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One World Church Biblical
Jack- if the pope doesn't condone and hide pedophelia, then why is Cardinal Law (who was found guilty of multiple counts of child molestation) been moved from America and been promoted to work at the vatican? HE GOT A PROMOTION after being found guilty of pedophilia!! Tell me whats wrong with this picture. Why was he promoted and not defrocked?

I Stopped Praying To Mary
Neil- I'll tell you whats up. The Lord has said that anytime we cry out for truth, that he'll never leave that question unanswered. Keep asking him for it and you will continue to recieve revelation knowledge. God bless you in your search for the truth.

Can A Demon Overtake A Christian
I agree with Dan's answer. A Christian is a temple for the Holy Spirit- not a temple for demon spirits. If a demon flees at the NAME of Jesus, why do you think one would actually cuddle up next to the Holy Spirit inside you. It just doesnt make sense. If a demon tries to inhabit me, he has to go through my blood covering to get to me. As soon as he goes through the blood he'll come out born agian on the other side.

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
jaeR- your past answers are vague. I want to know how think he suffered. What was it that was causing him to suffer? Just saying he suffered doesnt answer my question. You're being evasive.

One World Church Biblical
Augusta- Yes he does have only one church, but being a part of that church has nothing to do with a religeous organization like the RCC-or any other denomination for that matter. It has to do with being washed by the blood of the lamb. That is what makes us a part of the body of Christ. AND THAT ALONE.

Rick Warren On TV
Mark- If heaven's already here, why's hell breaking loose all over the planet? I believe that the Lord is coming to establish his Kingdom here on the earth, but it's obvious that, that time hasn't arrived. Do you believe the kingdom now false doctrine? Do you think that we have to establish his kingdom for him? Because the scripture says that HE HIMSELF will establish His kingdom on earth. If heaven's already arrived Did I miss the rapture? Did I miss the Antichrist? Did I miss the second coming?

Modern Road To God
Cain tried to have a relationship with God in a way that he(cain) thought was just fine, but God would not accept it. It has to be His way or no way. And that way is through the shed blood of the lamb, any other way is totally unacceptable to God.

Difference Between Catholics
Can someone please explain, how bowing before a statue of Mary and praying to her, isn't Mary worship. And if you can, are you also able to explain that it's not a sin anyway in the eyes of God, when scripture states that we are not to bow down before idols. I also want to know how, if All have sinned and come short of the glory of God, that somehow the pope is infallible.

Difference Between Catholics
I want to know how church affilliation brings salvation. I want to Know how money given to a priest can get you out of an imaginary pergatory, seeing that we are not redeemed with corruptable things such as silver or gold. You'll probablyanswer "the money is for the priests to pray and thats what gets them out". But, scripture says you cant buy the blessings of God. That also destroys the indulgences doctrine.

Which Day To Keep Holy
Gins- You claim that nothing before sin entered the world could be a foreshadowing of Christ"s minnistry, yet scripture says the the lamb was slain from BEFORE the foundation of the world. God was indeed showing us the ministry of Christ in the sabbath rest.

Worship God On Everyday
"For whosoever is justified by the law, he is FALLEN FROM GRACE".

One World Church Biblical
john- if there is no hell, then why does JESUS mention in 40 times in the new testament. As for Islam we can see just how loving thier religeon is by watching the news. They worship the moon god allah-not Jehova. Hindu's worship many gods- not Jehova. No religeon on earth recognizes our God as the one true God. Why would I try to accept their GODS as my one true God and how do they pick the one true God from their plurality of Gods. Do they pick at random?

One World Church Biblical
Alanuk- The RCC has always had world domination in mind. Thats why if your not in the catholic church, you cant be saved. Salvation is not church membership however. If you dont believe that they want to be the only church, a simple history lesson will show otherwise.

Christians Embrace All Religions
IamI- yes we must love unconditionally. Thats why Jesus blasted the religeous leaders of his day, calling them snakes, whited wall full of dead mens bones, that they were of thier father the devil. Thats why John the babtist blasted them as well- It was out of love. A love that was not afraid to speak the truth even if the truth angered and divided. Jesus said he didnt come to bring peace but a sword, dividing even families. cont...

Christians Embrace All Religions
IamI- True love demands that we speak the truth. Truth can be divisive. True love isn"t always "everybody join together and hold hands" type thing. All that being said I'll now say that the satanic," everybody hold hands" trash has no place on this site. Find a new age satanic site to blog on and quit trying to decieve Gods people. You are of your father the devil, go to one of his blog sites and you will be readilly accepted.

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