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Immortality Of The Soul
no. it's not the same. read Luke 16:27- 31. a person must be raised from the dead see Matth 27:52- 53, not return in "ghost" form.

the Biblical term of the soul is "mind, will, emotion". it is the "spirit" of man that is born again. John 3:6

it is the spirit and soul of man that continues on after physical death. see Luke 16:22, 2 Corinth. 5:8, Hebrews 12:23, revel.7:13- 17

Raptured People Not Dead
in verses 25- 28 it has to do with Jesus sacrificing himself only once, and not again. in the same way that a man dies only once, as he did.

it doesn't mean that everyone is appointed to die.
it just means that everyone is appointed to die once.

in the rapture people alive when it happens don't need to die in order to get to heaven because those who had died come to get their bodies and all believers receive glorified bodies like Jesus has.

Saved Without Holy Spirit
your question is a good reason to realize that the Holy Spirit is not who is removed. but the believers through whom the Holy Spirit works.

after the believers who had been looking for Jesus to rapture them are removed, the Holy Spirit remains to continue to do His job in bringing people to salvation.

Spiritual Gifts For Today
they are all most useful.

Word Of Faith Churches
it depends on how insistent anyone is when presenting differing views on scriptures.

i've seen offended posters on christianet who aren't word of faith.

World Going To End Soon
"what will be the end of the world" the word translated "world" is "age". this corresponds to what Daniel discovered concerning the gentile empires, the Messiah, the 70th week.

Daniel states that the beginning of the 70th week a.k.a. "the 7 year tribulation" will start when a person confirms a covenant for "one week" a.k.a "7 years".

"the covenant" is a peace treaty like "the oslo accords" that occurred a few years back. but "the anti-christ" wasn't involved in that one.
the peace treaty will allow the Jews to build a third temple and offer sacrifices.

that isn't happening so we're not "in" the revelation times yet.

The Need For Jesus To Leave
while Jesus was on the earth He represented the Father to the people. and invited the people to know the Father. but no one could get saved until Jesus had gone to the cross representing us there, taking the curse and all our sins upon Himself. died and was buried.
- then after His resurrection He ascended to heaven and started the next phase of His ministry as the Intercessor, and High Priest, Advocate for all who would believe in Him. He represents us before the Father.
- it wasn't until then that the Holy Spirit was sent to begin His part of that ministry in the earth.. dwelling within, & through those who are born again representing the Lord Jesus and the Father to perspective converts and to those who are born again.

Explain The 10 Virgins Parable
in proverbs it says that the spirit of man is the candle / lamp of the Lord. - prov. 20:27. light is purity, insight that must be maintained or darkness creeps in.

all ten virgins had a lamp with oil. they waited as engaged women for their bridegroom to come to elope them away, not knowing when he'd arrive.
- 5 wise virgins had extra oil to endure through the waiting period. 5 foolish virgins didn't think extra was necessary. it's not practical and not scriptural: "keep the word".."abide".."not get weary or give up".
- personal endurance can't be shared, but individually experienced. - rev. 3:10.
- be sure to always have enough oil so that your lamp keeps burning. - prov. 31:18

Can A Priest Forgive Sins
the real issue is that the Bible states that Jesus is the only authorized intermediary between God and man.

anyone who goes to a human priest, is doing exactly as those of the old testament did. but that method no longer has authority from God because it was faulty. the new testament authorized version however is much better and is now in full force. (points found in the book of Hebrews)

through Christ Jesus (Hebrews 3:1) a person may go directly unto God (Hebrews 4:14-16) and may by faith be forgiven according to the Word's direct declarations. (1John 1:9,2:1)

Explain 1 Corinthians 14:34-35
1cor.14:34-35 should be compared with other previous verses about a woman praying or prophesying in 1cor.11:5. which implies & indicates that there is nothing against it.
if anyone tried to find such a requirement in the (old testament) law (that women must be silent).. it could not be found.

in light of that then the verses in question should be considered as a wrong view. meaning then that verses 36-37 is the refuting of that wrong view.
verses 34-37 is an example of Greek customs verses Torah Jewish early Christian customs.

Speaking In Tongues
Jack, tongue=language in Greek. Trinity, rapture and many other words we frequently use in church circles are "not in the Bible" either.

those that speak in those "different languages" and those that interpret them are not able to understand them. if they did where would the reliance on God? where would be the sign to those that dont believe?

The Need For Jesus To Leave
Jesus came to the earth to set right what had gone wrong. the work of the cross accomplished that. with that work finished, the rei(g)ns are handed to those who believe.

Jesus in heaven represents us to the Father... when we pray in Jesus Name.. while the Holy Spirit represents the Lord Jesus to us through His word, on the earth.. that by the Holy Spirit all the ministry things that Jesus did on the earth can be continued and accomplished through those who are obedient to His word and Spirit.

I Will Be Raptured Because
blank 1: 1thess.4:16-17 ".. the dead in Christ rise first... and those alive shall be caught up to meet the Lord in the air."

blank 2: john 14:2-3 ".. for I go to prepare a place for you... I will come again and receive you to Myself that where I am there you may be also."

Suppose Pat Roberston Is Right
i've heard a number of people talking about it before Pat Robertson ever did. like, the news reports give many ways in which it might happen..
:nuclear missiles., ie. threats from Iran, China..
:weather disasters, volcano eruptions, earthquakes.
:deep impact, asteroids..
:economy decline.

better to ask, "where could it not come from?"

Why Are There Trials In Life
Jesus said that tests, trials come from the devil to take out the word that was sown in the heart.

even the person who doesnt have faith in God goes through trials.

the common denominator is the devil. not what a person believes.

Is Jesus Coming Soon
eternally i'm ready. i'm looking for His coming.

i pray that He will find me a faithful steward, desiring and doing all things as would please Him by faith.

Condition Of Local Church
i'm inclined to believe that every church both through the centuries and in this present age, no matter what the denomination, Jesus has already spoken about in revelations chapters 2-3

Sabbath Keeping Done Away
keeping the sabbath as sda'ers do is a requirement of the old covenant which carries a curse and condemnation with it.

if you keep one law you are required to keep all the law. the 10 plus all the others.
and no one can keep any of the law and please God. that's why animal sacrifices were required.
Jesus fulfilled all the requirements of the law, therefore a believer is now free to keep one day or all days as holy unto the Lord, without any curse or condemnation from God.

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