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Friend Into Witchcraft
well I had to stop association with my own mother cause she said she casted spells against my husband. She said she went to a witch about me and that she is jealous of me. She says it's natural to be jealous of your children. Im sorry mother..friend whomever if they a messing around with darkness I cant be found. I'll pray for her continuously and let her see her grandchildren.

There Is A Demon In My House
Whatever it is you have to command it to leave and never come back. You can not show it fear or confusion. God is more powerful than anything and you have the authority through Him to dismiss this energy from your home

My Husband Isn't Attractive
We don't know if Asha married this man or not. She says God sent him to her to marry, yet she despises him and can't stand to be around him. PLEASE, PLEASE, do not marry this man because you will ruin his life. I don't believe God sent you someone that you despised or that is unattractive to you. He is not the man for you. Again, please do not lead him on nor marry him.

Inaccurate Verbal Statements
Athiest, God did not rebuke Lot, because his daughters got him drunk and he was not aware of what had happened to him. But God did punish the daughters, because their sons were considered unclean and their descendants were considered unclean forever. Their tribes were always considered enemies of God.

Medication, Spiritual Or Both
I fail to see how this long argument between two bloggers has helped the person who asked the question.

For the person who asked the question, I would recommend both spiritual and medical help. If a Christian counselor is aware or becomes aware that someone needs psychiatric help, they should refer the client to those professionals.

Reconciliation Years After Divorce
I encourage all to trust God, Say to that mountain of (divorce,seperation) be casted down into the sea! Don't worry about others understanding why.. you will respect God about reconciliation..God said He hates divorce, that He has made the two one flesh!! pray ask the Lord what He would have you do about your spouse. No man should or can really give you any advice except ask God, Trust God, and singles definety not. You will hear our Father's voice. He's waiting. And Call those things that be not as thou they are..then stand and keep standing on what He says matter matter divorce, no matter they remarried, no matter what cruel words they have spoken to you...God is given authority in their life through your prayers.

Evangelism By Playing Golf
Lisa - Why do you assume the negative? It seems you have the "gift" of criticism.

Yes, the pastor and associate pastor were out there sweating in the heat just like every body else.

Evangelism By Playing Golf
This past Sunday an AOG church in my town did not have services in the church building. Instead everyone, even the kids were out serving the community by cutting grass, trimming hedges, washing windows, painting walls . . donating their services to those in need. It made the news. That is one way to show Jesus to others through service. Perhaps they also got to witness as they worked.

Lakeland Florida Revival
Mod - You say you have seen evidence online that they are teaching false doctrines at Lakeland. What are these false doctrines? Be specific, please. All I see are general stone throwings from folks on here and anybody can go online, establish a website or blog and say condemning things about anyone. That is not proof to me.

Lakeland Florida Revival
Mod . . . if you have not been there and heard the teaching how would you know whether it is false or not? You are judging and condemning without having a shred of evidence that this is of the devil or that there is false teaching.

Is Cosmetic Surgery Biblical
My Daddy had a big, Jimmy Durante nose. Years ago I had to surgery. They had to remove bone that was growing and obstructing my breathing. The doctor said that he would like to take off some of the tip of my nose, but it was cosmetic surgery and the insurance would not pay for it. However, since he was already cutting my nose, he would do the cosmetic part for only $100. I prayed about it. I decided that my nose would probably be all that I would inherit from my Dad and I decided to keep it. :)

Should I Get Married To Her
I would agree with Elder, EXCEPT I have seen two couples who had separate accounts that have stable marriages. My in-laws were married 59 years and had separate accounts. They shared expenses . . .divided them up according to the incomes of each. They held joint assets in homes and other things though. Cont to 2

Should I Get Married To Her
#2 cont: The other couple are younger, in their 40s. They have always had separate accounts, but they work together to achieve their goals and their dreams. They have separate responsibilities, but they take joy in helping the other pay off a debt. So, I think it depends upon the people involved. I've always had joint accounts, all money went into one bag. But there is nothing written in concrete that it must be this way to have a happy marriage.

Why Were There Dinosaurs
Dear Alan of UK. . . lard comes from hog fat that is rendered into lard. Tallow comes from beef or cows. :) I enjoy reading your remarks and sometimes feel empathy for you when you are getting buffeted by others.

Should Christians Date
William - when did dating mean an intimate relationship that is reserved for marriage? I thought a date meant anything from meeting for a talk over a cup of tea or coffee, or enjoying a game of golf together, to going to a concert or going to church together. In the Bible the mates were chosen by the parents. Since that isn't done now, how are we supposed to get acquainted if it is wrong to date?

Is Sola Scriptura Proper
Oh, Oh! Mark V, I think you mean Gina7, NOT Gena (me). I am not Gina7 and don't agree with her. :) Be blessed!

Have You Seen A Miracle
I have seen many - from a short leg lengthened to my son healed of incurable lung disease, and he was also cured of an incurable blood disease. There are many more . . . too many to count or relate to here. We have a very merciful, loving and very powerful Lord.

Is God A Loving God
I was saved at 6 years of age - drawn to that love that was so great that Jesus would die for my sins. I loved Jesus and I loved God, but I was afraid of God, seeing him as an angry father looking for me to make a mistake so he could swat me with a holy flyswatter. But that was not the God of the Bible. Now, over 50 years later, having studied the Old Testament (not just heard the stories of anger) I see over and over how loving and merciful He was and IS.

Is God A Loving God
2) I had read and heard preached the Old Testament so I knew it quite well. But 20 years ago I fell in love with Isaiah and found so much comfort and hope in that wonderful book. Since then I have studied the OT specifically looking for the Love of Father God and I find it so evident and so wonderful. I want to share it with the world.

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