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Will Not Forget The Past
The key word "Say"

Say is meaningless

Your actions will speak louder than words. If YOU really love this person you will know that wounds take time to heal..

what you say mean nothing.
what you DO is everything.

"p.s. It not greener on the other side. The grass need to get mowed there too.

Wild Dancing Jumping Church
Being raised pentecostal I have seen it all but quite frankly It isn't how loud you worship God its the sincerity of your heart. I would love to hear the word of God from the preacher so it someone crosses the line and is disorderly I cant hear the word. One example would be someone hitting for floor with their fists (that hysteria) not the spirit.

You can discern the spirits and God spirit can be fire but sometimes it is a soft gentle spirit.

I've seen people jumping and whistling up and down the aisle. I personally can feel when its emotion or the holy ghost.
So you are right and always discern the spirits because not everyone who say the know GOD is an actual christian. hope that helps

Don't Want To Go To Church
I totally understand your hurt, but they would the exact thing in a regular school.

They did not respond in a loving perhaps joking way, but rather blunt and that is what hurt you feelings. Christians really need to take a 101 how to talk to others.
They can be at times the worst communicators in the world.

Give Tithes To Neighbor
First of all what you do with your money is your business. Period... If you see someone in need wouldn't it be the christian thing to feed or clothe someone in need? Isn't that what Jesus would do?
The answer to your question do it..Don't get bogged down by what PEOPLE think is political correct. You know someone is hurting help them by all means.

I Can't Forgive Myself
Sometimes as Humans we are not capable of forgiving ourselves.
But you know what it doesnt matter.

What does matter is GOD can, will, and is able to forgive.
Even though your sins are red as scarlett he will turn you white as snow.

God is not a man that he should lie. Trust in his power not yours. Rest at night knowing that is your turn away from your sin and you are remorseful and ask Jesus to forgive you ..then you are free from your bondage and torment of self unforgiveness.
ANYONE who crys out to Jesus he will hear. Remember that..

Obligations To Husband
blogger get over it. Nobody cares about your political correct stance and how society percieves this. The woman is desperate for help. It's probably not even her real name or better to mask herself.
Our we true christians or what? should we turn the other way and ignore her cry?
I think the only reason in a marriage to leave is adultry or abuse. SO I dont know what she is going thru but speak to a women's advocate I am sure there is some in your local town.
Good luck to you and keep asking for help because you will get it.

Spank 14 Year Old Niece
Spanking does absolutely nothing for 14 year old.
Unplug the computer and block there are ways you can do it.

I understand you are upset but the solution is not spanking.

Wife Is Verbally Abusive is your problem.
I think she is burnout from the twins and when she gets sleep nobody better wake her period.

She is a sleeping giant don't wake up. Make a special time for both of you to go and out for a nice dinner, movie ect.
get a baby sitter (Family is great)

Quite honest words like stupid, idiot even though are not cuss words are still derogatory words and hurt very much. Fent up angry can manifest itself later. You need a quiet place to talk every week. I can image how tiring it most be to have twins who are a joy but take alot of you.

Good luck hope these points help

Backslidding Testimonials
not sure for how long i've backslidded, 4, 5 years? i'm just very very grateful that He's never forgotten about me, He's always there waiting for me to turn. and when i dont, He brings me right back home. The gate surely is narrow, but neither death nor life, neither angels or demons, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God!! Once you've tasted His grace, there is no turning back. the only reason for backslidding is really not knowing the love of our God.

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