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Is Reading Romance Novels A Sin
I think you know what is likely to cause you to sin and what to avoid. And it's easy to find stories that reflect your beliefs. Look at the ELEANOR SMYTHSON short read romances on Amazon kindle. They specify clean and they are. There's the CHRISTMAS ANGEL series and the LOVE,MUSIC,ENGLAND series and a new series just starting called LOVE IN THE BEST CIRCLES. The first story is called HER RELUCTANT BEAU. All perfectly clean and unlikely to lead to sin. And that' only one author! There are plenty more out there!

Pastor's Wife Doesn't Talk
I can understand how you feel. I have been attending my present church for over 4 years. Most people are now fine, but the pastor's wife actually avoids me. I have walked up to her and she just looks away. It makes me feel uncomfortable. I don't want to become a member of a church in which I don't feel as though the leadership like me for some reason.

My Wife Snores Too Much
Affecting your happiness? Did she snore when you met her? If so, this sounds like you're looking for an excuse to find a new relationship. BTW though do you snore also?

Why Is Being Married Difficult
It isn't. Being disrespected is.

Christians Boycott KFC Chickens
something I quote from a webpage (since URLs are not allowed) deputy tom
05-27-2007, 16:23
I just saw Col. Harlan Sander's(KFC) headstone on a special on the food network and it seems the Col. was a Blue Lodge member,Scottish-Rite member and a Shriner to boot.tom.
05-27-2007, 18:07
Dave Thomas the founder of Wendy's was a brother Mason and a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason.
Brass Nazi
05-27-2007, 18:16
05-27-2007, 20:58
i took some york rite degrees in louisville next to the KFC university or whatever they call it.
05-31-2007, 01:56
Originally posted by ede
i took some york rite degrees in louisville next to the KFC university or whatever they call it.

Do You Need A Marriage License
I am so very confused about the institution of marriage..have no idea

There Are No Christian Men
I think that men burn sexually earlier/ more intensely than woman, thus in the mid 20s? The good christian men we wanted are married.

What Is Holistic Health
God created us originally to live in the best of health with all the foods, herbs, seeds etc He made."Holistic" health is about caring for ourselves or being treated as a "whole", physiclaly, spiritually and mentally.Think re The acrynom NEWSTART: Nutrition, Exercise,Water, Sunshine, Temperance (Moderation in things),fresh Air, Rest, and Trust in God. These things can be a way of life.You dont necessarily have to pay anyone to try help yourself to better health with Trust in God. God designed us to be part of a whole being. Many of these NEWSTART recommendations are free and can be achieved yourself or look for a NEWSTART programme. Check out a local Seventh Day Adventist church for their free health advice. God Bless

Husband Wants Me Back
1-If you marry another man you commit adultery.
2-Your ex could very well be playing on your heart strings and look like he saved.
If you were married before give yourself time to heal and if your ex is really save he will have fruit-give it at least a year-is he ready to lay down his life for you just like Christ lays down his life for the church.\
You definitely should end the dating relationship and wait for you ex-husband--I know people will try to argue with what the bible says-

Why Does God Make Me Suffer
Some say Satan is the root of all evil, not God. But if God is so all-powerful, then surely, He should be able to deflect Satans pain and suffering on innocent people. God showed that he is not all-loving and all-forgiving by banashing Satan. Who would banish someone if they would forgive and love everone an everything. It does not make sense. All that is said and argued can't possibly work as there are so many facts against God and even Satan.
Suffering, pain, loss etc. is all a part of life. Life is a learning curve. You suffer to make yourself stronger and able to cope. I'd rather suffer from something but be made stronger than live a perfect life, being weak, so when something bad does come along I am unable to deal with it.

Pastor Is A Narcissist
My husband goes through times of being Narcissistic. He is abuses and puts on a show in front of people too- he use to be a pastor too- and I'm sure you are at least going through verbal and mental abuse but you probably make light of it. Their is a good book by stormie ormartain -praying wife --stormie writes wonderful books-her books are filled with encouragement and scriptures--be blessed

Husband's Chatting With Women
I confronted him with this and he is a Christian too- his hand was caught in the cookie jar and he keeps giving me a fake repentance- and I just walked in on him and found him hiding again in the room hours at a time---on the computer--Sarah is only my name on this---we been to much counseling--I been through so much abuse from him and people tell me to leave it's not that easy

Wife Having An Emotional Affair
This is funny I just wrote this about 5 mi nutes ago about my husband--He is having emotional affairs with numerous women--I really don't know what to do- either he continues to lie or he tells me part-even though I have proof-may God give you wisdom in this

Should I Approve An Atheist
What is wrong with you? You should support and love your daughter for who she is! Just because you are a Christian doesn't mean she should have to be. She is giving you an opportunity to be a big part of her life... don't miss out on it.

Can I Marry My Ex-Son-In-Law
I would like to give a view from the other side..... My mom married my ex-fiance
We used to be very close and now we are not talking. As a daughter I feel completely betrayed that she could choose him over me.
Please please consider your daughter's feelings before giving into your emotions. You could potentially ruin her life. By all means if she agrees and accepts.. Go be happy.

Dove World Outreach Koran
Honestly, I think it's crazy. Yes I know that they do believe in something totally different, but how are we going to witness to them if we're acting crazy. In the Bible, Jesus taught His desciples the most important fruit, Love, which is why it's on the top of God's list. He reached out to those who no one wanted to be bothered with. You will never draw any Muslims into the kingdom by threatening them. Jesus never threatened anyone, and neither should we. Instead of burning, to a Muslim what is their holiest book, perhaps you can explain to them the difference between the Bible and the Koran. Infact, between myself and her coworker, I have a Muslim friend who accepted Christ, and now comes with me to a weekly Bible study and Church.

How To Stop Abortions
I have to agree that abortion needs to be stopped. I also agree that we need to educate women of what abortion really does.It is evil and against God and is evil but, we should not just leave it there we need to truly teach women. We need to help them understand what it does when they get an abortion. I think that will be more effective in preventing abortion.

My Husband Lied About Kids
I think that the best thing you can do is to tell him how you feel. If you married him with the thought that he wanted to have children then , I feel that is like marring under false pretenses. This may release you from having to stay married. I know that you cannot find the perfect mate. There is no such thing as a perfect person. However the other thing I have to say is finally if talking to your husband dosn't work then maybe the tow of you should go talk to a pastor and find out how to handle this situation.

Husband Has A Girl Friend
I offer you limitless empathy as I'm going through a similar thing, only I am fortunate that my husband's 'girl friend' is a semi-safe distance away. What unsettles me most is that I have caught him lying to my face about correspondence he receives from her: text messages, e-mail, etc. She is married to a drunk (her side of the story) & supposedly my husband is her "shoulder to cry on friend". I've tried to tell him if she wanted to make it work she'd be crying on her own huband's shoulder, not mine, but he refuses to quit speaking to her. We have no children & I've considered leaving as lying to my face is a greater betrayal than cheating in my opinion. Is it worth hanging on or should I cut my losses.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
RitaH ask why the naked walk down the hall? I feel like by undressing my children and holding there hand while walking them down the hall to the site where the spanking is going to take place gets there full attention. It adds a little embarassment as well as letting them know that I am in complete control of the situation as I undress them. They become completely aware of their actions and the consequences that are going to follow. Not meant to be horrific or anything like that,just an experience they remember if they think about misbehaving again.

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