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Affair When He's In Jail
Well, how to stop the affair is not something other people can tell you, unless they know things very well, but the affair is a problem. If other people don't know about it, I understand you need help from others, but I'm afraid more has to be said for peple here to know what can be done. Blessings in your attampts to stop!

Evolution And Creationism Opposite
What do you mean by 'evolution theory'? Different people mean different things. I would accept that yes, some changes in genes can happen, and sometimes they may mean it helps an animal. I also take the six days of creation, not as days of 24 hours, but periods in which God created the world. I have NO problem with anyone who takes the days as 24 hours, but I don't usually think of it that way.

Are Catholics Truly Saved
To Warwick - The RCC may claim it is the only true church (in its doctrine), but many RCC pastors and other members, even when they believe it (maybe they do), do NOT actually act that way, in their conversation or behavior. Perhaps it will be a case of 'I was hungry and your fed me, etc', even if, on paper, they believe something that's wrong. I hope so

Do Smokers Go To Heaven
I don't smoke, but there are many things about me that are not good.... and I'm sure, many more I haven,t realized, but God surely knows. Remember 'Let him who is without sin amoung you be the first to throw a stone at her'. We can encourage those who smoke not to, but we must remember we are all sinners, and it shows up in different ways.

Offending Each Other Blogs
The 'tone' is rather too harsh for a Christian site. But that is for each and every one of us to deal with..... there are differences in beleif that don't make the other not a Christian, and there we must love and respect, even if we disagree.

Was Jesus Created By God
Jesus himself, the lamb of God, the lion of Judah, has always existed. When God desired that His son have a body, God simply created a body for His son who always existed - not the same a creating Jesus

Unequally Yoked Due To Church
I don't see any problem from the different churches. The only problem would be if there was a serious difference in your beliefs. Otherwise, I think it's OK, though the same church might be more helpful. Not sure about that, even

What Are You Believing God For
I believe in God because He is there, and He is good, and we must believe in what is true - God's existence and goodness.

Do Other Bible Scrolls Exist
Do you mean prophets from other countries, nations, etc? Perhaps, but I don't think we can regard them as Holy Scripture. Because there will be too many disagreements - that is why the council set up the inspired books of the Bible. Otherwise we would be always arguing about it

Is Global Warming Bad
We have more news of 'dangerous weather'... What happens in the future is not ours to decide, but if we beleive it to be dangerous, we should do something (as in Paul's comment about eating meat). I try to avoid doing things that might make it worse (if it is happenning) butI would not argue with someone who disagrees.

Jesus Sent The Comforter Back
Hard to know, but when we are finally in Heaven, we will know. For now, it is not necessary for us to know all the ins and outs of it

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
Dringking wine is not a sin.... unless it hurts us or your neighbour - which it may, sometimes. So we must think about it, but it is allowed

Love, Mercy And Justice
Sometimes we get mixed up... sometimes when I say 'show mercy' I later find I mean 'it wasn't a problem' (if not a problem, mercy is not what's needed). Sometimes I think of justice, forget mercy....

Financial Ruin Is Causing Pain
I don't know the why, and I feel bad saying this, but I know God has a reason, even when you find it so hard to beleive.... There MAY be something you have done, but many times there is some other lesson for you or even for others around you (like Job). I feel sorry for you, but cannot think of more to say

How To Get Out Of Debt Fast
Difficult! There isn't only one correct way, it depends too much on how you got into debt, what type of debt it is (mortgage, car loan, credit card, other), and what your income is. It is a hard thing to do, when you find what you can do, check it is in accordance with the Bible.

Pastor Wants To Have An Affair
Perhaps the first question is why he is so unhappy in his marriage. It is not wrong for the pastor to ask for help, and if he is so unhappy, I hope he can find people to help him. Pastors are also fallen men like the rest of us, and we (the congregation) can and should help the pastor when he needs help.

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