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Let's Introduce Ourselves
My name is Michael, I am a 45 year old father of 3. I have been blessed with an adorable wife for 18 years. I am a passionate musician, however I am beginning to pass the torch to my kids (who love music as much as I) Jesus Christ is my only Hope, and is my Savior. I enjoy reading all you guys, and have grown to have alot of respect. A body has many parts - our differences are our strengths as long as Christ reigns in our hearts. See you all up there!

Brother Not Speaking To Me
I think my brother feels there needs to be some sort of payment made by us all. After the death of a close family member I have heard emotions tend to rise. However, he cannot give us a pass, we would be getting away with it - in his mind. I appreciate all your advice. I dont believe he has ever fully understood where HE stood before God saved him. I know how sinful I am - so I could never demand perfection from anyone - when I cannot meet it myself. I love him so much, perhaps time will soften him...he's looking for some 'works' here, that we cannot possibly meet.

Brother Not Speaking To Me
He believes he is right, and everyone else is wrong the martyr type, strong in his thinking. My mother and sister are in the same boat as me. He has taken his kids away from us all.It has been 6 years and I am scared as his kids are beginning to forget us. My mom, sister and myself have practically begged him for ANY type of conversation to clear the misunderstandings. He wants ALL of what HE believes was done wrong fixed most are only in his head, and never happened... he speaks to none of the family and will return cards, or run away (as he did when he saw me in a store) please help- My question to the group is : is it biblical to withhold forgiveness until his list is met? If I meet the 100 items, I feel he will come up with 100 more...

Husband Died Of Cancer
Take time to cry. After 40 plus years of marriage, my father left my mom and us - heartbroken. We never thought we would make it (we were all very close) but we are... this time will pass, but please remember - it is okay what your feeling, and it is totally normal. My mom is doing fine, and we remember those beautiful days with him- laughing, when in the beginning we cried alot. - Peace

Daughter Is Pregnant
I think the most valuable lesson we ALL learned on this particular post - is just how much of a troubled person John is. Im sure we all have had to listen to his ranting a raving back and forth, blasting all of us who will not right away 'toss tables', or may have a different view. He is disturbed and has some serious issues. May God only be glorified here, and we be humble servants, moldable and teachable - Peace.

Loss Of My Parter To Cancer
StrongAxe - dont take John personally - while I applaud his zeal, I believe it needs some humbling out. Blasting people who dont agree with you because your 'always right' will get you nowhere. None of us 'others' are looking to just get along - to be politically correct etc...on the contrary, If our hearts are right, we are to bring the gospel to the sick because we care about their souls. John looks to toss tables at any chance he gets. I know alot of his type - pound the sinners so they dont get away with it, rather than share with the sinners, so they wont die without it. Peace to you Mark V. & StrongAxe - I like you guys...

Born Again Christians Fornicate
Eloy - Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies. Who then is the one who condemns? No one. Christ Jesus who died more than that, who was raised to lifeis at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us. Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Our sins are covered past, present and future. God knows our hearts Eloy - you don't. Im sure you need interceeding as much as we all do.

Recognize A False Prophet
David, Paul was talking in the present tense. You are speaking that somehow salvation can be achieved through works. While I agree that as we grow in the Lord, sin will decrease. David, can you say you will never sin again? Ever? If you do - did you lose your standing with God? "If we DO sin, we have an advocate who pleads to the Father on our behalf" While in these bodies - we are imperfect sinful people David, you and me both...we share a hope though.

Recognize A False Prophet
1 John 2 "But if anybody does sin, we have an advocate with the Father Jesus Christ, the Righteous One.
David, are you saying if we are true Christians we will never sin again? The above verse seems to be in the present tense. please explain what you are saying...

Are We In Tribulation
Thank you Tray for speaking to me respectfully. In my error, I assumed on this site (being new here) that we all shared one common goal. To encourage each other in our mission to reach the lost. I come from a long line of angry 'christian' people who never accomplished much besides hurting each other. Thank you, and I will take your advice - In Christ

Are We In Tribulation
One last thing John, while I recognize we are to stand firm and not believe everyone who claims to speak by the Spirit. We must test each spirit to see if the spirit they have comes from God. Dont let any zeal, or possible anger issues cloud your thinking, dont be so eager to toss tables John. In my book, Jesus was allowed to because he was God. Thats a far stretch for you AND I both. Being overly zealous in a bad way can cloud the wonderful message of redemption we are to be delivering to lost people -that we meet, or that might read what we write down on this web site etc. So I will say it again peace to you John.

Are We In Tribulation
"Gee Milkman, that was NAUSEATING!!!" and

"I do not subscribe to Political Correctness, Love/Peace. I'm Ok/you're ok mantra of the religious Cult of Liberalism!"

Mr. John, you just proved my point - thank you!

FYI - Nor do I subscribe to Political Correctness - We are to be the salt and light in this dark world. Go turn over your tables John, - it seems to give you some type of caffine belt. I was talking about the back and forth between us brothers and sisters in Christ here...

Are We In Tribulation
As I read the back and forth between all of you. I wonder how we are standing apart from how the world relates to each other. We, I assume are all brothers and sisters in Christ on here. Yet I see 'ourselves' getting in the way, making not so nice comments to each other and so on...We all are working parts to One Body - lets keep loving one another and not take our eyes off our mission. Agree to disagree for gosh sakes... - Peace

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