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Is This Prophetess Of God
Prophecy is not so much the foretelling(predicting events) as it is the forthtelling (the speaking of Gods mind) I have never heard juanita bynum make a prediction but i have heard her speak Gods perspective, pointing out sin, commanding us to repent, etc if you are truly in your prayer closet God may have spoke some of the same things to you...again i say let us keep our mouths off of each other where is the Love God commanded us to walk in?

Joel Osteen's Lakeway Church
I am so grieved in my spirit at the stuff i see on this site from so-called brothers in sisters in Christ. I think of how many unbelievers, who are lost, looking at this site for answers only to find hate, envy, strife, backbiting, gossip...we are to be witnesses by how we love each other Christ said ..hmmm seems like we do a pretty poor job at it...oh come Lord Jesus...

Is This Prophetess Of God
Oh you Christian hypocrites..keep your mouths off of Gods spirit boils when I see Christians speak evil of we grieve the Holy Spirit and bring shame to His name...and emphatically yes, Juanita is real..i have known her for a very long time..she use to be my hairdresser over twenty years your homework before you judge..

What Do Roman Catholics Say
beloveds the Roman Catholic church is not the authority of the Christian.. it is Christ himself...only He has power to forgive sins and salvation is not by works, praying to Mary or any of the other saints, not confessing sins to the Priest for Christ is the mediator not a man!!!! read Romans 10:9-13 You must be saved.. no religious title, denomination etc can save you only the blood of Jesus Christ.. it is Christ alone simple lets stop making the gospel difficult

Who is Jessie Duplantis?
beloved helen,laughter is good medicine..spend some time in are way to serious..even God laughs..He created all things so He must have created laughter for He knew it would be necessary.and sorry Jesse teaches truth so what if he adds a few jokes.. I enjoy it...Live a little my beloved

Divorce Or Loveless Marriage
Beloved, I too can feel your pain as i am in the same situation, in fact today is my 9 year anniversary and my husband as usual has put his business partners before our marriage and family....and i have much pain in my heart, however, I am trusting God through all of this and know that God will lead me in this area, continue praising God He will show you how to be victorious even in a situation that can look bleak to the natural eye..praying for you

Did Jesus Break The Law
Helen, "he takes away the old and replace with the new" it means: "Jesus took away the old ceremonial things..the sacrificing of animals for our sins...and replacing it with the new: He replaced the old sacrificial acts with Himself. He became the sacrificial Lamb of God..the old is the Sac System and the new is Jesus Himself.

God Made One Male And Female
mikefl thanks but what do u mean

God Made One Male And Female
mikefl thanks but what do u mean

How To Obey God
Stop stomping on others head just because you dont agree with their blogging. some on this site so unchristian..

Did Jesus Break The Law
Helen, sorry dear, but I am shocked at your statement. Christ never broke His own Laws for He is the Law and He is the Word...Lord have mercy.

Which Day To Keep Holy
Lee, isnt the Sabbath a day of rest and church? Isnt that why we go to church to worship God? Isnt the Sabbath from creation and His example of resting is what we are going by today? Didnt God say in the 4th command to "REMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY TO KEEP IT HOLY"? I am a new babe not yet baptised and I see a lot of error in your belief.

Meaning Of 10 Commandments
Where did the bible say the 10 commandments are done away. Dont give me the Mosaia Laws that are done away please. Do you understand what the 10 Cs are pharisee? I am wanting to know as well?

God Made One Male And Female
mikefl, Without Adam n Eve (and note not Adam n Steve) there wouldnt be any human thats why it is said they are the parents of all cos it started from them. The very first human on earth.

Told To Celebrate Jesus's Birth
mikefl, can you supply scripture to support your statement? thanks

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