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Can Cousins Marry Each Other
Numbers 36:11

For Mahlah, Tirzah, and Hoglah, and Milcah, and Noah, the daughters of Zelophehad, were married unto their father's brothers' sons...

Does Jesus Forgive Everything
As a child, hearing adults around me blasphemy, I imitated, not knowing it was wrong. The only reference I can find in the bible for this states that this is an unforgivable sin. Guess my fate is that I was lost before I was found. Its so depressing thinking of where I will end up for eternity..

We Must Share ChristiaNet Computer
We do have more than one computer but we shared dial-up connection. Their was a little conflict until we got DSL.

Am I Praying Too Much
ljt, keep up the good work.

Do Angels Give New Scriptures
How do you know that one of us is not an angel?

What's Up #15
Ok Madison, I'm still praying. May the Lord be glorified in your healing. Don't forget to praise Him regularly. He likes that. God bless you abundantly!

Problem Believing In God
John, you have a lot of advice here and with all that's said, it comes down to you. It's your call. Do you believe in God?

What Did You Give Jesus
Martin, I am sorry for your loss. It must not be easy by any means, regardless of what your intentions. May the Lord comfort you and give you His strength and grace.
As far as the question, I did not give Jesus any new or special gift this year. No sacrifice. We are poor and I lost my job and I am not in the best of health. I did give Jesus one thing though, I gave him my obedience.

Pastors Wife Goes To Other Church
I know hard it can be if your wife does attend a church you as minister do not attend... and how it is if your wife does not recognize your ministry...
I believe in both grace as freedom.
we can handle this by letting other leaders speak in our lives, being in relation and under correction.. but it can still be that the situation stays as it is. This should not surprise us as we look at for example Matth 10

We Must Share ChristiaNet Computer
We do have more than one computer but we shared dial-up connection. Their was a little conflict until we got DSL.

Legally Make My Son Leave
Has your son behave like this before dad left for Iraq or did start after dad left? Just a thought, if it started after dad left, it may have to do with dad not being there. Or he is confused or not sure of himself...not stupid but young and inexperienced in life.

Why Was The Apocrypha Removed
Ps.. I never asked for anyone to trust me or not, hello !. I just wanted a simple answer, Only God is to be trusted.

Why Was The Apocrypha Removed
I guess I have no good right words to tell my friend who is muslim about what I meant about my question, I will ask my pastor at church how I can talk with a muslim on how the bible we have is thr only word from God. Thanks anyway, and God be with you all.

Why Was The Apocrypha Removed
I apologize if I didn't explain myself better before, but I refuse to have people turn my words against me and say I'm for satan, only God knows where my heart is and for sure it is with God. I had a good reason for my question, it was for someone help me with words so I can help another come to the Lord.

Why Was The Apocrypha Removed
Jeff, I do not live for satan.. I just wanted someone to help me find a good answer so I can prove to a muslim friend that he is wrong, and My Bible of 66 books is right and only word of do not judge me when you do not know all the facts. Pete, I do not have to give my name, And I did not start any trouble..I just wanted something, anything to prove my friend is wrong cause im not very good in words so I was looking for someone to give me words. I Am a christian who fears and loves God.

Why Was The Apocrypha Removed
I wish you christians if you say you are would stop critizing each other replies and just answer the question with your own opnion. Can anyone give the prof or an example of why the apocryha wasn't considered word of God or inspired from God.

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