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Orthodox Celebrate Christmas
Nothing wrong with celebrating Christmas is you keep Jesus the focus of the celebration, and keep Santa Claus=666 out. If you can find the fruit of the apple, you can learn more.

Should Churches Be Taxed
Jesus sets the example for us, he paid taxes for his Church, and taught them to render unto Cesar that which belonged to Cesar, a Corporate=666 Church set up to avoid taxes, would offend the State if they speak out against it, they avoid taxes to buy, sell, and trade, they receive a mark=666

What Is A True Christian
The true Christian knows whose name is in the White Stone of Rev: 2 Vs. 17, and that he cannot stand before GOD with a flesh man name=666. If you need to know more visit my new Web site. Since the web site does not care for another Christians web site I cannot help you more.

How Long To Build The Ark
The 120 Jubilee years x 50 = 6000 years. No more chance to be saved after this period ends, and it may have already ended, but I believe there are a few years left. The Shadow of this is no one over the age of twenty could enter the promise land in exodus.

Elect Chosen For Salvation
The Elect are the 144,000 first born the very good=666, Israel of GOD=666,anyone claiming to be Gentile, Jew, are Israel after the Resurrection of Jesus are the moreover=666. Find fruit of the apple tree the apples are free you pick.

Minister Owes An Apology
No he does not she has one day a year set aside for her. It says a fool says there is no GOD, her is April Fools Day.

Does God Love Everyone Same
Jesus speaks a lot about, that other Disciple who he loved, that other Disciple is the Church, the Apple of his eye.

Free Will With Predestination
The predestination of the Gentiles as a people to share salvation equally with the Jews, was one of the great mysteries of GOD. If you could speak with Eve she would tell you she exercised her freewill, and ate of the forbidden tree, and had to find a new home.

Explain 2 Chronicles 7:14
Those who call themselves Israel in the world is just that, of the world and not of God. the Israel of God=666 = very good is the 144,000 chosen, those who claim to be Israel today are moreover=666 the chosen amount of 144,000 unless they are born again, Jesus said it best when he told them their father was the devil. God said he who worships, in spirit, and truth are the Israel of God. In short the Israel of is of the heart not of the world.

How To Become Saved
Love your Bible, with all your mind and heart, it is the WORD. If you do this in truth and in spirit. God will open your eves and show you the new name in the white stone, and who and what the mark of the beast is.

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