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You Are A Prophet
oh how much your head's spin with a silly claim :P Good day.

Does Purgatory Exist
Interesting question here.

There really is an example in the Bible of purgatory and paradise. The guy in purgatory begs for water, and the guy in paradise says even though one can see the other, he can't help the purgatory guy. It's actually in the Bible, and I've always wondered about the significance of this.

However... the Catholics believe that sinners' souls, who didn't try hard enough to be Christians, are sent to purgatory to be purified before being sent to heaven. That one I know is totally wrong. You go to purgatory/hell, and that's it. You don't go to heaven after that.

Spank About 15 Times
Jesus took a rope and whipped the money-grubbers out of the temple. Those people were adult men, not children. He never spanked children nor said anything about spanking a child. I do not spank 10 year olds. With my 3 year old daughter, I spank once. It's for continued disobedience despite distraction, substitution, and reasoning. She obeys immediately. For example, a kid stands on the street and a car's visibly coming. You tell him/her to come to you, away from the street. The child says, "Make me!". Oh boy, that more than warrants a spank. Whilst every child's anger button varies, you still must not provoke them or Biblically, you're flying in the face of what was advised.

Forgive A Cheating Spouse
Actually, Kelly... Scripture says if you cannot forgive another, then God will not forgive you. Not forgiving your wife for adultery will be held against you at the day of the Judgement, unfortunately.

It is also said that once you are forgiven, you must try to never commit that sin again. Doing the same thing effortlessly after being forgiven is mocking God. If she has another affair, then you do have viable grounds for dismissing her.

Do Angels Have A Sin Nature
I agree, Donna. There is none righteous other than God/Jesus. (I consider them one and the same.) Since Satan obviously sinned and is continuing this kind of sinful attitude, and he was and is an angel (keep in mind he hasn't been cast out of heaven yet), then yes... Angels can and do sin. Don't worry, the majority of them don't. This is what we know, but what we won't know until He comes again is what exactly caused any angel to sin in the first place. It'd be an interesting answer!

Where Is Jesus
The Bible says that our souls have seen Heaven and are from Heaven. God, Jesus, Satan, angels, demons, andthe Holy Spirit all cannot die because they are all either diety or spiritual. The Bible said (I forgot where) there was one man in Paradise, and another in Purgatory. The Purgatory guy begs for water, and the Paradise guy says that even though he can see the other, he cannot help him. Upon death, we all go to a "waiting area" and are recognizable to one another. Revelations, there are living souls in the altar of God in heaven. They haven't been resurrected, and yet their souls live. What the verse you gave meant is that all the dead were resurrected with him when Jesus ascended, and will do so again at the Second Coming.

Proof Of A True Prophet
No. There were some prophets in the Bible that did not perform miracles. Some of them translated dreams, fixed problems, etc. Most of them just told the near and/or far future events, how to circumvent or change it, etc. However, it would be more than helpful to find out how to test prophets to make sure they are truly God's followers, because in the last days - as it is now - there will be false prophets that will lead us to death. Obama's becoming one of those people. He's now being called the Alpha and the Omega (all over in the news!), and children in school are being told to sing hymns to him to the tune of "Jesus Loves The Little Children". No president in history has ever had this sort of reaction. Test everyone.

When Is Anger A Sin
This is very simple. Jesus was very angry on many ocassions, but he did not sin. The difference between anger and sin is right and wrong. If you are angry because someone affronted God, broke His commandments, defiled the Bible, and so on, then it is not a sin. That is righteous anger, and it is a wonderful thing to behold, actually. However, if you are angry and do the above things (including all the 10 Commandments) either intentionally or unintentionally, then you sinned.

Can A Prayer Save You
Actually, the Bishop is 100% wrong. The Bible said that if you want to be saved, then you must do five things in order. 1. Hear the Gospel. 2. Believe the Gospel. 3. Repent (this is when you must pray to God/Jesus for forgiveness of your sins and ask him to fulfill you, so the bishop is wrong) 4. Be baptized (Jesus baptized, and we should follow his example) and 5. Live according to his word. I do not like insulting people, as maybe someone is Catholic here, but I believe that the Catholic religion is one of the evils of this world. Nearly everything they do flies in the face of the Bible and all Jesus commanded.

Will God Judge Us
Josef, I agree. I just dont think therefore God can judge. If Jesus was the father, and the was in him, then God actually understood, which is an even better reason for him not to judge. Its a lot better reason then what I last said, which is he has no right because he does not understand. But he does. I just do not see why God would create us then judge us for the way he created us. It seems ungodly to me.

Living In The End Times
I believe we are living on the brink of end times. We're still in the position to decide if end times is going to happen. But we have to think fast and do something quickly, because soon we will lose that opportunity, the way we're headed.

My Wife Wants A Divorce
What would Jesus do? I have to say, it's a brilliant question and you should be proud on your behalf. The reason being, it stirs the comments away from questioning what they would do, what they think you should do...and turns this into a discussion of what people think Jesus would do. And you cannot get much better than that! :D So bravo!!

*Ahem*...anyways...This is what I think Jesus would do:

I think Jesus would let her go. Jesus would accept and move on with his life. However mind you, this would be after deciding what he wants. He would ask himself what do I want, and how does it effect who I am? Out of this, he could decide a number of things...including to fight for his women, play victim, demand she come back to him, etc.

Adult Child Won't Work
Kick him out. Give him a couple hundred and see where he lands. I'd say it's about time the baby bird learn to fly.

Proof That God Exists
Why do you think you're here? And this beautiful world, along with all the beautiful people on it? Including the good the bad and the ugly? All of it? God made all of this. Just as much as the good is his creation, so is the bad. So while you go through bad times, remember, this is also god's creation.
And remember this:

God helps no one who does not help themselves first. God does not help you because you do not help yourself. Not only do you not believe in God, but you do not believe in yourself. God starts with yourself. And, believe it or not ends there too. You look for proof to believe in God while I say to you you cannot see the proof of god until you believe.

Still My Wife In Heaven
Yes :) She most definitely will be.

I Suffer From Depression
What if god came unto you and said, "I command you be happy in the world as long as you live!" What would you do then?
Alright. So imagine what I said, god really did say. Now what?
Everyone suffers from depression, hardships, hard times, etc.
The thing about this, is depression is either going to nip you in the bud, or you're going to beat it. There is no middle point with this.
Believe that god is taking care of your need of personal growth through depression. Trust me, there will be a point where you decide depression no longer represents Who You Are, and with god, the two of you will change that completing your growth into the new and improved you. :)

Does Science Lack Faith
I think what you think is what you should continue thinking until you think some reason for it to be changed. :)

Will God Judge Us
No. You did your best. What more can God expect you to do? And judging is a little harsh of god...don't you think?...I may be damned for saying this...but I would think God has no right to judge for God has never actually lived, or been in complicated issues that humans have lived in.

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