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Explain Terrorists
//YOUR definition of "terrorist" is not the same as the dictionary's and everyone else's.// Strongaxe

my definition came from Wikipedia. What is yours?

Explain Terrorists
OK my def. Strong
A politically motivated group, that uses violence as a means to effect change without the use of insignias or govt identifying symbols to hide in the general populace.
WasHinton, no, had govt insignias
Sandy hook, no, no Political motivation
Battle at wounded knee, no, state identity. A massacre yes
Boston tea party, yes
French resistance ww2, yes
Assassination of Yamamoto, no, state identity
Cia sometimes
Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, yes

Jesus Gave Great Commission
Rediscovered is a strong word. The protestant reformation and Luther 95 thesis especially only highlight some of the wrong beliefs the rcc had.
We all have false beliefs to some extent that is why conversation between denominations is good. Evangelicals are to quick to dismiss past history sometime. Charismatic are to emotionally lead while intellectuals can be to narrow focus.

Explain Bible History
Monk there were 3 or 4 big councils. council of nicea being the most famous. There was a list of qualifications to make it into the bible canon. Apostle writing, widely known, fairly original script, etc. The list of books was then voted on by the committe.

Explain Terrorists
//EXCEPT if you have a badge or uniform, in which case it's perfectly fine.//

we can talk about statism also but that would take another blog post. I am trying to confined this blog to terrorist.

Explain Terrorists
I would consider ISIL to be a state. I am definitely not considering morality. They apply gov't functions hold and conquer land.

Explain Terrorists
StrongAxe - then, revolutionists are terrorists

I would have to agree with some of your examples like David. However, Washington was the head of the congress, a gov't entity. But if he failed in the American Rev. they would have all been hanged. One man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist.

Leon then please give me your definition of terrorist?

From Wikipedia,
political in aims and motives,
violentor, threatens violence,
conducted either by an organization with an identifiable chain of command or conspiratorial cell structure (whose members wear no uniform or identifying insignia)
its leaders perpetrated by a subnational group or nonstate entity.[

Explain Terrorists
Hey Leon thanks for the question. My definition of terrorism is very narrow. It is small non-political force attacking a political force. This does not include political force vs political force (war) or political force vs non-political force (massacre, extermination). Let me define political force as a ruling body of a group of people based on land or ethnic origin. Terrorist are considered a company not a gov't entity. Terror is a feeling, Terrorism is a identity label.

Explain Terrorists
Ehud is the first to come to mind in Judges 3:12.
The act of terrorism against the general populace is a relatively new concept. Previously terrorism was mostly between a general person and the ruler. The "black hand" the a Serbia terrorist group who kill Archduke Franz Ferdinand which lead to WW1 as vicious as they were would never consider attacking the general populace to change gov't policy.

Support False Teachers
How do you know that you have not believed a false teacher?
Where is grace in your theology?

Married To Unsaved Wife
Agree with Leon

Our Free Will
//It just means that he did right things.//Luke

This describes a saved person also. There is no difference between a lost and a saved person except Jesus, which you have correctly stated. However, Look at Matt 18:14, John 3:16 "the world", 2 Peter 3:9. God's will is that none should perish, (even though he knows some will). Thus another element is required for belief in Jesus and that is our will to surrender to the gospel.

Our Free Will
Yeah we have free will, but in our free will God knows what we are going to do, because he is outside of time. However because he has truely unconditional love he can press into us his will into every action even though he knows we are going disobey. His purpose will still get accomplished in our free will because he knows what we are going to do.

Who Was 12th Disciple
They drew lots between two people. The story is told in Acts CH 2.

Sabbath Kept Holy
//Sabbath at creation was set apart for rest and worship.// Samuel

I do not see worship in verse 8. I see holy but holiness is not organized worship. It can be but does not mean it has to be.

Critical Issue Facing USA
Victim mentality. "I cannot help myself because someone has done something for themselves when they should have done something for the group, Specifically me"
Black lives matter, Sanders, Golden Parachutes, Freddie Mae, Occupy Wall Street,

Sabbath Kept Holy
Sabbath has no connection to worship in the since of activity.
Sabbath was for rest.
Rest takes faith because for true Sabbath we need to stop worrying about things we need to do and rely on God. This gives us the freedom to choose any day as Sabbath.

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