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What Is Buddhism
No there is no such thing as a Christian Buddhist. As for what they believe I suggest an internet search. This will give you a huge amount of information.

Teen Wants Banned Books
You say that these books are not allowed in your house, so your home is not where you have seen him reading them. I'd say that he is being honest with you about what he reads, he could have done all this in secret, so respect him for that even if you don't actually approve. As he is already 17 there will become less and less that you can prevent him doing as time goes on. He has to have freedom of thought and it is just possible that he does many of these things simply because you don't approve.

Women To Ask Men Out On Date
Different generations have diffent ideas on this and you'll get varied answers I'm sure. I personally think the man should take the initiative, but this can be a huge problem if a man is very shy.

Is Heaven A Reward
Rewards are usually given for good behaviour or excellence of some kind. Heaven was purchased for sinners, purchased for us at a very high price so, no, I cannot describe it as a reward. It is a gift towards which I contributed nothing because it has been paid for in full by Jesus.

Two Dinosaurs In The Bible
I believe that both these creatures were what we now call dinosaurs. One walked on land, the other lived in the sea.

Tent Revival Wants My Money
I'm surprised that any kind of meeting like this would have an entrance charge BUT if they did they certainly should not have also taken an offering. Money to pay for the running of these kind of events is usually raised by local churches long before it happens. This gets churches praying together about the whole thing and they usually trust God that enough money will be raised. I have never been charged anywhere in the U.K. to enter such a meeting.

Parents That Made Mistakes
Yes, often, and I am now old enough to be a great-grandmother. I see my off-spring making their own mistakes in parenting also but we only ever learn from our own and not from the mistakes of others. It is difficult not to interfere sometimes but I know that I must not.

Woman Through Medical Procedure
They might be women by man's law but they certainly are not by God's law. A D.N.A. test done on any of them would, I am sure, show them to be male.

Layman Bible To Read
It would probably be helpful for her to visit a Christian bookshop and ask their advice. They will have many different modern translations. The easiest one that I know is The Living Bible. It is a paraphrase but good. I don't think that paraphrased bibles are meant to be used permanently but as an introduction for those like your mom who finds the others difficult.

Why Was Adam Punished
Lorra, I still have to disagree on one point - that it doesn't matter. I think that when we are told something specific in scripture (such as a. who did what, b. what the consequences were and c. why the blame rested on that person i.e. a. Adam sinned, b. he lost eternal life in the garden, c.he was held responsible, because God had given him the instruction face-to-face) we run a great risk of trivialising scripture when we speak about something so specific and say 'it doesn't matter'.

We Want To Leave Church
If this pastor has never been approached, about the problems that you perceive, then he has not had the opportunity to put anything right. Ask for God's guidance in this. It would seem only fair to tell your pastor what you feel is wrong and give him a little time. He might want to call a members meeting to ask others for their views about his ministry. I'd suggest you try this approach first and take it from there.

Military Chaplains To Pray
Elder, as I am in U.K. (which my post clearly states) I do not have a Congressman. I contact my M.P. regularly though. I am really pleased to hear that you, personally, have not encountered this problem because, when you were 'asked' you had someone prepared to speak up for you. From reports given out by the press it is obvious that many are not that fortunate. Most seem to be ordered not asked.

Why Was Adam Punished
I believe that it does matter Lorra because the bible tells us that it was through Adam that sin entered the world. God told Adam not to eat from that particular tree even before He had created Eve from Adam's rib. The responsibility for obeying was placed on Adam otherwise we would be told that it was through Eve that sin entered the world. That is not to say that she was blameless though.

Are Atheist Demonically Inspired
The word religion does not always refer to faith in some kind of god, it can simply mean 'a belief system'. Atheists follow a religion called atheism, it is a belief system. They are dogmatic because they believe passionately what they tell you. They are very sincere, but sincerely wrong. I'm sure that some are demonically inspired, but they do not realise that because they do not believe in a personal devil.

Why Offically Join A Church
Cindy, are you referring to official membership of a church or going regularly to the same church? The verse telling us that we should not forsake the assembling with other believers speaks, I believe, about regular attendance with people of like mind. I know of no scriptures that mention entering official membership of a church. I don't believe this is necessary but for those who do it is not to be done lightly. Be absolutely sure you have found the church where you wish to remain.

Should A Pastor Counsel Women
I agree with Darlene, the pastor is the one who should give counsel. Pastors' wives (nor any other people of the church) should be aware of others' needs unless the individual chooses to share. It can be wise to have a pastor's wife in the house as a protection for her husband but not in hearing distance.

Why Was Adam Punished
Amine, that is just superstition. Also, there is nowhere in the bible that states that the fruit was an apple. It is just referred to by the word 'fruit'. Man named the 'lump' in the neck of the human male 'Adam's apple'. Nowhere does the bible say that it is there because God was angry. Stop listening to silly stories and start reading the bible correctly.

Military Chaplains To Pray
Elder you are not very up-to-date with the news. If you type 'Navy Chaplain not allowed to pray in Jesus' name' into a search engine you'll find quite a few reports. Some are only allowed to do this if they change into civilian clothes. Some are reprimanded when they pray in Jesus' name. It's U.S. navy I refer to but there have been similar articles here in U.K.

Donate Clothes To Charity
God knows the heart. I have a strong feeling that anyone who 'gives to get' will not 'get' what they were expecting. We should give joyously without expecting any reward and without telling others what we have given. God will reward as he chooses and the 'hundredfold' referred to will not be like-for-like. If it were, someone might just get a hundred old coats!!

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