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Diabetes In Children
Your doctor is more than likely not wrong....yes children can and often do get is very serious and you really must follow the doctors directions...I am a diabetic and I was not that young when I found out , but I was 17 years old...that was in 1959, I am now 65 years old and of course I am still diabetic...many complications from diabetes because sometimes the longer you have it the more effects it has on your body....FOLLOW THE DOCTORS ORDERS....I can't stress it enough....if still in doubt, then get a second opinion, but don't just ignor the problem,,,I will pray for you and your daughter.....sincerely in Christ, Patra9795

How To Get Out Of Debt Fast
I think it would be really hard to be able to get out of debt fast in most cases and still be able to continue to honor God...sometimes even though it is slow and difficult it is more honorable to work at it and get it accomplished, sometimes you need to go without some things you WANT to take care of what you NEED

Is Filing Bankruptcy A Sin
I beleive that there are circumstances that a christian may have to file bankruptcy....but I think that it is best not to, but to try every means available to them before doing such a large step, there is debt counseling and ways of making arangements for repayment of debts, prayer is the answer and follow our Lords leading, and at all times remember that you are a christian

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