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Unholy Days Of The Week
-Samuelbb7 on 10/11/15: I am not sure whether the commandment of 'Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy' ALWAYS needs to be kept. Of course the Sabbath is to be remembered, and kept holy - but in fact we are to keep all days holy.
What I mean is perhaps, now that we also use the first day to remember the Resurrection (John calls it The Lord's Day once - Rev 1:10, though in his Gospel he says the first day) we may move some things from God's rest day to Christ's resurrection day.
As a result, I feel we should remember both days, and not spend so much time arguing which is 'correct'

Remarry If Commit Adultery
I will add my story, which is different but similar.

I was married in 1999, and in 2001 my wife was depressed, and moved to divorce me, as far as I know only due to depression.

After trying to stop this, in the end I had to allow it, due to US laws. Later, about six years later, I did remarry.

Now I am not sure if what I did was right.

What would you say?

Unrepentant Go To Heaven
You must of course remember that all people will, on the last day, have things we had not realized were sins!

The point is for us to be always willing to recognize things in our life that are (or may be) sins.

It is not to have repented of everything, it is to be always willing as soon as we learn something is a sin, to repent.

Like the story in Acts of Peter not wanting to eat with the gentiles, where Paul had to tell him off. These things happen, and we must remember we may also be doing something like that.

The problem is being unwilling to recognize a sin when we are shown it is a sin.

Forgive Or No Heaven
John and Cluny, yes. It is possible to forgive (which we must do) but still be hurt.

The Bible does not guarantee that forgiving will heal the hurt - only that we must forgive even if we still hurt.

We must not say 'I cannot forgive because I still feel hurt' - the Christian solution is first to consciously forgive, in your mind, and then slowly, you will feel better - but usually that is slowly, and after you forgive!

Why Ten Commandments
Learner: 'The Ten Commandments were given only to Israel, not to the nations.'

True, but those 10 remained the basis of Christian law as well. Some became more important and some less, but the idea was they all remained.

Married To A False Prophet
The question of who is a false prophet is not something that can be solved on this website. We can give Karen advice on how to determine IF her husband is a false prophet (or if she is a false prophet), but beyond that, the rest falls on their local believers. It is NOT the job of this website to try to deal with this problem - or, in fact most problems between individuals. For now, I have to class this as 'between individuals' as no evidence has been provided that anyone is a false prophet.

Bracelet To Ward Off Evil

Rita H: 'I will go for God-made rather than man-made.'

But, Rita, your statement says very little...... The things God made are only the natural things that man never adjusted. Do you eat bread? God made the wheat, then man made the wheat into bread. Is that God made or man-made. Actually, it is both.

If you want God made only, you will have to go out in the fields, pick grain and eat is straight from the plant.

Even then, you picked it, so there is still some 'man made' there.

Can You Marry Twice
My ex wife decided to divorce me because she was too depressed (she was a person who was often clinically depressed) and did not want to be with me. In the end, after some disagreements, I accepted it, though I did not want to.

Later I remarried, though I am not sure if remarrying was actually good.

Your comments?

Relationship With Your Kids
Trav on 5/13/15: 'He voted for Abortions per year: 1.058 million'

On that statement, you speak what you do not mean.

No-one voted for abortions, because abortions are not a presidential matter. What you probably mean is that he did not do ALL that could to prevent abortions.

But even that is not enough, for even in the presidency of pro-life presidents, abortions continued. It was just that some presidents tried more to stop abortions.

On that post, your real problem is that you do not understand English well enough.

Latin In Catholic Church
Trav: ' It was corrupt after 300 years and never changed.'

If you say that, you claim that you DO know something about the old church, don't you?

In all denominations (including non-denominational groups) things go wrong. That is from human sinful nature.

The real question is why you assume that, when you say 'The survivor "sheep" escaped the Wolves.', you are one of those that did escape the wolves. But how can you say that unless you know what the wolves are - or at least you heard enough to be sure they were wolves.

Does God Control Us
Cluny: 'Council of Carthage was not an Ecumenical Council'. Yes, that is true. It had, as far as I can tell, been the limit in how much Christians had felt we could not be controlled by God. That is why I brought it up.

Whether I did not properly understand exactly how Pelagius considered his view of free will I cannot say.

I am more on Augustus' view, and so I have not followed Pelagius' side. So I may have made a mistake in my statement

AntiChrist Coming Soon
Lutherist: ' As Vicar of Christ, which means Supreme Sovereign over Christ's Church, this Pope was the first Antichrist.'

You forget something. In 1198, the Pope only ruled about half of the church, so he was not sovereign over Christ's Church

Remember, the Church had 5 leaders, not 1

Thoughts On AD Movie
Cluny: Personally, I like the KJV of 1611, though the reason is a personal one more than a theological one.

The first is that in the NT, it is grammatically more similar to the Greek (as is the RSV, which is derived from the KJV) that the other one I like the NIV.

But my liking for the older version is personal for the following reason.

I like older tests because with them I am forced to read slowly and carefully, and this means I actually understand more, as I take longer and pay more attention. When I read the NIV I pay less attention. Though this is my fault, not a problem with the trainslation

Does God Control Us
Cluny: Sorry, I did not write that well. The was about the Council of Carthage, taken to be in AD418, which banned Pelagius' view that we, as individuals, can decide if we will follow God or not.

Now I know that the Orthodox church does not go as far as the Catholic or the protestand groups, and accepts a certain amount of personal choice in one's Christian life.

However, assuming that God creates everything, all the situations that put me into the situation that made me repent were created by God - so God put me in a situation where the only thing I could do was repent.

That is how I take it

Does God Control Us
For Geraldine's question on what God controls, the idea that all our thoughts are free was banned in 418. However, this did not, as far as I know, ban the idea that our thoughts can be free, as long as we accept that God brings us to Himself.

So our thoughts, which are the second question, are more open. Here we have the problem that in Christian there is no 'chance' in our upbringing, so all that created our mind/soul was devised by God. As a result, God chose how my mind and soul would be.

So I consider that God controls my thoughts. I just do not know if He controls them directly or circumstantially. That I do not know, nor do I care

Do You Pray For Presidents
Jed: do you KNOW that Obama needs repentance.

For all I know he may well need repentance. So may Kennedy (or even Reagan, for all I know! Or Lincoln!). But I cannot be sure. Can you? If so, how!?


I may have missed something, but I only see someone who is not well in line with what Christian desires. But there have been other presidents as well who have not followed Christianity.

What will you do: demand the repentance of all, or say you do not know for sure than any needs repentance? It is either A or B

Obama National Prayer
Let us say that Obama actually believes in Islam (I think he probably does not, but I have no way to be sure).

We have had presidents, Reps, Dems and Whigs, who did not go along with what Christianity said.

Consider this: Luke 20:25/Matt 22:21 (should we pay tax to Caesar). In this case, Christ said they should STILL pay tax, even if it is to a pagan.

So it does not matter what Obama says. Yes, I do not like it. But he was still legally elected president. So as Christ said about paying tax, you still have to accept him as your (my) president.

We may not like it, but God does not say we will like all we are given.

Gender Neutral Movement
It is evil, yes.

But we now are in a new age.

Each age has a new evil.

In the 1200-1850, it was the teaching of the 'one church' (probably in some things it was correct, but not in everything)

From 1850-1950 it was 'wealth'

From 1950-now it is everyone is equal, even if he cannot give anything to society. So the invalid who can give nothing is 'equal'. In Christianity the invalid may be given equal, but he is not worth equal. I myself am an invalid. I know that I cannot give as much as others. I must be happy that my employers are willing to take me, even though I am ill.

This is charity, not equality. If we accept it as charity (which I do) we live. If we desire it as 'a right' the system collapses

Favorite Bible Verse
John 1:14 and Matt 27:51. John is the deepest description of man's need for salvation, while Luke is the single statement of the fact that man's separation from God has been ended.

Luke 23:45 also exists in Mark 15:38 and Matt 27:51. But somehow I like the Luke passage most.

Do Biblical Churches Exist
StrongAxe on 2/7/15: My comment to Cluny was about ONE comment he made 'The Church existed before the Bible.' on 2/6.

You are indeed correct, that my comment, if placed alone, could be used to 'mean' a lot of odd things.

But I did not suggest it meant anything except that we take the Bible to be connected with Jesus, from John 1, and so we cannot say that the Bible actually when people actually physically wrote it.

The words of the Bible were in God before, but were never revealed to man until the people who write the Bible down were given the 'indication' that they were to write it.

Does that sound OK?

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