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No Holy Communion
No. The Lord's love is not limitted. It has no restrictions on it. As long as we keep our faith in Him, we have nothing to worry about. It's not our good works he looks at, but by our hearts.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
The only spanking they need is the word of God. Discipline is not all about spanking your children. Discipline is about teaching them right from wrong. Jesus said in His word that we need to be like children in order to enter His kingdom. Children are carefree. They don't know what's wrong and what's right. It's not instilled in us when we are born. We have to be taught. So no pulling down their pants is not good. It will only teach them violence. They learn what their parents teach them.

Living In The Last Days
Yes, I do believe in the last days. We are only here for a period of time, temporarily. The word of God never lies.

Sermons Or Good Stories
My preacher uses what God give Him to say. He always go to God in prayer before he gives his sermon, which is a testamony. God gives him the words to say.

Is It Bad To Use A Condom
No, its not bad. If the couple wants to use condoms, then they should. Married couples should be the ones to answer that question. Go to God in prayer. That's what they really need to do. Ask God is condoms are bad? He has the answer, not people.

Death Penalty Biblical Today
No. I don't believe in the death penalty. It's up to Christ is He want to punish up to that extinct. We have no right to put no one to death. We didn't make him so we don't have no right. Jesus does. Jesus teaches us about forgiveness. Why is we ignoring that. Jesus has the last say in our lives. He is the only judge.

Am I A Prophet Of God
You're blessed. But did you ask God was you right? People can be decieving. Even speakers of God. Is it a gift that God gave you? First ask God was you right then if he answers you back, yes or a no. Then be astonished. Because they could have thought of something different to say and told you another. Don't Look unto man, Look unto Christ.

Why Did I Get Saved
Accepting Christ was the right thing for you to have eternal life. Look into your heart and ask Christ. He is the only one who can answer your question. But accepting Him as your King was all the love for Him. It reassures Him that you Love Him enough to give your life to Him.

False Teachers In The Church
Some teachers of God are false. But we have to realize what kind of church God wants us in. We have to realize that He is the way, the truth and the light. If we want to be like Christ, we have to know who is a false teacher and who's not. God gives us christians a gift to know who is for Him and who is for the devil.

Is Instant Credit Repair Legal
Credit repair isn't illegal. We just have to be careful who to go to if we need to repair or credit. Go to Christ. He will tell you if you could repair your credit or not. He could also repair it Himself. You just need Faith.

Need Help For A Bad Memory
That's why Jesus says to read your word everyday. How can you forget the word of Christ? Pray that you would remember. Only Jesus Christ can give you the memory in remembering His Word. If you remember Jesus then you remember His Word. His is the Word, and the Word is Him.

Why Were There Dinosaurs
In the bible, does it says that God created dinosaurs? Do the bible talks about them? No. They are satan's creations if they were real. God didn't create Dinosaurs or any bad creatures. Why do we blame God for what the devil is doing and creating?

Type Of Church You Attend
Does it matter what type of church we go to? As long as I'm worshiping Jesus as my Lord and Savior, the church doesn't matter. As long my pastor is Christ-like, why does it matter what type of church I go to. God wasn't any denomination. He was just Jesus Christ, the son of God. I don't go to church to see the church or the people. I go to see God. If God isn't in that church, then I find one that has Him in their presence.

Have You Seen A Demon
Jesus is all around us. If you don't see Jesus then you don't have Him and never knew Him. A demon is the devil. No, I never saw a demon, unless it uses someone. But I did see Jesus. If you read His word, then you will know if you seen Him or not. If Jesus come knocking at your door, will you recognize Him or take Him as a demon? If you're a christian, then you will know the difference.

What Is A Fundamentalist
A fundamentalist is a belief that's held by a movement in American Protest. It talks about the history of the bible, the resurrection, and faith. No it's not an insult.

Contradictory Truths
The truth is the truth. Plain and simple. Jesus knows the truth. Nothing can fool Him. Other than that is a lie. Jesus says there is no in-between. Either it's a yes or a no. Either it's the truth or a lie. Us Christians should go by faith and not by sight. Faith is the substance of thing not seen.

Pray For President Bush
Yes, we should pray that Jesus would give President Bush, not only wisdom, but security in Christ. Pray that Bush will one day accept Jesus as his Lord and savior.

Can The Devil Read Our Minds
I could say that the moderator is right. The devil can't read our mind. Jesus can. He's the only one who can know what we are thinking about and feeling. The devil didn't make us, God did. Why are you even giving the devil credit? HE DESERVES NO CREDIT!

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