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Lifting Of Hands In Your Church
In my wonderful Messianic Jewish congregation we lift our hands - we dance unto the L-rd. Our dances are choreographed - sometimes they are fast, sometimes slow - depending on the music. This is a beautiful and wonderful way to worship the Messiah.

Slept With Two Married Men
G-d forgives us of our sins, however, we still have to pay the consequences. Go, and sin no more.

When Adam Eve Had Kids
Here's a thought, if Eve gave birth to children before the fall, they they would have been born sinless, is that not correct? If so, what happened to them? Did they also sin along with their parents and get kicked out the garden as well, or were they allowed to stay because they had not sinned? Just something to think about.

Christians Celebrate Passover
Betty, what do you know about Messianic Judaism? Why are you so against the Messianic Jews? Are you against Jews in general? I am a believer in Yeshua Mashiach, Jesus the Messiah. He gave his life on Calvary to save me from my sins once and for all and to give me eternal life. Yes, the temple will be rebuilt and there will be animal sacrifices again, but I don't have to worry about that because Yeshua is my sacrifice lamb. I celebrate the tabernacle of David which Amos tells us we will again worship as in the days of David. Yeshua, his death, burial and ressurection are what Passover and the days of unlevened bread are all about along with the Feast of First Fruits. Now we are counting the Omer till Shavout- Feast of Weeks/Pentecost.

Christians Celebrate Passover
Betty, as a Messianic Jew, I believe in Yeshua as my personal and wonderful savior who died on the stake to set me free from my sins by shedding his precious blood for me. We have many wonderful saved Jews (and gentiles) in my Messianic synagogue and we continue to celebrate the feasts and keep the Sabbath. We believe the Bible 100% from Genesis 1:1 to the last verse in Revelation. There are many Jews coming to know Yeshua as Messiah in this day and age. There are many in the land of Israel as well as throughout all the world. And, the Jews are making aliyah to Israel by the thousands. I have many Jewish friends that now live in Israel and are continuing to take the gospel of Messiah to the unsaved Jews so they to can have eternal life.

Christians Celebrate Passover
Bettyw - you are so so very wrong. Passover is a beautiful CELEBRATION of the Messiah, his death, burial and resurrection. Have you ever been to a Passover celebration? It is also NOT a ritual - it is a precious celebration of what Yeshua Messiah did for us so we could have eternal life. ALL of the feasts have Yeshua at the center of them. Passover is the celebration of the slain lamb, unlevened bread is the celebration of being ready to go and First Fruits is the celebration of the resurrection of Messiah. Pentecost, or Shavout is to celebrate first, the giving of Torah on Mt Sinai, then hundreds of years later on the same day the Holy Spirit was given. Cont....

Difference Between Covenants
More Excellent Way - The savior IS NOT "Yeshua" (we are not Israelites, Hebrews, or Jews, we are CHRISTIANS), the savior is JESUS

I beg to differ with you - His mother called him Yashua (Hebrew)- Ya means G-d, shua meaning saves, for He shall save them from their sins. His mother, Miriam, (her Hebrew name) would not have called him by and English name as she did not speak English. Jesus - Yashua, was born a Jew.

I Hate Christmas
Donna, celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles is wonderful. It is an 8 day celebration. The Feast of Tabernacles goes according to the Jewish Calendar, not the grogorian calender. Sometimes if falls in late September, but more often in the first week or two of October. We build booths in the back yard, have our meals in them and some sleep in them. They are decorated with fruits and vegatables and the top is not totally covered so one can look up at the stars. Look on internet under Messianic Jewish holidays. You will find a wealth of information. The Biblical Feasts are G-d's and all Believers should enjoy celebrating them. I also believe that Yeshua (Jesus) was born during the Feast of Tabernacles for He came to Tabernacle among us.

Can God Still Heal People Today
Yes, he does heal today. 10/06/08 after having a colonoscopy I was diagnosed with colon cancer after it was discovered I was anemic. I went into the hospital Oct 3rd and from the moment I got there till a couple of days after my surgery, there were people in my room almost 24/7 visiting and praying. We had one prayer meeting after another. The cancer had not metastisized and after taking out 2 ft of my ascending colon + 36 polyps, the cancer is now gone. G-d used this for his honor & glory. The nurses & docs all witnessed the prayers. My son decided after smoking for many years that he was going to stop. He got on a program & has stopped smoking along with his wife. Praise Adonai!

Can I Save My House
Have you tried talking with the mortgage company and see if there is something the can do to help you. Ask to speak to someone in Loss Mitigation. Most mortgage companies will do everything they can to help you and as they don't want to forclose on you. (I work for a major mortgage company.) If you are going into foreclosure, that means most likely that you have not made a house payment in many many months. Do you have a lot of other debts as well that you need to file bankruptcy.

Why Are Some Pastors Lazy
My wonderful Rabbi has a fulltime job and spends the rest of his time caring for the congregation which is 250 strong. He receives no money for this services, neither do any of the other leaders - we have not paid staff - everything is voluntary. Rabbi spends lots of hours preparing messages and teaching and do the rest of us that are in any type of leadership rolls. We do this because we love our Messiah and are called according to his purpose. I work a full time job and spend many hours working and preparing for my part in the ministry. I have my own Messianic Dance minsitry on the the side. Rabbi is always available when needed as are the other elders and leaders in the congregation. I have nothing against a pastor being paid.

Who Is The One True Church
The first believers, at Shavout - Pentecost - were Jews. Then, the gospel was taken out to the gentiles.

President Bush Running For 2008
WEll, we most certainly don't have anything any better running in this presidential election. I do not agree with everything President Bush has done, and especially when it has come to encouraging Israel to give up land to the Palestinians, and some other things regarding Israel. However, I am really concerned how Obama will treat Israel should he become the president. He has already flip-flopped because he made the Palestinians upset with him.

Do Women Dress Appropriately
As Christian women, we should not dress prevocatively anywhere but in our homes for our own husbands. We should never let our clevage show to anyone other than our husband - if not married, we need to not let our clevage show at all. Dresses to short and/or tight, tops to revealing I believe are all way beneath a Christian woman. It shows we don't believe enough in ourselves that we have to show our bodies off to get attention. We allow our you girls and young ladies to show their bodies off, teaching them it is ok.

Want To Be A Messianic Jew
A Jews who accepts Yeshua Messiah is still a Jew. In a Messianic congregation, we read Torah in English as well as in Hebrew. We are still quit different from the 7th Day Adventist. We also have wonderful Davidic praise and worship complete with Davidic dancing. The Torah is G-d's instruction for us to live by. We continue to worship on the Sabbath as G-d commanded because G-d never changed it to Sunday - man did. Yeshua was/is a Jew - he kept the Sabbath, the feasts and read from Torah. The Brit Hadasha (New Testament) often quotes from Torah and the entire OT. The law Jesus fulfilled was the law of animal sacrifice as he became that sacrifice for us once and for all.

Want To Be A Messianic Jew
Alan of UK- You wanted to have someone explain to you what a Messianic Jew is - if you read my post, just prior to yours, I gave an explanation. And yes, we do believe in the Diety of Yeshua Messiah. The Assemblies of G-d have been great about helping start Messianic congregations and there are some Baptists that are supporting the Messianic Jewish Movement. Often times, Messianic Jewish Congregations share buildings with other churches such as Assemblies, Baptist and non-denominationals. You do not have to be Jewish to be part of a Messianic Jewish congregation.

Student Loans Remove Curses
My 31 year old son got his GED - never went to college- but has worked really hard and makes esceptional money. He does better than my nephew who has a financial masters degree. It is always a good idea to go to college, but poverty is not a generational curse - you can be what you want to be if you work hard and seek G-d's guidance.

The False Doctrines Blog
So, when do you all believe that baptism began. It is actually a long-time Jewish custom and is called Mikvah. It is the shedding of the blood of Messiah that saves us and not baptism. Baptize away, but that does not have anything to do with going to heaven and having eternal life. The life is in the blood - and it is through the shed blood of Messiah that we receive salvation. If baptism were what was necessary for salvation, the Yeshua would never have had to died on the cross for our sins. Always, it was the blood of the animal sacrifce in the OT that provided the forgiveness of sins. Forgiveness of sins had and still has nothing to do with being baptized.

The False Doctrines Blog
Kumquat, where do you get your scriptural basis for infant baptism? An infant can in no way express its belief or disbelief in Jesus as the Messiah nor does he/she have the ability to understand what sin is or who the shedding of the blood of Messiah is for the remission of sins.

Please give me some scriptures that show that Infant Baptism is scriptural.

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