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Doctrine Of Salvation
Good explanation I would add support with:

Jesus said,
"If you love Me keep My commandments."

This Is The Whining Blog
I've read rotten comments towards the Moderator printed when biblical comments are not printed with scripture.
I've read the most un-Christ-like replies printed while thoughtful, scriptural answers are deleted. It leads to resentment and the daily reminder to use Christ-like replies is barely noticed when mean, cruel answers are allowed.

This Is The Whining Blog
There needs to be changes. When bloggers can make false allegations towards other bloggers they cannot stand to get them removed. That's wrong, it's deceitful and wicked.

So let's have one blog without names, no cruel comments and see where the discussion goes.

This Is The Whining Blog
People have figured out that by rapidly changing names, they can keep dancing.
And that's exactly what's happening. There's only a handful of bloggers on here using so many names. We've all figured it out the game. So let's stop all of this resentment, one blog with no names allowed, no cruelty - Moderator Tear This Wall Down.

This Is The Whining Blog
Favoritism towards any blogger fosters resentment. We all know that the game goes beyond the blogs but behind the scenes blogger who want all opposition removed, use our names or write to the Moderator to strongly complain. We know it works, because many names are never heard from again.
This needs to be stopped. It's a wicked game of controlling the blogs.

This Is The Whining Blog
Moderator, I have a suggestion.
Instead of a whining blog, how about a free for all blog. One blog where everyone can let everyone have it without any foul language. One blog where there is no moderation. Let everyone tell each other what they really think, get it out of their systems. I think it would be the most popular blog on the blogs.

This Is The Whining Blog
One blog, without moderation where the bloggers cannot strike out too personally but about whatever they want without foul language. No "Tourettes Syndrome" let it rip offensive words, but "True Sentiments".

This Is The Whining Blog
One blog where we can let it all hang out about what we think about 85 words or less.
What we think about bloggers that use multiple names.
What we think about various doctrines without being censored.

This Is The Whining Blog
Here's a suggestion for that one blog where others can say what they really think. No names allowed as first names. Use dashes or dots, no names. It would take the personal attack out of the picture. One blog, a free for all discussion about anything. Any religion, all thoughts, no foul language.
It would be very freeing and might stop the resentment that has built up over the years.

This Is The Whining Blog
The reason we don't see a continuation of good Christian Christ-like replies is because we know what each other believes and thinks, regardless of how many names a person uses. All of those names are meaningless because we know what they really think.
Let's have a blog with no names for a discussion about wherever the bloggers take it. No mean hearted, mean spirited taking each other's names and writing judgmental, highly critical answers.

Great Falling Away Close
Why don't you pray for her frances?
If you're led to pray for so.
People who believe in the new age or who believe in alternative theories...seldom have their mindsets changed, especially when there are large sums of money involved.
It's easier for a camel...than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Friends Stop Emailing Me
One person's sense of another person's sense of caustic blather, foaming at the mouth.
It is better to show yourself friendly than try to force jokes down their throats which are neither funny or edifying.

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