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Third Jewish Temple Being Built
hi im here just wondering how this works here

What Is A Pentecostal
exczuchu i dont understand what u are saying the bible says

2.WITCH MEANS jesus was the lord they evan called him that so if he jesus was the lord and it is written the lord youre god is 1 jesus was god dwelling amoung men to teach us something we lost in genesis what did we lose word power athority guess what its back but we are to ignorant to see or understand

What Is A Pentecostal
mike m god is not 3 in one the lord youre god is one jesus was god the holy spirit is the word speach shall i say and the son of god is us psalm 82 verse 6 if we call god oure father are we not his children ?

lastly evan paul had the denomination problems in his time and told us to be carefull and aware dont be deceived brothers

Why Pray For The Sick
queen show me one verse in the bible jesus prayed for a healing i havent found it give me scripture the only times i read about jesus healings was by the word command prove me wrong i never heard him asking god to heal the sick but read about him saying i command u open youre eyes so on il be waiting for youre reply

What Is A Pentecostal
i see no one has aded to this blog i well still say denominations dont belong to god but man lets wake up unite

What Is A Spirit And A Soul
frank i would have to say a soul is not imortal in genesis 3 this is one of the first lie satan told us 2. john 3-16 frank eternal life is a gift from god the sinners well die death (romans 6-23 ) eternal life a gift if im wrong show me scipture only frank u are jealouse for scripture u no my weakneses but i no youres lets help ech other

Someone Propecied For Me
someone prophiseid over me 9 years ago a christian women she told me i was going to have a kid i didint beleve her but couldent shake it off i never asked her to do this she just walked up to me my wife pregnant now but 1 moth before she asked me if god said i was going to have a kid i tried to tell her no but it was like my mouth wouldent spit out those words in my thoughts her words came to mind still cant explain it

Someone Propecied For Me
but 3 hours earlier i walked up to her with a american penny and said what does this say i didint evan no why i did it but aparently she neded that anser IN GOD WE TRUST it lifted her up her husband died and she wonderd if he was in heaven .

Can You Explain My Dream
JOEY youre dream here it is
buildings with no dores or windows interpatation no human power organization or science can anser the questions you seek for u are seeking great guidance in life with no ansers dark faces in youre dream u wont except the false ansers you encounter from peaple nowing they are wrong darkness is so no truth keep going seams comming to christian site is a start u no where to find youre ansers only from god (those who god gave power to remember turn to christ trust him only

What Is A Pentecostal
there is only one diffrence peaple

gods peaple belong to him jesus jesus only

there rest are lost in there own assumtions

denomination means :to describe religious groups

i thought we where bought for jesus meaning

just jesus ???

i guess i dont understand why peaple claim they belong to denomonations i just dont get it

How Do You Die To Self
when jesus told them those who want to follow me must pick up there cross rightdo u think he was saying to act like him talk like him so on the reason they crucified him was becuse he claimed to be god equal with god shouldent we? i beleve we should as sons of god psalm 86 verse 2

Why Pray For The Sick
MARK why did u say (I have belonged to a Pentacostal Church ) i thought u belong to jesus???that is the problem on why we dont all have gods full word command athority so on

denomination denominations?
we are supose to be UNITED AS ONE NOT 100 man made assumtions i think i beleve
we should all be ashamed turn back unite repent
and belong to jesus not baptise roman catholic Pentacostal evangelical so on
what ever happend to jesus? belongign to him and him only .

Holy Spirit Is Gone
the holy spirit stays until we are moved and we are going no where we shall inherit the earth the holy spirit is GODs spoken word

Why Pray For The Sick
1.mark; i am not saying u must have a mountain full of faith jesus said faith as small as a mustard seed well move mountains.benny hin excepting money for healings is wrong he should be ashamed of himself if thats what he does WOE ON TO HIM .i also have had peaple die with my prayers BUT i was praying like this please god heal them only u can. i learned recently is go up to the sick face to face COMMAND THE SICKNESS TO LEAVE if it takes u 20 min repeating youreself do it thats the faith jesus talks about

Why Pray For The Sick
2.i no what it feals like loosing famaly i went through it.Can i ask u something picture youreself going to doctor with the flue ok (please doctor heal me he me please only u can )u can plead with him but only way u gonna get healed is by thank u doctor for this penaciline i take it from youre hand now u have the power youre hand over the bottle take pill now in youre hand u place pill in youre mouth healed)you have final say well u take the pill with youre power of youre hand?

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