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Are All Sins Forgiven
Christan...Wrong..All through verses 1 thru 8 John uses (WE) plural,not (I). It says WE(Who are we?)proclaim what we have seen and heard so that you can have fellowship with US(who are the us here?.

Are All Sins Forgiven
MarkV says:"The lost do not repent, they know not God, why should they repent?
Really MarkV...repent means to change your mind. So if the lost change their mind about God and Christ than they have repented. Biblical repentance is going from being lost(not believing) to BELIEVING.

Are All Sins Forgiven
Christan.."I welcome you to show us the verse that speaks of such "revelation" that you so claim about "gnostic believers and other cults in that time".

Do a little research.

Are All Sins Forgiven and others bring up 1John 1:9 quite often. John was not talking about believers, but was talking to believers about the gnostic believers and other cults in that time. Please read all of 1John 1:1-9. Especially V3 that says "we proclaim to you what we have seen and heard, so that you(UNBELIEVERS)also may have fellowship with us(BELIEVERS). 1John1:9 is refering to unbelievers.

Foods Christians Can Eat
A Christian can eat whatever they want unless it causes another to stumble.

Why Read Book Of Mormon
HappyLDS....Do you believe that you can become like God?

Why Read Book Of Mormon
HappyLDS says:I have read the BOM and I know it testifies of Jesus Christ.

Does it testify of Jesus Christ who has always existed
with the Father or does it testify of the jesus you belive in. The one who is created and who has satan for a spirit brother.

Most Important Sermon Heard
Cluny....does your attitude toward other christians really bring "Glory to Jesus Christ".
Christ said to love one another.

Who Are The Elect People
Christan///Did the sinner do it out of his own "free-will" or was it because "the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day"? So, if you're being drawn by the Father to believe, how does you "free-will" come into play?

I totally agree. Salvation is 100% of the Lord. I never mentioned free will. God gives us faith and draws us to Christ. The "accepting" (putting your faith in Christ) only happens because the Father has drawn us.

Who Are The Elect People
christan...."As for your theory of "accept Christ are the elect", I think you'll find it hard-press to to show a verse of such a testimony.
Christan...I believe that there is a connection between being one of the chosen ones and excepting Christ. Paul does say that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus Christ and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead you will be saved. If you accept Christ you are professing that He is Lord of your life and you do belive that God raised Him from the dead. That should make you a chosen one.

Decision To Be Saved
Gordon.....Salvation is of the Lord. Even our faith is from God.

What Is An Atheist
Thanks Sis Elena....... God is trying to get the attention of atheist but atheist is just having a hard time hearing Him. Atheist thinks he is on this Christian blog site on his on doing...

What Is An Atheist
..."The real opiate of the masses is comfort that that after death, our lies, murders, betrayals, and cruelty will not be judged."
---atheist on 11/28/12 better hope that you are correct. Because if you are wrong eternity is a very long time.
Do you think you are on this blog of your on doing?

Who Is The Holy Spirit must have spiritual ears to hear.

The Gospel Of Salvation
MarkV....I'm sorry that you label yourself as someone who is devoted to sin. According to your reasoning I guess you eat 2-3 times a day because you are a glutton.

Explain 2 Corinthians 5:16
I believe the reason is stated in V14. Jesus' love compels us to love the world as Christ loved the world. Not to look at people the way the world would, but to love and show compassion as Christ would.

The Gospel Of Salvation what your telling me is is that you are a wicked person who is devoted to sin. Well, if this is you, then you are a sinner.
As for me i was considered a wicked person at one time, but now I am a child of God. Sure i can still sin, but i am by no means a sinner (see greek definition strongs#268). Try looking at yourself as God sees you.

The Gospel Of Salvation
cluny...i'm not saying i don't sin. There is a huge difference between being a sinner(someone devoted to sin) and comitting a sin.

The Gospel Of Salvation
cluny**And which of us is NOT a sinner?**

You mean to tell me that you can tell someone you are a child of God or a saint and call yourself a sinner in the same sentence?

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