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Did Judas Go To Heaven
I have answered this question once, here, but I will share with you too. No, I do not believe Judas went to heaven, although he 'Rightly" felt bad for his deeds against the LORD JESUS...he DID NOT REPENT. That is where it lies. I am sure JESUS would have forgiven him had he repented, or the father would have forgiven him, but because HE did not repent, that we know of, there is no forgiveness of sins without repentence. So I am sure he is not in heaven. Pray for me also. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Divorce For Abandonment
Abandonment is the breaking of the marriage covenant. According to 1 Cor 7:15 Paul (an inspired writer for God) seems to indicate that abandonment by an unbelieving spouse gives the one who was abandoned "permission" for divorce. Due to my marriage covenenant being broken (emotional abandonment) I left my husband, he immediately filed for divorce, but then we agreed to attempt reconciliaiton. Over three years later and my full remorse and repentence, we agreed to dismiss the divorce case, but my husband refuses to reunite to try to work things out. Even though I was the one who originally left, I consider that he has now abandoned me and our marriage, and I am seeking God's blessings to proceed with a divorce at this time.

Divorce Abusive Husband
Just think what the abuse is doing to your children. If your husband won't love and protect them, it is YOUR job to take care of them. Being in a two parent family is not more important than protecting them from abuse. They will be damaged. It might be hard to start over, but in the long run they will be learning that you stood up for them, and tried to help protect them.

Slain In The Spirit Biblical
The result of someone being "slain in the Spirit" is the overwhelming presence of God's Holy Spirit physically upon that person's body, hence the term "slain in the Spirit". There are equally nonmentioned things in the Bible, but we have no problem believing them(ie. brain surgery, modern technology, finding of chemicals we are well acquainted with today)

Am I Praying Too Much
ljt, funny you should say that.
Are you a psychiatrist by chance? Or somewhere in the field of psychology.

Christians Embrace All Religions
I am glad that you are firmly established in your faith. I'm not a good debater, but you are doing great. Hang in there if that's what you like to do. You're in my prayers as you persevere with IamI.

IamI-Lisa is right on.

Christians Embrace All Religions
I don't have much time for blogging, so I hope you don't mind when I jump in now and then. Perfection cannot be attained in this life. Believers will be glorified and become like Christ when he returns (Romans). Christians are not perfect, they are declared perfect. Jesus' righteousness is credited to us and our unrighteousness was paid in full-His crucifixion. Christians mature, there is no choice, like a baby grows. Born of the Spirit, we follow him. He is faithful to sanctify his own.

Does God Let The Devil Kill
God let Cain kill Abel, though God urged him to repent of his anger. Job's family was killed by Satan. Ultimately, Jesus was killed and Satan thought he won. But God allowed it, predestined it for the salvation of all who would believe. But don't stop there. Resurrection is God's big thing. Satan may kill, but God alone is the giver and taker of life, ultimately having power to resurrect.

Christians Embrace All Religions
Hello, IamI, Lisa, and Craige.
I have read almost all of the conversation since IamI asked me to contribute to the discussion on sin and I am exhausted. IamI, there's no way I can be part of this. It's just too long. That said, here's my analysis...

Christians Embrace All Religions
Lisa and Craige have the Truth. You do not. And the bottom line is sin. You are proud of your knowledge and love for people. You are not humble and faith in Jesus Christ requires humility. Sin is not only disobedience to God, but much more deeply a hatred of Him, a rebellion against Him. You refuse to believe Jesus' words about you. I dont think Ill continue with this. Take care.

Sabbath Keeping Done Away
Gina and Tom
I am in over my head with this debate. Please pardon me for stirring up something I cannot make clear. But, I can say with confidence that my salvation is sure. I stand on Jesus and the accomplished work on the cross for my righteouness before God. All obedience that follows is His work in me, which I submit to and strive for. May God continue to give you His mind in all matters, and may your love deepen in every way.

How Did You Get Saved
My salvation came through a process of revelations: 1st -my life was a mess, 2nd -Jesus did claim to be God and was crucified for that claim, 3rd -His love is supreme and He can be followed, 4th -I realized that I was a sinner. This final step humbled me to my knees where I prayed to accept God's gift of salvation. I felt exhilarated and frightened by the newness of Gods presence, confident of His love, and hungry to know and serve Him.

Sabbath Keeping Done Away
Jesus does not instruct us to keep the Sabbath. People like you do. You lay a burden on people that the Spirit does not. God's will is not obscure. He is clear, and if He had wanted people to become like Jesus in His Jewishness, He would have said so. With all of this Sabbath-enforcing, do you really find yourself becoming more like Jesus in His attitudes and actions towards people?

I Got Saved Reading These Blogs
Kelly! God loves you and you are His daughter! If you ever feel alone, know that you are not anymore. God's Spirit lives inside you and God's people are your family. All of us who believe are rejoicing over you. Suggestions: try BSF an indepth interdenominational Bible study, give up sin as the Holy Spirit convicts you, seek and give forgiveness, persevere!!!

How To Hear God's Voice
My heart does go out to you. I find that may greatest confidence and comfort comes when I trust God fully to do whatever He deems best, even when persevering through tremendous pain. My faith is in Him to keep His Word, Scripture as it is. I encourage you to read your Bible often to learn more about God's character and promises. True Knowledge will get you through anything. God Bless.

How To Hear God's Voice
You're right, God doesn't lead me by signs, nor do I look for them. Your type of experience is one that I only know about through friends and family. As I consider your blogs, I think that we are very different parts of Christ's Body. I bet you are describing the "head of the elephant" and I am describing the "tail". But both are the elephant. I value your sharing and trust the Spirit's working in you too. God bless you.

How To Hear God's Voice
My prayer would be:
Father, I love (Adam). I will be faithful to wait on him until you either make us one or change the situation. No matter what happens, God, I know you love me and will do what is best for me: either singleness or marriage. While I wait I will serve you whole-heartedly. I ache for (Adam), but you alone are my True Love and you alone can satisfy my deepest needs. Keep me from being distracted, and comfort me.

Heavenbound For Faith And Works
We go to heaven if we are righteous.
Abraham was declared righteous because of his faith. It is by faith in Jesus Christ that we are declared righteous and are saved.
"You can get to heaven on faith, but your good works will determine if you get to stay." Wrong. Your works reveal if you really have faith. Faith both saves you and keeps you. Works flow out of faith. If we have time, we will increase in Christ-likeness (works).

Are There Any Christians Left
Yes! You and a lot of us are still in the battle for souls, befriending our neighbors and children's classmates and teachers, praying and looking for opportunities to speak the gospel. Oh, and there are no Christians following Satan. Christians are filled with the Holy Spirit and cannot serve any other master but Him. If the Holy Spirit is not master then the person is not a Christian.

How To Hear God's Voice
Kay's advice seems to me to be that if you are praying sincerely, seeing the guy's name everywhere and feel peace about your emotions, then you are in God's will and the man on your heart is your promised husband from God. Many women have followed this format and have been wrong, though they believed their men were promised from God. If God had promised those men, then either God broke His promise or the women were wrong. Signs are not promises.

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