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Praying For A Husband
Your question was "what else am I suppose to do?", my answer is "be still and wait on the LORD." Praying and fasting is your act of asking, and after having done so, you are to wait patiently on God's answer. God always answers (we don't always like His answers - but He ALWAYS answers). Sometimes the answer is "Yes', sometimes "No", sometimes "Not now". I think the spiritual challenge is to be submitted and surrendered to accept His answer to your prayers and fasting...."not my will, but your will be done LORD." Keep praying and fasting until you get an answer.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
I used spanking as the last resort when nothing else seemed to work. He even asked me on several occasions to spank him instead of grounding him or taking away a priveledge. Now that he is too big (165 lbs) he believes that I was abusive for spanking him. Please only use spanking when they're doing something dangerous that needs to be stopped immediately, or when all of forms of punishment has failed. Time-outs work great, and so does working off the bad behavior. When you spank, leave the pants up and 2 to 3 swats will do. After all, you are not trying to hurt them or mark their skin. Communicate with your children because all children naturally want to please their parents.

I Had A Demonic Dream And You
Yes!! I have them all of the time it started when I was seventeen, and I have the same dream at least three nights a week, and they are getting worse I have even had my mother-in-law come over to pray, but nothing works. It starts off like the feeling of someone pinning me down, then I try to open my eyes, but can not, and I always know where I,m at, and the sometimes I hear whispers or laughing, then I always wake up gasping for air or coughing It does not matter where I move it is always there any thoughts??

Mohandas Gandhi Said
This quote is so true! Gandhi was and extremely insiteful1 man. So many people today think that going to church and not eating meat on Friday during lent makes the good Christians, and it is those same people who cant act like good Christians in their day to day lives. They are judgmental of others and have no tolerance for anyone different. It seems as though the people who preach Christianity so strongly are ones who need to step back and think about what it means to be a TRUE Christan.

Should Women Be Leaders
In the book of Judges chapter 4:4 talks about Deborah a prophetess and a judge. Many women are leaders today in the church. Wives should be submissive to there husbands. But that does not mean that they can't talk or do what God calls them to do. I'm a Minister and i'm married. I know what I'm suppose to do as a wife and I help my husband the way God commanded me to help. I also know what God has called me to do. God calls and annoints who he choses. We can't say who is called or who is not called.

I Had A Demonic Dream And You
I've had dreams like that too but I would always command them to go in the name of Jesus and they would immediately go. The demons would always look frightened after I would command them to go. Remember, we are the light of this world,..and darkness can never rule in it's place.

Should I Divorce My Husband
Rita, I didn't look sneak and look on his email. I came downstairs and he accidently left his screen up with all his information. Otherwise, I wouldn't have even seen the information. My husband has in the past had a separate cell phone with other womens phone numbers on it. That is why I'm in so much turmoil over the internet incident.

I Cheated On My Wife
Begin by telling your wife that you'd like to have marital counseling from your pastor or other. It already sounds like your ready to heal from this incident. I will pray for restoration in your marriage because it is the enemy that comes to kill, steal and destroy. (especially in christian marriages today). God Bless you and your wife!

Marrying A Non-Believer
Just as the bible says..that the husband is to love his wife as christ loves the church. If he hasn't accepted christ then that marriage will be unevenly yoked and she doesn't need to experience that. Please tell her to wait on the Lord to have her boyfriend born-again before she marry him. God bless!

Non-Maturing Christians Possible
I believe that some christians can be non-maturing. It depends on if they pray enough or read the Bible enough. Thats why it is important to pray about what church to be a member at because the church your at can also help stop your growth.

Click Here For The Cruise Blog
Just a warning for cruisers out there. First off, I LOVE cruising! However, my 3rd cruise was on Royal Caribbean and there were bed bugs! RC tried to blame my husband and I, finally agreed to send us certificates for a future cruise, and now that we are using them, it has been difficult to get reimbursed. Try Princess and avoid Royal Caribbean!

Reading Harry Potter
Fanaticism is an emotion of being filled with excessive, uncritical zeal, particularly for an extreme religious or political cause, or with an obsessive enthusiasm for a pastime or hobby. according to Winston Churchill, "A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject".

Should I Date A Non-Christian
It is truly up to the person, but remember what the Bible says. Can two walk together except they agree?? The Bible also says, what does light have in common with darkness. I say pray and ask God to lead you about what to do. Cause our heart can tell us anything but what is the Holy Spirit telling you. I know from experience that dating a non-christian will be a hinderance to your spiritual life.

Is TBN Mainstream Christianity
I used to watch TBN and that channel usually has some anointed preachers and teachers. I have not seen it in about a year.But I do know that it suppose to be christian based.But like I said I have not seen it in a while so I don't know.

Pastor's Wife Title
I have not really heard to many other names for a pastor's wife. But I do feel that whatever God has anointed you to be that should be your title.

Can Christians Have Demons
A believer can have unclean spirits. If you open yourself up through sin the enemy can get into your life.I knew a woman that got saved who used to be involved in witchcraft. She got saved but she was still posessed with those demons and she knew she was posessed by demons.It took a lot of prayer for this young lady. She is now free and living a righteous life.So if a person lives a righteous life and does not open any doors for the enemy to come in we won't have to worry about demons or unclean spirits.

Don't Want To Come To Church
All you can do is ask. Don't let it bother you. Just pray for them and keep going. I was in the same situation with someone I know. I asked three times and after the third time I stopped asking. All I do is pray and try my best to be a positive example in their life.

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