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Are We Living In The End-Times
just read some of the blogs on this site ... so much opposing to God's truth. many do not want to obey yet say they worship God...families today against each other and so much more...we definitely are in the last days. Lord come Jesus...I cant wait...

Good Version Of The Bible
Lee, I have read your blogs on this issue and we dont even know if your true. easy to say this and that yet no proof. I have used KJV for many years and have found it to be truth n easier 2 follow. I know u r anti SDA teachings, who are you to say what is truth? They SDAs seem 2 give out very humble biblical answers, where u r arrogant and so insulting of others teachings. sure wont follow u absolute.

Angels Demand Head Covering
I said b4 women wear hats to church in my country however, hats were only introduced by the missionary women as part of their attire so in fact, to me not a head covering. Yes, we must be like the respectful Muslim women who respectfully follow scripture and so must we..

God's Will For Your Life
to have the hope that burns within my heart, Hope in the coming of the Lord and that I be ready along with friends and family.

How Often Should We Repent
We are to repent everytime we are wrong or do wrong and everyday. His blood washes our sins but that does not mean for good. That is why we need to repent daily as Paul said he die daily...We are still stained with sin till Christ return when He will change us b4 heaven bound...God dont want a sinner in heaven and just think, a brand spanking new you

What Is The Christmas Story
absolutely Rev Herb..absolutely..and it spells sad times for many poor family, many poor wives who gets beaten up, women raped, etc etc etc. It is a sad day. Not Christs birth..He brings glory to His people, not sadness..the wickeds are the ones who enjoy it.

Good Version Of The Bible
KJV I use and stick by it..NIV is full of errors: note: 1Cor11:24NIV This is my body which is for you. KJVThis is my body which is broken for you.Mat27:4NIVinnocent blood:KJVthe innocent blood.(Jesus is the only one with innocent blood)Eph5:9NIVfruit of light KJVfruit of spirit. some say KJV hard to understand. compare with n/t KJV more easier and makes sense in its wording.

Christians Embrace All Religions
Only if they go strictly according to the bible and the bible deleting here and adding here to the Word...

Once Saved Always Saved
according to my KJV bible, OSAS is false preaching. Take a look at 1Cor15:51-54 where we will be changed b4 we go to heaven.V53,54 says our corruptible bodies will be made incorruptible. Why when you say OSAS. Are you then saying God is wrong here? I rather go by scripture dear...THanks Tim. I love your replies. Spot on.

Which Day Is The Day To Worship
there you go again Lee quoting the ceremonial laws of Moses. You stil lhavent got it right brother. Read from the 2 texts b4 what you quoted to find out what it is about b4 u conclude and give the wrong answer. Goodness, you need 2 study more.

Angels Demand Head Covering
1Cor11:1-16 This is very interesting since Muslim women cover their heads in respect of God and their husbands as the bible says here. They are more respectful than we are of God and of our husbands. Again here we are disobedient just as we are to the 10 laws of God. Do we have a choice? Yes we do, To Be Obedient, Or Not To Be. I prefer to obey. In my country, all women wear hats to church.If you didnt, you surely feel out of place and disobedient to the Word.

Meaning Of 10 Commandments
pharisee...observing 2 out of love:..Jesus was admonishing His disciples to love one another John15:12... it was not a commandment as the 10 commandments that some bloggers frequently use as a base 4 their arguement against the 10 Laws of God. Infact go back to V10 of John15 where He said:If ye keep my commands, ye shall abide in my love, even as I have kept "MY FATHERS COMMANDMENTS AND ABIDE IN HIS LOVE" John14:15 "If u love me, keep my commandments" Didnt say reject it but KEEP.

Which Day Is The Day To Worship
Lee, what u just blogged does not mean God said eat the unclean things? Your saying it. God clearly states whats to be and whats not to be eaten. Be obedient to God. This is where you err a lot brother. You believe in man's wrong teachings. I know so many who are continuously sick thru eating such unclean things. Study more brother study more...we will pray for you heaps...

Is Jimmy Swaggart A Christian
Craige, I have to agree with you 100%. Some on this blog are so ready to push down anyone who makes the smallest of mistake. Holier than thou type and they are still continuing this trend I sometimes wonder if this is a christian blog site. some are just down right hypocrites themselves.

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