19:19 about how
new believers who previously practiced magic
burned their books. Upon this, "the word of the Lord grew mightily and prevailed".

Ouija Board Curse On Me
Years ago, I "dabbled" with a ouija board with my sister-in-law. Using one you are leaving your door open to demonic entities. Ironically, around this time, our friendship suffered, and my brother and sister-in-law separated. For a while we were seeing thing we thought were ghosts (actually demons) Since then, I sought Jesus, and repented years ago of my sin in doing this.My advice to you is to BURN THE BOARD, including the planchett, and anything else of similar origin, repent and pray!!!

Divorce Or Loveless Marriage
Please do not judge a loveless do not know what caused the respect and love to fade.Abuse is involved in my marriage.physcial and emotional.To tell someone that is being abused in front of the children that if they divorce it is a horrible sin as you all say,It just might be putting their safety at risk.Do not judge until you lived in an abused womens shoes for a day..the Lord who loves me would not call protecting myself and children a sin.

Was Christmas Pagan
Hi, Claudia. After much consideration, this is was first year that my family and I decided to forsake "christmas", and spend the day reading the Bible, talking with the kids about Jesus, and in prayer. Very low key, and I have to say, the most meaningful
"christmas" we have ever spent. There are
many pagan connections to christmas, not to mention all the commercialism, as well as the santa-lie.

Immigration For Non-Christians
In the Bible over and over it tells us to be good,treat well aliens. The Bible also clearly sends us out to give the Good News.
The thing wrong with the church today is exactly that we are so buzy with the Church we are not doing the will of CHRIST

Baptist Pastor Told Lies
Wayne, my heart hurts for you and your son.
As a mom of 4, I know that, as a parent, we
try to protect our children from the "wolves", and yet they are out there...
and sometimes those wolves are the very ones that should be nuturing the flock. The Lord knows your pain. Rest in the assurance that their is NO situation out of His grasp. I will pray for your son and for you. Read Matthew 18:6-7

God Help Drinking Problem
Hear, O Lord, when I cry with my voice!
Have mercy also upon me, and answer me.
When You said, "Seek My face,"
My heart said to You,
"Your face, Lord, I will seek."
Do not hide Your face from me,
Do not turn Your servant away in anger,
You have been my help,
Do not leave me nor forsake me,
O God of my salvation.
When my father and my mother forsake me,
Then the Lord will take care of me.
Psalm 27:7-10

Cremate In The Open
There are more disturbing aspects of Hinduism. Sati, self-immolation, common use of fire as punishment/"purification". Three weeks ago, my son's classmate and his brother were doused in gasoline by their father, and set ablaze. After 3 weeks, NO charges against the father, who admitted he did it. There was another case similar to this in August, involving another Hindu family. I can't help but wonder if the D.A.'s delay in filing charges has to do with "cultural sensitivity".

Abortion Is Satan Worship
Don't be ignorant, " Notlaw99".
The Lord said to Jeremaih, "Before I formed
you in the womb, I knew you" Jeremiah 1:5.
The pagan god, Molech, was worshipped through child sacrifice. Abortion is a form
of child sacrifice, through selfishness,
irresponsibility, and a desire not to have one's life style disrupted.

Announce People's Tithing
umm,,doesn't "tongue and cheek" just mean untruthful? not to be overly picky,but i find that the truth is best.then there would be no confusion.God bless!!

Young Women Marrying Older Men
i once read a business card that said,if an old man loves a young woman that his business and if a young woman loves an old man thats her business, read other side of card thats our business (had name of business). my hubby is 22 yrs older than i 2 kids and still in love,been married 15 yrs.I am a blood bought child of the king! kim6437

Fate Of Dead Babies
Sorry, but Ashley is this article for shows many scriptures pointing to the innocence of little babies who have not come to an age to chooce to accept or reject Christ or not....don;t limit God's provision for the innocent or what He is capable of doing. There are many things He will do that our finite minds cannot comprehend. Just because you cannot grasp it on this earth, doesn't mean it is not so.

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