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Prayer For Rain In Texas
i think your supposed to go outside and Praise God for the rain and say its raining

Are There 11 Commandments
See John 13:34 and John 15:12.

Daughter-In-Law Problems
Thank you for your comment on your Daughter in law. I am so glad I am not alone. Unfortunately I have no suggestions on how to make the relationship work, I wish I had the answer.

Dad Got Me Pregnant
my mother amrried a man who got my sister pregant..she stayed with with him and raised this little man..long story but I would wait til she got older because when he found out it it changed him..god loves all even the ones made from pain an sin of the fathers..god love you

Fate Of Aborted Babies
I have been reading peoples views on abortion. Just for a moment let us all take a step back and breath!! Abortion is often not just taken lightly. Read anti abortion web pages and you will read the heartache and suffering woman go through. He who is free from sin cast the first stone. Many many of the woman bitterly regret their decision and wish they hadnt gone through with it. So perhaps we should be asking where is the help when these woman made a decision whilst confused or feeling pressured. Perhaps we should be questioning the abortion clinics and drug companies who have created these options for woman when they are feeling vulnerable.

94 Year Old Accepts Christ
Praise the Lord God for His awesome mercy and unfailing love! If you don't know Jesus today is the day for salvation! Ask Jesus to forgive your sins, and truely repent of them. Ask Him to let His blood make atonement for you. Ask Him to save and forgive you and He WILL!

What Does 666 Mean
How many times have the world been destroyed and started all over again? How many times the end have come to the world? Why good and bad was already a secret bfor we were created? Are we really gonna see and live in haven or is this just a cycle after we knew what good and bad was.I believe that haven and hell are in the world and we choose wich one we wanna live in. But God promised eternal life in haven if we follow steps, and sent the example( jesus).

Is Harold Camping Correct
Brad read your blogs over the past month. So great to hear that you too agree with Mr. Camping, but more impressed that we can count on God for His truth that He reveals to His servents His prophets. Mr. Camping says on the open forum program " dont trust me, read the Bible" let the Holy Spirit guide us into all truth.

I Need A Good Pastor In Church
Read Gods word yourself and the Holy Spirit will teach you the truth.

Location Of The Anti-Christ
He will come out of Rome

Was Cain The Devil
IV. "For it is God who worketh in us, both to will and to do of His good pleasure." God Kathr not you but God. The almighty God of Scripture.

Is Gambling In Moderation Sin
I believe anything in access is sinful,Iam a bornagain christian and I went to Las Vegas several times, I did play the slot machines,say I took $100.00 to use, I would not go over that amount, I know many people can't resist and that is where the danger lies,everything in moderation,I don;t see it as sin some christians do, what does the bible say?God will supply all of our needs. KAREN

Salvation For Catholics
Let me explain. I was not dissing RCC. I was trying to state that GOD'S word concerning salvation NEVER changes! Religion is NOT of God. Jesus DID NOT DIE to establish a religion. All religions have changed. God NEVER changes.I do not have a church denomination. I am a Christian!

How To Lose Your Salvation
lisa, your language skills have really improved over the last year or so. Constant writing does help, but I can still spot when you copy from your books.
lisa's writing is dramatically different from the theologians that you never give any credit.

Once Saved Always Saved
oooooohh, the bold text, the ruffled feathers, and we see the essence of lisa.

Once Saved Always Saved
"Andrea, people are tired of hearing about this topic over and over. I understand that perfectly well myself."

No mark, you really have no idea how tired people are. People are tired of your interpretations, because you're the only one giving them.

Once Saved Always Saved
You used my name repeatedly, lisa.
It was exactly at this type of moment that you told all of us, I must go, it's hurting me far too much. You said your artificial goodbyes and came back immediately as mark.
You've been mark, along with a few other names thrown in for spice and variety.

Once Saved Always Saved
lisa, of course, it's startling for you. How dare some of us figure you out. After all, you're speaking on God's behalf. But here's a clue, when you copy your words from other books, they are not your words. It's dishonest. Now go ahead and lie through your teeth, I'm mark, I've never been anything but mark. There are many here who do exactly the same thing.

Once Saved Always Saved
Yes, you've used many names and deny it. You post very judgmental, critical, personal insults with your other names when we disagree with you.
You did it to me, you used my name, and you continue to do so.
So save your goodie two shoe, polly pure stance for mark and I see your real self in your other names. I see the essence of lisa through your other names.
You'll probably give us another goodbye, and come back as another man with a lower case initial, like duane. I give it 2 min.

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