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Was Mary Free Of Sin
Hi, Nicole!

I'm sorry but you totally lost me.

I was discussing the fact that the Bible says Jesus is sinless but it doesn't say anywhere that Mary was as far as I can find.

I don't follow your last post. I don't see what it has to do with what was being discussed.

Can Christians Have Depression
Hi, Nicole!

I agree with your post here!

That's a comforting and reassuring thought.

Was Mary Free Of Sin
My only desire is to search the Scriptures to see whether these things are so.

My friend, if Mary was different than any other human being can you please give Scripture for it, Nicole?

I believe we agree that Scripture specifically says Jesus is without sin, is one with the Father and was conceived of the Holy Ghost (Hebrews 4:14-15, 2 Corinthians 5:21, John 10:30,37-38, Matthew 1:20-25).

But I can't find any place in Scripture where anything even similar is said of Mary.
If Mary was different than other humans wouldn't Scripture have shown us that very plainly? It leaves no doubt concerning Jesus, if we believe the Scriptures.

Can Christians Have Depression
// "Leon ...Everything you said is right on. ...And also your solution is right on."
---Luke on 12/4/15 //

// "Praise God Luke! Everything we need to know & "do" is plainly written in God's word, the Bible."
---Leon on 12/5/15 //


Planned Parenthood Colorado
A true pro-lifer would not commit murders to stop murder. It's doing the very thing we're trying to stop from happening.

I think something must have happened to him to make him mad at them (perhaps with his daughter?) and he lost his sensible rational. That is totally reading between the lines though since no one knows.

However, we will probably never really know for sure because we will only ever know what the media tells us.

Ban Divorce
Sorry. That was meant for a different blog discussion. Ooops. :/

Ban Divorce
Personally, I'm surprised that a Muslim would date or marry a Christian since the Christians are their bona fide enemies according to the Koran per testimony of converted ex-Muslims.

Sow The Uncommon Seed
I ask this kindly and not to condemn.

For can't we question things since the truth doesnt have to be hid and is never afraid of being brought to the light for those who truly have an open heart toward God?

... Doesn't Satan sometimes do all he can to pervert those who are in the way of truth to distort the tesistmony of the true light in order to turn people away from the truth that will set them free?

But what does he need to do against error? He already has those people where he wants them.

What Is The Church
Jerry. Amen. Thank God so much for His mercy! The thought of His mercy seat and the ten commandments is something I had never thought of. Thank you for sharing that.

Blessing If You Win At Gambling
Really, anybody can justify anything if they want it to be okay. One can use Scripture to justify just about anything.

God gave us a conscience. We'll have to give an account to HIM one day. If deep down in a person's heart they honestly know it's okay, that's between them and God.

As for me, I know that personally, I can't be involved in such things with a clear conscience before God. Even if I like it or would fit in with the rest of Christiandom better if I did think it was ok, if I want to please God, I know that for myself this isn't an issue for discussion between myself and Him.

So I'd have to agree with Gordon.

As far as the lot in Bible times, that had nothing to do with money.

Blessings to all.

What Is The Church
God knows and will judge justly ... Not by human reasoning. He is far beyond our comprehension yet He loves us with an everlasting love.

I don't know how it works. God does, and He will only do what's right.

Romans 1:20 does say, "For the invisible things of Him (God) from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse."

Yet, we know from Scripture, that because He is God, He will never let anyone go to eternal death unjustly. He loves all people and doesn't want anyone to perish even more than any of us could so we know He'll do what's right.

Condemned The Crusades
I agree, wisdom is paramount.

That includes making sure we are not just taking in a Trojan horse under the guise of refugees. But to me that is totally different from the crusades.

" ye wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." (Matthew 10:16a).

I believe the mission of the Christian is to spread the Gospel, sharing Christ's love.

I believe most would agree that we want to help those who are genuine refugees and provide hope and shelter for them.

If they're not though, I wonder what would happen if the majority of Christians would follow the teaching of Scripture and show them sincere love and bless them and do all the good that we possibly can for them? (Matthew 5:43-46 and Luke 6:27-36.)

Blessing If You Win At Gambling
StongAx, you do very well at explaining. I do still disagree with the finer points. Athough I do believe that there are mental illnesses, I don't believe that habits we indulge in and thereby allow to consume us and take control of us can be labelled mental illnesses. I understand what you're saying though and thanks for explaining it.

Blessing If You Win At Gambling
As far as the whole obsession and mental illness issue I have two points in my crazy opinion. :)
1) Why are people so obsessed with relating any kind of compulsive obsession or habit to a mental illness? Doesn't that say something about their own mental state?
2) instead of calling every compulsive behavior a mental illness couldn't addiction be more appropriately called the fallen human nature?
P.S. Hmmm... I guess I need to watch out with my blogging because it could become an obsession. Seriously. I guess I'll leave you all in peace for now. :) Have an awesome afternoon!

Condemned The Crusades
Cluny, I fail to see how my statement, "I'm ready to die. They're not" shows that I don't know anything about Islam. I realize that they believe they will be rewarded in the next life if they kill the infidels and die fighting for the cause of Allah. However, they are not truly ready to die because they are not saved by the blood of Jesus and are yet in their sins. They can only be truly ready to die when they repent and turn to Christ for cleansing and salvation just like the rest of us must in order to be ready to die.

Blessing If You Win At Gambling
What's the point of gambling, really? What is at the root of it all? Isn't it selfishness and greed in all honesty? If someone does it simply for entertainment I wonder at it because there's a lot more productive ways to entertain oneself that don't feed the lusts of the flesh. It used to be socially unacceptable and considered the poor and foolish man's play. But of course, we, in our modern world of progress have found that sin is relative and there are no absolutes to tell us anything is proper or improper or that having higher standards for morals and daily living is any better than jungle life. Please forgive me. I just don't understand why these things are even an issue for discussion among Christians, but times have certainly changed.

Condemned The Crusades
Correction: my last post was supposed to say, "they need Jesus and His love" not "live". Sorry about that. I'm not saying we should never defend ourselves ... But I don't think the answer is to kill and destroy the lives if people that Jesus came to save. Blessings to all in Christ. Shalom.

What Is The Church
I believe Scripture teaches that all those who believe in Jesus for salvation are the Church, no matter what day we choose to worship on.
And in reply to john1944, on the cross Jesus said,"It is finished." God also says that "the wages of sin is death." Jesus paid the penalty for our sins in full but if we reject His payment then we have to pay for it ourselves ... eternal death ... it's up to us which we prefer.

Remarry If Commit Adultery
According to Matthew 19:9 and Mark 10:8-9,11-12 the man also commits adultery if he remarries.
Also, a little bit of research reveals that Scripture was written by those of Jewish decent (Israelites from the lineage of Abraham) and the NT was written by Jews as well .. Ones who knew the Messiah had come.
Jesus was a Jew. He was born into the line of David as foretold in the prophets and the lineage of Judah is also from the line of Abraham, the father of the Jews. See Matthew 1:1-17 and 2:1-2 and also Romans 11:1-31.

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