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Highlighting Different Churches
Pastor Jim, are you referring to THE REMNANT when you say god has in every generation left a few faithful?
---francis on 3/1/10

Yes, I believe that is the case.

Why Is The Church Failing Today
Could it simply be that churches today are mere spiritless social clubs. Teaching the Traditions of men as doctrine.

So when a non Christian enters, they see nothing more than a shallow carnal facade of Hypocrasy.

So since they seek God, and see most churches that call themselves Christian are not. They then turn to more spritual avenues (New Wave, Wica, Islam, Buddism ) to seek God.

It is like asking why a child has gone wrong. The answer is the failure of the parents. And so it is with so-call churches of today. To few have the Spirit of God in them and it shows.

Highlighting Different Churches
Amazing how ALL of you are offended when I never mention YOUR particular church.

Obviously, I have describe your church to the tee, otherwise I would not get the feedback I did. Though you will deny this, but when unsaved is confronted with the Truth about themselves they go into denial instead of reflecting.

This the Jews did to the Prophets and the Son. They kill the Prophets and the Son in the Name of God. This you wish to do to me also.

You say are Christians. The Jews made the same claim as Sons of Abraham to Jesus.

But if that were true, you would have welcomed me, and consider my posts for your own self interests. Instead you wish to kill me. For I only spoke truth to you concerning the churches you attend.

How Does One Know God's Will
I simply had no sense of direction from the Lord...until He finally answered this, (or words to this effect): YOU must be the one to decide. It makes no difference to me which you choose, for I can use you wherever you are. You only have allow me to.
---Donna66 on 2/26/10

This is an exact quote. How did he tell you this? Did you hear his voice?

United States Become Socialistic
And you never answered the question. What happened to your Jan 26 court date?
---NurseRobert on 2/25/10


But if you're saying this corrupt usurper now sitting on the American Throne of power has been so-far able to excape prosecution. You're right.

It will be a hard to expose him for who he truly is. After all he has all the power and our tax payers money to keep his BC sealed.

So far he spent 4 1/2 million to get his Birth certificate sealed for the American Public.

I sure you Socialists Globalists would be thrill that we now have a illegal alien, Born in Kenya, a citizen on Indonesian and a moslem with a multicutural background.


Why Should People Attend Church

That was not an agenda, I was simply giving an example. Any example is fine. I was only talking about if you found a heresy of any kind. I could have used Baptisms practices.

I answered your last question, Not sure if it got posted. I get censored a lot.

United States Become Socialistic
"The state health department (who oversees vital statistics) has certified it to be true."


He said it was in order and legal. It is Legal in Hawaii to be a foreigner and re-register in Hawaii, Just as your Mess-iah did.


It is the only state that allows that, Mainly for the Japanese who comprise of 75% of its population.

That is why your Mess-iah's Virgin Birth is register there.

His Mom knew that and moved there for that reason. Then within an incredble 7-days later moved to the Washington. What a miraculous recovery from giving birth.

Must be the Mess-iah. LOL!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Prayer Request

Just wanted to also let you know that your post have given me hope. Knowing there Christains like you out there.

I better stop there. Don"t want to take away from the rewards that are waiting for you from the Big Guy upstairs, by giving out too much praise down here.

But thanks!

Explain Ephesians 6:11-17
The Letter mis-titled "Ephesians" was not written to the Ephesians.

That is an error. The letter was written to Laodiceas. Not Ephesus. It is a cyclical letter, note it does not have any familiar greetings to anyone in Ephesus which is the tradition of Paul and of the time. He had many friends there.

It was written the same week as Colossian where he refers to it in COL4:16.

Early Manuscripts have titled it correctly as: Laodicean. The 1st sentence does not exist in any manuscripts. It is theorize that this letter was found in Ephesus thus the error of it origin. Paul may have been in his prison cell in Ephesus when writing this letter.

Highlighting Different Churches
Sorry Obewan,

We're still in America and censorship is not our way. Perhaps when your Mess-iah completes his mission you can have me arrested for disagreeing with you and you Mess-iah.

Donnna66, I'm actually working on a program for this right now. Its an outreach to members of these churches.
If you study Wesley, he did the same thing with the Church of England which at the time was also complacent as the churches in the US are today. This is mainly due to the wealth of the time. I am not a Wesleyan,
So don't put me in a box.

Yes, I am a Pastor/Rabbi/Theologian. I speak wherever I am asked. Just as Paul, The Apostles and Jesus did in Pagan, Pharassitic, and Samaria arenas.

What Is A Judgemental Christian

We are NOT to judge those outside the church, for they are already judged by God.

We can and are obligated to Judge anyone inside the church. A righteous judgement.

Favorite Prayer Request
The prayer I pray God in Jesus Name is that he will give me wisdom,knowledge,understanding and God's truth. Asking for God's truth is seeking to know his meaning for all of the Bible verses,not being bound in man's traditions,or living by what denominational beliefs dictate or by what people think. Another prayer I pray is for God to show me his will,his plan,and his purpose for me. Those two prayers are Spiritual and life growth prayers as God leads and guides me into the fullness of his desire for me and my service to him and his Kingdom.
---Darlene_1 on 2/11/10


A great post, with great wisdom!

Did Jesus Go To Hell
NO, the word is Sheol meaning grave, not hell.

United States Become Socialistic
From reading his post I get the idea that "Pastor Jim" does not pray for the President of our country! Or have I missed something?
---mima on 2/24/10


Should I pray for the Usurper Manchurian Candidate that seized our nation illegally?

Should I applaud the socialist coup!

Should I pray for someone who is in our country illegally. Sitting in our Government Temple acting like he's one of us. When he is an Indonesian Moslem born in Kenya!!!

What do we say to ALL the Men/Women that sacrifice their lives.

And ALL we ask is for his Birth certificate. I'll even send him the $15 bucks for it.

Their Mess-iah is like God,
neither have a Birth certificate.

Highlighting Different Churches

In all my travels to 1000s of churches in the USA, I have not seen a single one that was Christian. Just in name only!

Also, I use the term ALL, since all the post I made on this subject are really an outreach to those who are involved in this Facade of Christianity.

The hope is they will see the light and realized the Hypocrisy they are involved with.

So using "ALL" eliminates the extreme denial of these Carnal Christians and leave no room for them to wiggle out of.

If I said "MOST" then they would arrogantly believe THEY are the exception (The chosen few)

Are Scriptures The Word Of God
I asked the question of who was the first four apostles about a week or two ago,not Atheist. There was only one incorrect by comparrisons guess/ reply.Correct, all else was chatter.And this posted question is on topic with your reference to this.
---earl on 2/24/10


Why Should People Attend Church
Thanks Mary!
Is your church a serious church where people debate and even argue over doctrine or... Is it a church of fellowship , Potlucks, Mens Breakfast, Woman club, Awana for kids.

If your church is Pre-trib and YOU find out this a heresy and bring it up would your Pastor/Church investigate it thoroughly or would they ostracize you? Can you disagree with your Pastor or is he the final word.

Is Potluck considered more an unspoken sacraments than a meal. Do poeple at your church attend bible study or do they consider bible study, Lord supper less sacred than Potluck in their behavior? If you do not want to go to Potluck, is it a stigma? Can you say they stink and I'm not interested without being obtracized as a heretic.

Highlighting Different Churches
Really, ALWAYS? ALL of them? NOBODY is looking for spiritual truth? Why don't they join dance clubs, bridge clubs, book clubs, travel clubs,civic or occupational organizations, VFW (if they are vets).... they'd have more fun! Why a CHURCH?
---Donna66 on 2/23/10

Because they decided to join these clubs. Why would the other clubs be more fun?

To them this IS more fun. Don't see your point at all. People join chess clubs quilting clubs and Church Clubs. Just a matter of taste.


Your point is invalid.

Are Scriptures The Word Of God

Paul, Jesus, and All the apostles ALL talked facts and they All spoke to the secular world. Jesus even partied with them.

They got trick questions. But most were honest. But none of them shied away and said stupid things you hear Christians say today (i.e."Jesus loves you" or "If you died today..." or "He died for you...")

NONE of the Apostle or Jesus spoke that ignorance to the world. They went fact for fact. Were NOT afraid of the world.

LOOK, either you believe the Bible is fact or quit. Atheist points in many cases are valid. He laughs at silly ignorant responses he gets. He never could with Paul, the Apostles, or Christ. Read what they said and compare to what you hear today.

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