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He Doesn't Love My Son
Many people misunderstand what Love really is. Love isnt just ones emotional favor. There was a man that walk this earth long ago, and He tried hard to show us what Love really was. He loved a short tax collector that climbed a tree, He loved the woman of Samaria that was wed and divorced five times, He loved the lepers, He loved the demon possessed man of Gadara, and He loved an old sin sick boy from Texas. All of these were hard to love, but He loved them. In your writings you stated that your fiance was a decent and loving man. On the contrary I must disagree with you. There's no such thing as a decent and loving man, that doesnt love every 11 year old that walks this earth. My words are harsh and to the point, but what Ive stated is true.

Who Is The Bride
The Church ( Bride of Christ ) consist of those whose who are filled with the Holy Ghost during this Dispensation of Grace. There is one Bride of Christ, but the blood of Jesus paid for the sins of all.
The crucifixion paid for the sins of those of the Edenic Dispensation, the Anti-Diluvian Dispensation, the Post Diluvian Dispensation, the Patriarchal Dispensation, the Dispensation of The Law, this present Dispensation of Grace and the Latter Dispensation of The Law.
The Latter Dispensation of The Law will only be open to the Hebrews to fulfill the prophecies of The Old Testament. ( Lev. 26:14-39 )
Many people refer to that Dispensation as the Seven Years of Tribulation.

Wearing Pants To Church
There are some Churches which teach and preach that there are proper apparels for men and women. I belong to one of those Churches. We strive to dress in proper apparel.
Our men dress as men, and our women dress as women.
I wasnt raised in the Church, I was raised in the world.
The first lady I ever meet, was a young girl who practiced the standards of holiness. I called her "Lady" she was the first one I ever meet. She was the first real lady I ever meet. She knew how to say "No!"
I fell in love with her and I married her.
Youll never come to understand those people and the manner in which they dress, until you fall in love with them. Then youll understand them. I promise. Then youll understand.

Meaning Of Numbers In The Bible
When the scriptures were translated in the early years of the Protestant Reformation, the script was divided into Books, chapters and verses in the format of Robert Estienne.
In acts of dividing the script, outside of the knowledge of the translators, prophetic intimations were created by God in numeral divisions.
In the manner in which God created them, both positive and negative attributes can be found in almost all divisions. They were created in this manner to terminate there ability to be used as numerology. >To translate the Integral Shadows of the Bible morals and ethics of Christianity must be viewed with Spiritual guidance. In the King James translation of the scripture thousands of numeral allegorical shadows are there.

What Are Biblical Works
What a great question. I am sure that number two is a work. I do not know about the others.

Are Non-Christians In Hell
We're not the judge. So I would not make that judgment for them, based on the fact you have no idea what happened in the last minutes before death came for that person. You can't make a clear case one way or the other, it's best to leave it in God's hands, and tell the relative that.

Is Obama Muslim
Of course he is not muslim. How can there be issues with his priest in his church and people still believe he is muslim. He can't win. He is both defiled because of his priest and because he is muslim. Does that make sense?

Was Satan Born on 6/6/6
ON 06/06/06 King George (pres Bush) declaired the program for the REAL ID. the infamous chip on a card. this is a dry run for the REAL chip implant later on. There is one for the right hand and one for the head. Yall do know 911 was staged right? And did you see the demons coming out of the smoke? (the botomless pit was opened) They weren't even commercial planes. Study the films.

Interpret Revelation 13:17
wouldn't it mean to prosper in a worldly sense? Because the mark on the hands or head are their thoughts and their deed. Think about it.

Hell Bound For Suicide
I'm not even reading thru all these...... no need to. suicide is the one sin from which there can be no repentance. how can you repent if you've already died in it??

Does God Pick Your Mate
i believe/know God chooses our mates. BUT I also see that it depends on our CHOICES. That is how some can still end in divorce and how so many are missed all together. You must choose to grow together not apart. And commit to it to the very end. To both eachother AND yourself. It can be done....

She Wants Hysterectomy Now
RebeccaD, giving them a piece of your mind will go over well, I'm sure. If you do that, they'll be relieved to see you go.
Wherever you go, you'll be taking yourself with you. A practice of church hopping seldom helps anyone.

Two Witnesses Real People
My friend StrongAxe. It is with deep appreciation I thank you for your freindship in showing me my error of understanding this point. A reasonable thought is we know that it is appointed man once to die, so is Elijah 1000/s of years old or dead? I believe he is dead, and was taken away and his body hidden as was done to others, Moses to name 1. cheers

Two Witnesses Real People
Hi Cynthia. In 2 Kings 1:17 it says Elijah died, and in Hbr 9:27 we are to die only once and as the two witnesses die one cannot be Elijah. However El-i-jah means Mighty one of Yahueh. It will sure be a Mighty One sent from Yahueh to stand up to this world and proclaim the truth.

Church Under 10 Commandments
Lee I notice you dont answer the question asked of you to prove that the Sabbath has been done away with, but strive to twist scripture again in this new blog. Yahushua who walked this earth is the one who gave Yahueh's commands for clean and unclean foods. So how can you say he didnt teach about dietry laws? Mark 7:16 Tells us to listen closely to the word and we will hear.Cont 2

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