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Wife Slept With My Friend
If you love her u should forgive her,as God forgives us of our sins. Think of your child and I pray that everything will work out.God Bless!

What Is Church Of God
It believes in the trinity

Is Remarriage Accepted By God
I think it is just common sense. If there is not going to remarriage...there is no need for a divorce. God didn't want divorce but gave it to Moses so people would not be stuck in limbo. Being married without any of the benefits or protections of marriage would be hell on earth and a waste. The only reason for a "writ of divorcement" was so that the unwanted person could be set free. And be free to move on with their life. What do you think?

PS How horrible that you didn't want the divorce and yet it happened anyway. I am so sorry.

Can A Priest Forgive Sins
I think, when you confess with your mouth and ask for forgiveness, really mean you want to be forgiven from your heart... then you have been forgiven. You will feel forgiven. At least I did.

Should I Get Married To Her
Please consider why you do not want children. God speaks of children being blessings to women. You state your fiance is a Christian, but are you also? Please go to a financial counselor prior to marriage. After considering these things, I think you will know. If not, do the honorable thing and let her go. Someone will value her. Oh, and I assume you have not forgotten to include prayer in the equation. Blessings.

Are Mormons Christians
mormons are non christians because i think they added to the Bible with the book of mormon

Easter Sunrise Service Pagan
I dont think so,i think it is wonderful to bring a dish to sevre others you are serving God

Is Jerusalem An Important City
Jerusalem was important, but is not anymore important than any other city. Didn't God destroy Jerusalem for being disobedient?

Practice Speaking In Tongues
speaking in tongues a gift, in the church there must be a interperter or some one can pray to god in tongues. he said let your spirit pray for you know not what to pray for.thats when you can pray in tongues. when I recieved that gift there were no practicing It was immediate. I was praying true to god from my heart and clearing out everyone around me it was just me and god in my mind, I was praising him in every way i new how and it just happened and that simple. i will always be grateful for that gift.

How To Get Back Together
you can give her time to forgive you and promise her you will never lie to her again.if you lied to her before you were married she thinks you will lie to her after. and why did you lie to her any way in the first place? if you truely love her you will be totally honest with her with every thing in your life.i am praying for you.may god bless your relationship.

Who Is Our Neighbor To Love
Everyone, friend or foe.

Who Is Our Neighbor To Love
Everyone, friend or foe.

Can You Explain My Dream
Dreams come in three forms. Symbolic, Actual, and Message. Symbolic dreams need interpretation, actual and message dreams need no interpretation. Look up in your bible and read all the biblical scriptures about dreams, then ask the Lord in prayer to reveal to you what it means. He will.

Why Doesn't God Give Me A Mate
there's nothing impossible with God ,just be patient and he'll provide for all yr needs ,just believe in his name and works !!

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