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Can We Obey The Law Perfectly
be holy for i am holy,God would not say for us to do this if it wernt without deeds is dead while we dont do deeds for salvation we do them from james 2v24 God bless

Afraid Of Girlfriend's Past
Jed thanks for the correction. i am not a prophet. don't know the future. only know that I'm taking my new tv back to the store after church. i also know God love's me. also know no one knows the future. assumptions of the future are just assumptions. also know jealousy is sin when it comes from man. sin has consequences. that is my stand. sin helps no one.

Paddle His Bare Bottom
Rhonda, I didn't find the word "whack" in the blog posted. Do you think that people don't visit people in nursing homes because the children were abused or spanked? That is obviously very wrong. They do not visit because many times they are so busy with their lives they don't find the time to visit, or they just don't care. I believe there might be one or two who were treated wrong, but that is not the reason why many are not visited.

Paddle His Bare Bottom
Rhonda I looked for the word "beat" and the blogger never mentioned that but you did. a father or mother does not have to humiliate a child in front of others, they can discipline the child at home. speculating what the future will bring, is only speculation, not a fact.

Afraid Of Girlfriend's Past
Trav I have experienced jealousy. I know it's sin. it's self-seeking. this person who blogged is jealous and he hasn't got married yet. someone has already slept with her. with his jealousy, he will always remember the guy, and everyone she talks to later, will bring fear to him, fear that she will leave him and go with the other. he will torment himself. self inflicted wounds. and if she says she is a virgin, and he marries her, he will not find out the truth until after he marries her. he needs to forgive and move on.

Paddle His Bare Bottom
Rhonda, you sound like you are a prophet. Do you see the future? You already know what is going to happen to her. I didn't hate my mom, in fact I took care of her myself until the day she died. And everything she taught me has helped me deal with life a lot better then if she had never disciplined me. Her actions in today's age sounds wrong, but many who had good discipline have done great. The same old excuse is always given, that adults are not responsible for their actions because of what their parents did. The fact is we are all responsible for our actions not our parents.

Afraid Of Girlfriend's Past
Trav you encourage man to be sinful, jealous, and except it as if its ok. you have seen what it has done to marriages, it destroys them. I already know what jealousy does, and since I am not married, I would never want to be jealous because if I became jealous I would sin. I don't know if I will or not, but I know it is sin. if a wife is going to commit adultery, they will find a way. the same way man are able to find a way.

Afraid Of Girlfriend's Past
Trav you speak sinful. all your remarks are sinful. who said anything about sharing your wife in bed? not I. when man is jealous they are sinful, when God is jealous there is no sin in Him. you compare sinful man with a holy righteous God. your mind is twisted and sinful.

Afraid Of Girlfriend's Past
trav I think that man should be loving and not restrict their wives as if she was a slave. the wives can think, move, love, have an opinion, and make decisions. they share life with you, just like you share your life with her. If you are jealous it can only bring trouble. just my thoughts.

My Son Just Doesn't Like Me
Jill sounds like your daughter is a Jehovah witness instead of a born again christian, because they do separate themselves from family. anyone of their faith is either a pagan or a heathen.

Afraid Of Girlfriend's Past
Trav I am not married and don't know why you would say that I have accepted sharing my wife/or girl friends with others.
If I was married I would not own my wife. She would be her own person. marriage would not give me the right to stop her from looking at other man or woman or going to the store, or having to work among man and woman. what you are saying is to lock her up in the house. not to share her with anyone.
When the time comes for God to judge her, I will not be next to her to vouch for her, or tell God I told her to do something that was wrong. She would have to answer for herself, and I would have to answer for myself. you are comparing man with God. not even close.

What Is Sin
Christan my response to the blog was right on, and the evidence is this guy or girl name Nana. he/she responded to Haz by calling him looney, he/she responded to you by calling you and idiot. this are the answers of those who would like to make you sin. the bible is far from their hearts. they are not sheep, but wolves. wolves don't hear the words of jesus. so they respond by attacking you, they are evil. be careful of wolves. they cater to works, and their intention is to eat you alive if they could.

Should Christians Eat Properly
kathr you know I am correct because now you see markv everywhere just as you see calvin everywhere. you are going bunkers lady. my message is, do not attack the messengers and murder them, you do not need to grow up but a new heart.

Did God Make Us Robots
Kathr the problem is you. You have no answer to what they write and the passages they give, so you resort to name calling and accusations. you cannot answer what they say, so you try to build a case against them. those are evil actions coming from you so why do you do them? Why is it that you cannot answer like the others?

Should Christians Eat Properly
Kathr here you go again, answering with remarks against others because you do not have an answer to what they say. this time Calvin comes out. what does he have to do with anything anyone is saying? why not just answer to what they say, instead of trying to build a case against them? Your actions I call evil. Everyone that answers against what you say and give you passages you use evil to answer.

Prayer To Stop Smoking
I smoke for 20 years and stopped 15 years ago. It is the hardest thing for someone to give up. Some never do.

Does The Old Covenant Apply
the Old Covenant laws are applicable to those who are without Christ. They stay condemn until they come to Christ if they ever will. believers are not under that penalty.

Husband Love His Stepdaughter
Laura, there is not much you can do to change what has happened already. she is your daughter and most important to you. I do not see anyway you can change anyone. only the Lord can do the changing in a persons life so I suggest you pray for your daughter and love her.

Afraid Of Girlfriend's Past
ryan, you do have a huge problem with jealousy. that fear will not go away. if coming out ahead make you sick, just think how you will feel if you do not come out ahead. that will be worse. she needs to find someone without the problem you have. Many a man have that problem, comparing themselves to others. when she talks to one guy your heart will stop. if she goes out to the store you will be worried.

Did God Make Us Robots
Lee, do not allow the tempter to get to you. Be strong in the Lord, Continue to use the word of God against her, just say as Jesus did to the devil when Jesus was tempted, "for it is written" or " get behind me satan.

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