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Jewish Temple To Be Rebuilt
Mrs Morgan: Yes I am adventist and Yes, the Bible says in Rev 20:24 that Christ will reign with the saved for a thousand years..We SDAs didnt say it, but the it dear..everything we say is biblical..Amen

Are Adventist A Cult
Lee..circumcision means to have one cleanse from sins...AND IT IS NOT A SIGN OF THE OLD COVEANT 4 u still need to repent everyday. goodness, u sound like a jesuite.

Are Adventist A Cult
Kay, I dont think u should make fun of God's word by refering it as given to cows also..Let me ask u this..ARe u a faithful christian as the sdas?u must be one of the cows then u so refer prior and so out of your mind to talk as such. Grow up sister.there r new christians using this site also n your stupid snipe at the sdas shows your pea brain self.

Are Adventist A Cult
kay, u only been christian only 12 years n u think u know it all? New Covenant? What about the Old Covenant? Did God say we reject OT? Did u not know that Christ is the Word John1:1,2? It didnt say just part of it. He is the Word, all of it.. NT & OT. It is all about Him. The very reason why we r studying Him n following His ways..Whose ways r u following sister? R U using only His legs or torso?Study, and study well sister. Dont be a hypocrite like brother Lee

Is The Soul Immortal
I am still confused. We have the Body, the Soul, the Breath. We have the body/house that perishes, the Soul which is the life that lives in the house, the Breath that enables the life in the house to be a living I right?

Is The Soul Immortal
so someone please explain to me. Is the soul what makes the body alive and there4 activates its movements? When it dies, then what happens to it. I know the breath which God breathed into our bodies goes right back to the giver. So what actually is the soul, it seems we r not happy with biblical answers..or is it my wrong interpretations

Catholic and Protestant Marriage
God created us all in His very image and if He wants you to marry a Catholic or Methodist, He will put it in your heart to do so cos He has a purpose there 4u 2 do so. You could be a witness to her/him n they could b thinking u r the one in darkness. Lets not judge friends. There r many good Cs n Ms out there.

Joel Osteen's Lakeway Church
Donna, God has a purpose for everyone who are very busy doing His work. We all are great at criticizing n judging others yet we sit back and do nothing for God. Or r u? Joel gives me positive feed back and encourages me to go forward, not backwards. Be kind 2 hard workers..

Offended By Women Pastors
some women preachers do it well yet when u consult the scripture, it says they should not assume a man's position. I dont agree with them preaching. Read James and it only talks about men doing this work and not women. Some women like equality yet when somethings r hard to do, they ask 4 mens help. Eve sinned n tempted Adam to do as well. Women of 2day r very defiant in their ways. If were short of preachers, God will definitely c that we get one..have faith in Him.

Jewish Temple To Be Rebuilt
why would God want this earthly temple to be rebuilt when Hes coming back to take us all home? It is us this is talking about. Our bodies the temple of the H/S need to be right with God, we need to have our oil inour lamps ready 4 the bridegroom. Not some earthly temple that is not required?

Can Women Be Used Of God
Yes, women can be used of God in His own way not ours..they can receive revelation knowlege of scriptures, just as men would but not to usurp mens position. women n mens spiritual calling are both important and of cause they both are in God's plans only differently. men have their talents n women theirs.

Jewish Or Christian
Jesus gave a new covenant and that is to Love one another of which is the base of the whole 10 Moral Laws. From Genesis 2 Revlation it talks about love n the law. If you Love God, u will gladly obey His 10 Moral Laws which some adamantly say is obsolete. Which means we can do evil if we want. Which means, they dont love but hate it seems.

Is The Soul Immortal
THE SOUL IS IMMORTAL. I am going by bible reference and if you readEx46:18 Jacobs family numbering 18 souls. Lev4:21 AND IF A SOUL TOUCH ANY UNCLEAN THING. This soul is seen in action.Does it mean the soul is the life in the person that makes the body to activate this action?

Is The Soul Immortal
Absolutly Emcee, soul is human body that perishes when dead. breath or spirit is what God breathed into our bodies to make it a living soul. It is the spirit or breath that goes back to God.

Remarry If Left First Spouse
Becos God said "Till death do us part" not when u want to. Remember, God instituted the first marriage at Eden with Adam n Eve and doing what u want 2do is a sin. You commit wrong. Thous shalt not commit adultery. So get that idea out of your mind and stay and improve the marrieage. You could be at fault.

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