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Jesus Attend Your Church
The Roman Church today had its origin at the Council of Trent. It is not the same church as was at Jerusalem as the Church of St. Peter has become the Church of St.Pedophilia. Unless you want your child to become abused, recommend you find a more Biblically oriented church.

He Is A Devout Catholic

While I have had numerous encounters with Roman Catholics, I have been convinced that some are indeed brothers and sisters of mine in Christ. However, what most people look at is the doctrinal beliefs and well as some of the practices found within Roman Catholicism. Doctrinally their primary deity according to their literature is what they call the Virgin Mary. And yes they do allude to re-sacrificing Jesus in their services while refusing the wine, they only offer the bread. All too often those that claim to be Roman Catholic know little or nothing about the Bible, however, some where along the line they met Jesus but being ignorant of Biblical doctrines simply will never be fruitful.

Lonely Since Husband Died
My present wife was a widow for some 12 years and decided that she had been lonely for too many years. She got onto the website Christian Mingle and found a husband in me. My wife had died the previous year. Suggest that if you do not like living by yourself, that you seek the Lord's guidance and find another husband. For the past 5 years, I have never been happier.

What Is Sunday A Holy Day
Of all the peoples on earth, the Sabbath was not observed or even heard of except for the Jewish nation that came out of Egypt. And there is nothing in the ruling of the Jerusalem Council Acts 15 that mandated anything that was distinctly Jewish to be observed by Gentile converts. Sunday was observed by nearly all Gentile churches by the end of the first century and essentially became the Christian sabbath - not a legal law but a tradition only. Those that pitch observing the Jewish Sabbath are simply modern day Judaizers.

Woman Divorced Three Times
What is all too often overlooked in the argument "that what God has put together let not man put asunder" is the FACT that God may also put asunder. God is actively involved in the lives of all of His children and if they cry out because of horrible abuse, He may very well intervene by causing a divorce to occur. And such has been often the situation where the husband is abusive or the wife is one that delights in adultery.

Are Christians Gullible
Unfortunately we have been trained to follow and that all too often without anyone encouraging us to do our own homework. And some churches have very bad and unbiblical or unbalanced doctrines . Does one have to speak in tongues, read only the King James Bible (a product of the Anglican Church), vote against those that have been divorced for any church office, etc. etc. etc.?????

How To Speak In Tongues
Those filled walk with Christ.
---Samuelbb7 on 8/29/18

I have read somewhere where even olde Ellen White, one of the founders of one of the cults, would often babble away when in an induced state of ecstasy!

How To Speak In Tongues
I took a course in Greek while in Virginia and one of the Greek professors walked into Arlington AOG church to attend one of those tongues meetings. He quoted a Psalm in Greek and one of the ladies gave an interpretation that was totally different. When he revealed what he had done, there was complete pandemonium revealing the message was not of God.

How To Read The Bible
I gain much by reading a study bible as the annotations given by those who have been called into the ministry of teaching can be very helpful especially when it comes to historical events or a marginal note that indicates that there are other sources for the translation.

Sabbath Kept Holy
Those in Christ have already entered into that rest God spoke of at Mt. Sinai. Hebrews 4.

Those that pitch the Mosaic law, i.e. adherence to the 10 commandments are the children of Hagar, and outside God's grace. Adventists need to read Galatians under the guidance of God's Spirit.

Doctrine Of Demons
These verses are fairly plain as to what doctrine of demons is... "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils,
Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth."

Those pastors teach that remarriage is forbidden even after divorce really are promoting fornication and uncleanness, especially for the non-Christian. And these are also the kind that teach one must tithe no matter what ones financial status is really are after a widows food stamps. Most are in the legalistic camp.

Tongue Speaking Biblical
I have experienced speaking in tongues years ago but it is my observation that many who think they have the gift of tongues have deceived themselves as they only blabber. The Spirit does not give everyone the same gifts. If the experience drives one into a deeper faith and more into His word, it is probably legitimate.

The Original Scripture
"For many years way before the Universal church later the Roman Catholic Church came ..."

You really meant to say that "For many years way before the Universal church later the catholic Church came..."

Roman Catholicism did not come into existence as a denomination until the Reformation as it was the Council of Trent that defined its doctrine. It was too bad that those that made up that Council knew little or nothing about the Bible or what the Apostles really taught.

Ten Commandments Binding
Those that believe they can obey all the commandments all the time in order to please God are simply wrong. The righteous live by faith not by commandments and the righteousness that we have that counts is in Christ not in ourselves. Poor SDAs simply do not understand spiritual things because they are spiritual discerned.

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