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The Anything Blog
I wanted to write this as a reply to the guy that married a jezebel wife. I wanted especially to say to the ladies- You have no frigging CLUE on this subject. You most probably will never GET this subject matter. This is my story. I married a witch- a Jezebel if you would. What men cannot put into words is this- imagine a wife, who supposedly loves you to make certain the kids never talk to you. She convinces you through her manipulation that you have mental illness, when it was all her doing. Imagine having congestive heart failure, looking up and she is grinning about it- because she gave it to you- without her even touching you. Imagine living in the movie the Omen. You ladies will never get what true evil is- because you ladies

Is The Trinity Biblical
Let's say you entered a foot race, and as the starting gun sounded you could somehow teleport yourself to the finish line. You would win the race, but with no work on your part. You would not have really accomplished anything. What did Jesus have to do to provide your salvation? In short, he had to live the law his whole life without sin. If Jesus was God, and we know God can not sin, there is no way he could have failed at this task. He could not loose. No contest. On the other hand, if he was the only begotten Son of God, a man tempted in all things, and chose to live a sinless life by his own free will, he would have accomplished what no one else could. And in the end, became the blameless lamb that was sacrificed to cover our sins.

What Will Heaven Be Like

Eye hath not seen, nor ear hath heard what heaven will be like.

A new heaven and a new earth.

What is in heaven... space and worlds unknown. God is limitless and does the impossible.

Speaks of transparent gold streets? We have been on this rock for over 2000 years and I have never seen transparent gold have you?

To say heaven will be just a new earth is quite a bit less than impossible.

Dream just a little and imagine a place 1000 times better than that. Then you might only be 7 times 7 off from the real thing.

Jesus said, "I can assure you some of you will be greater than John the baptist."

You can be sure there will be degrees of greatness.

How To Become A Atheist
One becomes an atheist when he takes a minute and thinks for himself. I bacame an atheist around the age of 17, but have remained a christian.

Should I Divorce My Husband
Stay seperated UNTIL both of you have completed marital counseling from a qualified, Christian, marriage counslor. (It would be best if this marriage counslor was a stranger to both of you. It needs to be a stranger so the counslor can be objective.) If the husband refuses marriage counseling - he's not really serious about dealing with the issue and this qualifies you for divorce.

Are Apocrypha Books Needed

Actually, the first printed Protestant Bibles included these books (and some still do today). One may argue that it was included for historical reasons only, but it was included nonetheless. It was only later that these books was removed entirely, purely for economical reasons (it was much cheaper to print Bibles without these books). However, all Apostolic Churches of the West (Rome) and East (Orthodoxy,Oriental etc) include these books because they are Holy Scriptures.

The only solid reason why many Protestants do not include them because they have been mislead by there superiors to believe they contradict the rest of the 66 books of the Holy Bible. But a careful studying will prove otherwise.


Ever Sent Out A Prayer Cloth
About the prayer cloths! I have read some of the things people are saying about prayer cloths. The one that gets me is, is preachers are charging for them.I am an Evangelist and I have send prayer cloths and use anointing oil,I agree it is only a point of contact and shows our faith. If you want a prayer cloth feel free to email. I do not charge for them. I have Bible studies I do not charge for them. Jesus hung on the cross and paid the debt, healing is free and those people that are making you paid for a prayer cloth, shame on them.Ray

What If Big Bang Is True
Is it so difficult to imagine that God, in all His wisdom and omnipotence, set the Big Bang in motion such that, throughout the millennia, the work He started would progress to create the entire universe (and us) according to His grand plan?

Is Remarriage Adultery
Many people misread the scriptures whecomes to this subject of marriage and divorce. In Mathew 5:32 Jesus said that divorce is permitted because of ery. Please understand according to this scripture when you divorce your spouse you cause her to commit ery. But if the spouse committed ery herself she caused her own ery. That is why it is permitted. Your spouse n it chose to enter in ery. Thus breaking your vows. You are allowed to remarry if you are the party (the one divorcing the guilty party). With all that said we must always try to reconcile.

Can I Save My House
Have you tried to get a short sale through the lender? You would have to pay the difference though. Your credit would most likely not take a bad hit that way.
In prayer for you

How Do You Pray
I Pray ,,,,Basicly Whenever,,,,in the Middle of the Night, when ever God (Or My Mind ?) Promt me too !! :-) Sure God Answers Prayer, but Not how you think, neccessarily,,,,,, I Thought It'ed be Nice to be Rich, and not have to Work,,, But, While I'm Not rich,I am on Disability!!

God Smiles,He Saved Me, and Know's me Intametly !!!!!!!!!!!

Can I Remarry After Divorce
Not really - based on Scripture.(Matthew 5:32.) But, as a marriage counselor, I have seen very successful marriages, among Christians, who are going around for the second time. According to the Gospel of Matthew, while divorce is allowed in the case of sex outside of marriage, re-marriage isn't.

Is Filing Bankruptcy A Sin
How did they get into DEBT ??, Borrowing beyond their Means ???Thinking, they Heard from GOD??? Yes it's a sin, bu we serve a forgiving GOD !!Clean up your act, then be very carefull , about Borrowing !!!

Is TBN A Godly TV Station
I have yet to meet a preacher worthy of my attention: I run a site phonypreachers on the net, and I have searched for 1 Just preacher and I have fallen short

Celebrate The Easter Bunny
It makes me sick to my stomach to hear the excuses that some of you twits use to justify your disobedience to Gods word.And I assume you consider yourselfs christians and still wish to eat the vomit you just purged. unless you are hot for Christ he will vomit you out of his mouth. Then you can go and celebrate your pagan festivals you apostates.and if you are offended so be it. I judge not it is Gods word that judges you as apostates.

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